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Unlimited [Music Book] ↠ 煩悩寺 1 (コミックフラッパー) - by Eda Aki 秋★枝 ✓

Unlimited [Music Book] ↠ 煩悩寺 1 (コミックフラッパー) - by Eda Aki 秋★枝 ✓

  • Title: 煩悩寺 1 (コミックフラッパー)
  • Author: Eda Aki 秋★枝
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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    Eda Aki 秋★枝
    Eda Aki 秋★枝 Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 煩悩寺 1 (コミックフラッパー) book, this is one of the most wanted Eda Aki 秋★枝 author readers around the world.


    Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    For more reviews, gifs, Cover Snark and more, visit A Reader of Fictions.Actual Rating: 4.5 starsI read a lot of manga, but I’m not reviewing them all, mostly just the really popular, terrible or wonderful ones. Because priorities, right? Anyway, I totally didn’t have high expectations for this Bonnouji, which is apparently also known as Worldly Desires Temple. Actually, I think I rarely start manga with high expectations, because there’s basically never any way of knowing what you’re go [...]

    “Diputus setelah pacaran 5 tahun karena bicara pernikahan,artinya aku tidak cukup untuk jadi pasangan seumur hidup?”—Ozawa—Pertemuan canggung itu dimulai ketika Ozawa hendak meminjam toilet di kamar Oyamada. Dari pertemuan tersebut, hati Ozawa yang sedang sepi dan terpuruk setelah putus dari pacarnya, malah terpikat dengan kamar Oyamada yang sangat eksentrik dan dipenuhi berbagai barang unik dan antik. Bonnouji atau Kuil Nafsu Duniawi, begitulah kamar itu disebut. Bersama dengan Shimamot [...]

    ( This manga reading challenge is taking over my books readings help.)This manga is nothing more than a very refreshing and chill sweet romance story between an office lady and a programmer who works at home. His house is called 'Bounnouji' which translates to 'Temptation Temple', as it's so full of miscellaneous items sent to him by his brother. We follow these main characters as the romance between them develops with realistic and funny moments. A light read.

    Awww, this was an adorable and funny manga.There was only one thing that I found weird, and that was how the time went by. It feels like only weeks or months have gone by, but during the last chapters of this volume, she is talking about it being 2 years since the break-up with her boyfriend. Which kind of ruined the manga for me, as for me it didn't feel that way. And it made me re-evaluate what I read, something I don't really like.But, the characters are really fun. I loved how we saw from bo [...]

    If you ask r/manga for a romance recommendation, there's a 99.9% chance that you'll see this title in at least two of the responses with a few more children replies attesting to its greatness. I'm not overly ecstatic over Bonnouji, but it's not bad either. It follows the development of romance between Oyamada and Ozawa, and that's all there is to it. There is nothing than can be called conflict between them. It's just so chill and so natural. It doesn't have any drama at all, as in zit, nada! It [...]

    Rate for the whole series 3 stars Very light Manga, good to just waste time. There is not much of a plot beyond the interaction between the MC in the room where there are very ridiculous things. The Characters are 26/28 YO and the leap of time during the chapters is ridiculous 1 chapter she broke up with her boyfriend, 6 chapters later it had been already 2 years and I'm like What the freaking fuck? Like I said is not a very serious story, is still entertaining enough but I could have lived with [...]

    jenis cerita kesukaan saya banget.ok dan jadi suka sama tetangga XDdari dulu tiap nonton ftv/baca buku selalu semangat kalau ceritanya begini, pengen juga wqwqcerita pertama menarik banget, cowoknya unyu walaupun di gambar nggak keliatan ganteng (?)dan oh, untung bacanya nggak pas lagi patah hati, jadi pas bagian si cewek mencoba mengirim email ke mantan tapi ternyata dia ganti email biar gak di ganggu lagi, saya nggak nyesek2 bangetnasaran lanjutannya~

    Michael Pillarella
    This is such a refreshing Manga! I have not enjoyed an awkward slice of life romance like this in so long. Finally a romance that doesn't take place in a high school. Their awkward reactions to each other’s behavior are pure gold. It's going to be hard for the next two volumes to live up to this work of art.

    I've read this a long time ago. Art is 10/10! Plot is quite slow. You'll end up dropping this if you don't like slow-paced romance. Especially if you dive in to this without knowing the details. It can be quite dull waiting for some thing to happen. This is a slice of life manga. Best to read this if you want to get over the 'feels' of a recent manga that broke your heart.

    good extremely easy to read manga there is no drama here as well so its very good to change the mood a little i thinki like things like this i use it to restart my taste in books of the time . like if i read a hard drama i would not want to read most stuff after that but if i read this then i can go read anything again . mood restarter 7/10

    Filip Pettersson
    Stange funny, a very nice slow pace romance manga

    CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
    Drawn in a style reminiscent of a printed version of a web comic, the story is interesting and definitely for the older crowd

    Adorable and ultimately relatable.

    • Unlimited [Music Book] ↠ 煩悩寺 1 (コミックフラッパー) - by Eda Aki 秋★枝 ✓
      167 Eda Aki 秋★枝
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Music Book] ↠ 煩悩寺 1 (コミックフラッパー) - by Eda Aki 秋★枝 ✓
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