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  • Title: Orbs
  • Author: Nicholas Sansbury Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • They have come for our most important resourceThe year is 2061, and the planet is dying Cataclysmic solar storms have forced leaders from around the world to finally put aside their differences and agree on one thing to jump ship The human race is headed to Mars Dr Sophie Winston is hired by New Tech Corporation to test a biosphere deep within the heart of CheyenneThey have come for our most important resourceThe year is 2061, and the planet is dying Cataclysmic solar storms have forced leaders from around the world to finally put aside their differences and agree on one thing to jump ship The human race is headed to Mars Dr Sophie Winston is hired by New Tech Corporation to test a biosphere deep within the heart of Cheyenne Mountain a mission she believes will help prepare NTC for the three year flight to the red planet But, just days into the assignment, things start to go wrong When the blast doors hiss open, Winton s team finds a changed world outside Humans are gone, vanished without a trace, and they aren t the only thing missing The planet s water is gone, too As the team explores their surroundings, they find thousands of luminous blue orbs lining the streets It isn t until they uncover what s inside that they realize the nightmare that lies ahead.
    Nicholas Sansbury Smith
    Nicholas Sansbury Smith is the USA Today bestselling author of the Hell Divers series, the Orbs series, the Trackers series, and the Extinction Cycle series He worked for Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management in disaster mitigation before switching careers to focus on his one true passion writing When he isn t writing or daydreaming about the apocalypse, he enjoys running, biking, spending time with his family, and traveling the world He is an Ironman triathlete and lives in Iowa with his wife, their dogs, and a house full of books If you d like to hear about Nick s books, you can join his spam free mailing list here eepurl bggNg9


    Andy Guest
    Where to start? The science in this book is appalling. Just why is a particle physicist needed in a study on running a biome? Just why is the biome built deep underground, shielding it from radiation, when its ultimate purpose is for a flight to Mars during which it will be subjected to more radiation than it would be on the surface of Earth? When you are on a planet bombarded by radiation so bad that it cuts through the magnetic field why would your escape plan be to travel to a planet with no [...]

    It is rare for me to disagree so dramatically with other reviewers and it is extremely rare for me not to finish a book, but both are the case here. It isn't unusual for sci fi books to be more about a fascinating and thought-provoking plot than about character development, but in this case, I didn't even find the plot compelling. I found the storyline to be extremely choppy with incident after incident that seemed extraneous to the story and distracting. I didn't gain any understanding of the c [...]

    Christoph Fischer
    "ORBS" by Nicholas Sansbury Smith is an excellently written and fascinating science fiction story set in the near future of 2061, six years after a solar storm has rendered Earth almost inhabitable.Scientist Dr. Sophie Winston is on a mission in Cheyenne Mountain when suddenly the connection to the outside world is cut off. When she and her team venture into the outside they find the world full of luminous orbs and unknown creatures.The book has a very realistic and detailed apocalyptic setting [...]

    Sunshine Somerville
    I was incredibly relieved by how good this is. Straight, hard sci-fi can be really rough these days, but this was very well-written, smart, suspenseful, and action-packed. The military tone was proper “guy sci-fi” but with the interesting use of a female protagonist, who thank goodness was well-characterized and only fell and dropped her gun once (that I can remember). All of the characters are well-used, unique, and complex. The plot moves along quickly and smoothly, action scenes keep thin [...]

    Montzalee Wittmann
    Orbs is a fascinating fantasy/sci-fi book about a team going into a Biosphere for a test to see if humans could populate Mars. Some odd and terrifying things happen while in the dome. The animals all start dying of fright. Something outside the dome is scaring them to death. It is decided to put on hazmat suits and see what is out there. What they find, or don't find, is shocking and then the excitement really starts! I can't tell more, just that there are aliens, non-stop action, great plot, we [...]

    This is the first book that I have had the rare experience of being a beta reader for. It was an interesting experience as well - reading drafts, offering your views and having them taken seriously by the author, reading the re-writes, offering more opinions and then finally reading the edited and published version. The only downside is offering up your final review to the public. It's hard to do when you have read through so many things that have changed. This is my third, and final, review aft [...]

    Aure `Reading With The Dark`
    So, it's a 3 solid star read for me.I love the sense of humor of the author. However, I find there are somethings wrong with this book. Firstly is the change between characters. So many POV's. I kinda think it was too much. I realize that to tell this story it was needed, but meh. Not too happy about that. Another one is there's no concept of time which is confusing and annoying as hell. You really need to look for it and it pissed me off. I thought that only a day went by, but oh no, I was wron [...]

    Brittany Willows
    I'm a sucker for anything in the science fiction genre that includes aliens. Especially if those aliens are blue, bioluminescent monsters with unique designs and an even more unique method of harvesting the water from our little blue planet. I've seen many sci-fi movies where extraterrestrial beings come down seeking to steal humanity's most important resource, but the way these "Organics" go about it is much more terrifying and gut-wrenching than anything I've seen, or rather read, before.ORBS, [...]

    Ms. Nikki
    Earth is dying and humans are set to head for space. Mars to be specific.Sophie and her team are selected to test out a Biosphere facility that can sustain life and vegetation. However, their research doesn't last long as aliens arrive and start consuming everything in their path to get the resource they need; water. All of it.What starts out as a experimental mission becomes the real thing as the team fights to stay alive against a horde of aliens that want every last drop, even the water in hu [...]

    Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V.
    ORBS is a wonderfully refreshing hard science fiction novel that I found myself completely absorbed in as soon as I started reading it. I found the idea absolutely brilliant and where I truly do prefer my sci-fi to be firmly planted in science fact, this book did not disappoint.I will advise that I was not expecting a series out of this book so I went into the read expecting it to be a standalone. That is definitely not the fault of the author, but the fault of the reader, so there is no way I c [...]

    To be honest this book is barely passable as a bad book. However some clever things the author has done to make it seem like a much better book. Like paying what seems to be a marketing company to make dozens of fake reviews. This book on a good day would be a 2 or a 3 out of 5. Its poorly written and he has a habit of pulling dues ex machinas out of his ass every 30 pages. Or just completely glossing over the problems all together.I saw it through is social media campaign and i have no problem [...]

    “ORBS” by Nicholas Sansbury Smith is a superbly written and brilliantly conceived tale of a small team of scientists who enter a self-contained biosphere in an effort to preempt unforeseen difficulties which could arise when their biosphere is reproduced on Mars. Much of Earth has been a radioactive wasteland following massive, unprecedented solar flares, that sliced through the atmosphere like a hot knife through butter several years previously. However, is that the real reason for locking [...]

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    Review of ORBS (ORBS #1) by Nicholas Sansbury SmithI found the work of Nicholas Sansbury Smith through reading TRACKERS and TRACKERS 2: THE HUNTED and was so enrapt that I committed to reading all his titles. ORBS is the first of a series which deftly combines apocalypse and science fiction (though I think everything here could potentially occur). One of the apocalypse scenarios that doesn't receive sufficient conjecture and analysis is danger from the Sun: solar flares; solar storms; Coronal Ma [...]

    Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    Apocalyptic Invasion Even though I've really liked all of the other books I've read by Smith, when I first saw the cover of this book, I was thinking I probably wouldn't like it very much because I didn't like the cover at all, but you know what- I absolutely loved it!  That's a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover! Of course after I finished reading it, I saw online that Simon & Schuster has given this series a complete makeover and the covers are gorgeous! Ho [...]

    I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.Oh My Sweet Lord!!! This book was awesome-sauce. I loved, loved, and loved it!!! Sophie is my now most favourite female protagonist and I love her no matter what maybe because I can never be like her, she is confident, robust, smart, straight-forward, great leader, has higher intellectual, can take o [...]

    11811 (Eleven)
    There is a potentially good story in here but the writing was pretty bad. I could hardly stand it, made it to 39%, and had to call it quits. The story was progressively getting better but the abysmal writing was too distracting.

    Apocalyptic alien-invasion story. Book 1 in a series. OK, but nothing new here. A quick read.

    Michael Hicks
    (I received a copy of this novel for review from the publisher via NetGalley.)I’m a bit of a sucker for novels like Nicholas Sansbury Smith’s Orbs. It’s got some cool speculative science, action, monsters, and a team comprised of military and scientists struggling to survive against impossible odds while finding themselves way out of their environment.In Orbs, the setting is near-future Earth, in the year 2061. The US is recovering from the devastating solar storms of 2055, which left much [...]

    It’s 2061 and Earth is dying. Hit by solar storms and radiation years earlier, the population is at an all-time low. Dr. Sophie Winston and a handpicked team of scientists and others have been chosen by the NTC, who has taken over a lot of the government, to test out an experimental Biosphere near NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain. If the test works, then Dr. Winston will have her coveted seat on the first manned flight to Mars. However, only a few days into the experiment, they lose communication wi [...]

    I didn't really read this. I had to stop after a chapter and a half because the writing is just so bad.So very bad.Example: "Sophie jumped out of the chopper's belly, ignoring the hand of one of the soldiers. She didn't have time for formalities."Okay, maybe I can let this slide. (Okay, I can't) But then, just a few pages later, she's lagging behind her escort, "just admiring the view" because the "place brings back memories." This woman has a really bad case of ADHD, I think. Or mania.Maybe you [...]

    Athena Shardbearer
    So it's been a few days since I read Orbs, and I honestly can say that it was a really well written book. The story is so different from alot of apocalyptic book I have read this year. It has become one of my favorite books this year. Sophie was such a strong and refreshing character. She has a no bullshit attitude and doesn't have time to let her feelings get in the way of any mission, and I like that about her. She plays a leader well and I kept rooting for her to push harder and get farther. [...]

    Sharon Stevenson
    I received a free copy of this book, which in no way affects the opinions expressed in this review. 'Orbs' is book one in the story of an alien invasion which has resulted in the deaths of many as the aliens deplete Earth's water supply.I would probably class this as sci-fi horror. The story was well plotted and though it dragged a bit in places it was, for the most part, fast paced and suspenseful. There are some excellent jumpy moments and a few intriguing, mysterious events on the thrilling j [...]

    I honestly cannot understand all the good reviews. Regardless of genre this is simply not a good book. the characters are badly defined, stereotypical and completely uninteresting. The science is flawed, not just oversimplified or unrealistic, but simply wrong. The premise is unbelievable in many respect, and so many elements of the book are unbelievable or forced that you cannot use your imagination to fill in the blanks. There is simply no logical foundation to expand upon. Quite frankly there [...]

    This appears to be something of a "marmite" book. Some seem to love it; others have hated it. So it's not much of a surprise (at least to me) that I fell squarely in the middle.The apocalyptic threat this time around is interesting, and so is the setting. But the laboured way that Smith gets his protagonists to survive and offers them a chance against the threat is contrived at best, and laughable at worst.The characters are mostly okay - with the annoying one serving his purpose; the likeable o [...]

    Thanks NetGallley for providing me with a copy!You know it's not going to be your favourite book when you get optic nerve damage from rolling your eyes after just 8%. In 2055, solar storms fucked up Earth a little so humanity decided to relocate on Mars. Yes, THAT Mars. Apparently we haven't advanced anything in the past 50 years in terms of space travel. No new discovered planets. No new ways to go into space. I bet we still haven't invented actual hoverboards that aren't just the lower half of [...]

    I realize after leaving a review on mr. Sansbury facebook and on amazon, I did not leave one on good reads.This is the one I left on . So while going through my Kindle app. I decided to check out an ebook. I wanted something dystopian-action packed and thrilling, but without the overbearing romantic tone of a teenage love story. While searching through the app there was one that had pop-up several times. I had seen this book before from a previous search. In my opinion it had a very cool and yet [...]

    A little bit Independence Day, a little bit Men in Black, a whole lot of fun. Set in the not-very-distant future, aliens attack an already dying Earth in order to steal all the water. And we're not just talking rivers and lakes. Guess what makes up 70% of the human body? Yep.So of course, you have to have your rag-tag group of spunky survivors. In this case, a group of scientists who were (somewhat) safely tucked away in a Bio-Dome experiment under Cheyenne Mountain, a trio of soldiers, and a fe [...]

    First, I'd like to mention that I received a free printed version without any mention from the author for a review, but how could I not write one?I'm a fan of alien stories, no matter if they come in peace or not, so when I stumble upon this one, I was eager to read it. It didn't disappoint. I loved the book, the story, the idea behind the story. This science fiction left me wondering about such a possibility of alien invasion. I don't think I'll ever look at the sky, at the lakes, or at the sea [...]

    “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.” ― Stephen HawkingI stole that quote for a reason. Read the book. This story rather freaked me out, on several levels. One we have the solar storm issue. Which folks is a very real issue for us down here on Earth. The other would be Aliens. Yes with a capital A. I find that as I get older, zombies, vampires,ghouls,ghos [...]

    Just finished this book and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It passed my "stay up past my bedtime and be drowsy in work the next day test" It was worth it.Not going to talk about the story, plenty will do that but the characters are good, the story fast moving but some may have to persevere past the first hundred pages that set the scene. It is well worth the build up. Good open ending leaving me wanting the second book, great job Nick!How I review1 star - binned it before half way, pleas [...]

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