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  • Title: Tempus Unbound
  • Author: Janet E. Morris Chris Morris
  • ISBN: 9780671698522
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Wanted One HeroThe Job To battle demonic hordes intent upon the destruction of the very fabric of time.The Battlefield Twentieth century New York CityThe Prize Humanity itself.Tempus Takes Manhattan
    Janet E. Morris Chris Morris
    Janet Ellen Morris born May 25, 1946 is a United States author She began writing in 1976 and has since published than 20 novels, many co authored with David Drake or her husband Chris Morris She has contributed short fiction to the shared universe fantasy series Thieves World, and edited the Bangsian fantasy series Heroes in Hell Most of her work has been in the fantasy and science fiction genres, although she has also written several works of non fiction.Morris was elected to the New York Academy of Sciences in 1980.In 1995, Morris and her husband and frequent co writer Christopher Morris founded M2 Tech Since that time, their writing output has decreased in proportion to the success of the company, which works with U.S federal and military agencies on non lethal weapon systems and software.


    Andrew Weston
    New York, New York, - Tempus cuts right through the very heart of itTempus the Black – Lord of Time, Commander of the Sacred Band, Avatar of Enlil the storm god – enters Lemuria on New Year’s Eve, not quite sure why his deity has seen fit to place him there.Once inside, he becomes a guest of Chiara – the Evening Star – and is invited to a sumptuous feast where he is greeted by a number of other visitors who, as it transpires, are from different epochs of earth’s history. Mingled in a [...]

    A.L. Butcher
    This particular Tempus/Sacred Band book is a little different – for a start, it’s all from Tempus’ point of view, and we have only Tempus himself, Cime and Askelon from the former books. Don’t let this put you off, there’s a host of worthies – not least Mano the mercenary from the future and bad guys to rival anyone in Sanctuary.Called to Lemuria, a strange citadel between the worlds, and times it’s a chance to right wrongs if only you can work out WHICH wrongs. Tempus is lonely, a [...]

    Ju Ephraime
    Tempus Unbound is part of the fantasy series about the Sacred Band of Stepsons, an elite army modeled on the fourth-century B.C.E. Sacred Band of Thebes. This story centers on Tempus the Black, and the role he plays as Avatar of Enlil, the Storm God. It was interesting to see the vulnerable side of Tempus, this supreme commander and war hero, as he went about Enlil’s bidding, until, “they had brought all things into balance, within and without,” and good and evil could be viewed as ebb tid [...]

    Joe Bonadonna
    There are few writers who can successfully take their characters out of their “ancient setting” and transplant them in a story set in modern and even futuristic times. In my opinion, Janet and Chris Morris have brilliantly achieved just that with Tempus Unbound. This novel takes place after the events in City on the Edge of Time, and before those of Storm Seed, and it’s quite a departure from the other novels starring Tempus the Black, Niko, Strat and the other warriors of The Sacred Band. [...]

    Zoe Saadia
    A fan of the Sacred Band Saga, I found in these books everything - adventure and history, fast-paced action and lively characters I could hate and love, grow angry with or worry about; deep understanding of life, different philosophies, and just sheer pleasure of diving into different worlds. One of my most favorite fantasy series, and I'm not regular reader of this genre at all!

    Joseph Loehr
    Tempus goes to New YorkTempus the Black, the Riddler, the Obscure. He's travelled a long, literary road, from his debut in 'Vashanka's Minion,' to this volume. This tale is as action-packed as the others! Tempus travels to New York to search for his sister Cime, and ends up dealing death to some sorcerers and their filthy minions. It's not all Sword & Sorcery Slash & Slay, though. The Riddler's philosophy is revealed in the narrative, and will make the reader ponder, perhaps about their [...]

    Katherine Rochholz
    I have read this saga out of order but that doesn’t matter! I love this series! This story centers on Tempus the Black, and the role he plays as Avatar of Enlil, the Storm God. The author as always has done an amazing job by including archaeological and historical details, from physical items to social practices, in creating this fantasy world that is historically accurate than many popular accounts of ancient times. I love accurate details, which is why most of the time I shy away from any ty [...]

    Lorraine Carey
    Tempus Unbound is part of the Sacred Band stepsons saga. Tempus is a 'Storm God' who enters a new and futuristic world in New York for that matter, taking his ancient ways with him. Here he will meet up with other hybrid characters in this fast-paced action SciFi. Loved the authentic historical details woven throughout the novel. This is truly a top of the line read for SciFi buffs.

    Tempus Unbound is part of a series, but it’s an epic story on it’s own. The characters are fully developed and the historical details are spot on, so this fantasy feels realistic. There’s a bit of humor as well as plenty of action and drama. Be prepared to get fully immersed in this world. I recommend it highly.

    Tempus, a sword swinging avatar of a storm god, is transported into a battle against time traveling demons in modern New York City. Not as cheesy as it sounds. Tempus is a character from the Thieve's World series, so he does have a fleshed out persona. Near the beginning there is a bit of "iron chariots? boom sticks?" technology clash but the character is smart enough so it is quickly "transport. weapon. same old same old." The more interesting clash is between values as Tempus' modern allies ar [...]

    William O'Brien
    Tempus UnboundChris morris and Janet MorrisThe ultimate in fantasy and adventure stories.A book to take the reader into a world of heros, demons and thieves. It is a tale that unfolds into places you never knew existed, places to test your soul and swim in the currents of battle.Tempus - Bloody powerful wars.


    • ✓ Tempus Unbound || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Janet E. Morris Chris Morris
      304 Janet E. Morris Chris Morris
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