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  • Title: Slaughterhouse
  • Author: Carla H. Krueger
  • ISBN: 9781484090442
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Three women turn one man s life into a deadly game.Easy going Kris Kartofski just wants to be a good father to his little boy, Jake His marriage to Caitlin broke down last year and he lost some of his trust in women, but he s prepared to give love another chance He decides to take a risk on a new girl he met online by the name of Janis She seems sweet enough and he s eaThree women turn one man s life into a deadly game.Easy going Kris Kartofski just wants to be a good father to his little boy, Jake His marriage to Caitlin broke down last year and he lost some of his trust in women, but he s prepared to give love another chance He decides to take a risk on a new girl he met online by the name of Janis She seems sweet enough and he s eager to hook up So one afternoon he drives out to her family s isolated ranch and Janis brawny aunt, Dawn, greets him at the porch Wide eyed Dawn is bright and bubbly and quick to show off her late grandfather s prized collection of firearms Kris receives a warm welcome and plenty to eat, but he soon gets a gut feeling he hadn t bargained for a quiet voice inside his head is telling him to get out.Kris quickly convinces himself he s got Janis family wrong and that he should try harder to get along He redoubles his efforts, but as time edges on, he accepts that the dynamic between these three women is deeply flawed Janis is acting like a child in their presence and chatty Dawn appears to have complete control over the silent member of the household, Janis morose stepmother, Reina When Kris can t find the keys to his truck and Janis goes missing, he s forced to confront his worst fears he s alone in the middle of the Texan wilderness and someone has played the first move in a very dark game.Warning Contains violence Do not approach this story if you are of a weak disposition.
    Carla H. Krueger
    Carla H Krueger is ten percent angel, ninety percent rebel Drawing from life experiences that range from the rare to the remarkable, she creates irresistibly twisted, insightful fiction featuring characters that are sublimely mysterious, outrageously funny and downright dark and manipulative Regardless of subject, she injects empathy, courage and humour into every piece of writing and enjoys making unlikely heroes out of flawed underdogs One thing s for certain, there s always somebody worth rooting for An only child, Carla s guitarist father chose to disappear out of her life when she was very young All she suspects she got from him was her lifelong passion for rock music and a raging desire for independence She loved being out on the streets, but learned early that risk taking has its advantages and its dangers One night, on a local patch of disused land, she met her first cage fighter, the lawless older brother of a local girl who fought illegally in other people s basements for money He would later inspire one of her most memorable characters Had some crazy times as a kid Used to sneak out every night and follow the feral crowd We roamed the streets, carved our names in the bark of trees Most of it was harmless fun, but it felt risky, exiting I rode my bike like a boy, got into all sorts of traps and trouble You had to keep your wits about you Somehow, I instinctively knew how to escape dangerous situations, but I didn t care what I saw only that I saw it In her teens, Carla got a taste for the alternative, devouring the best in daring art, underground music and offbeat literature Her friends remained rebellious, but instead of playing games on the streets, they listened to bands in their bedrooms and later started meeting to discuss their passions in the cafes, bars and clubs of the subculture scene But little did she know, life was about to change dramatically A promising scientist, but with no real concept of her true abilities, she was shocked to receive a scholarship to university She upped sticks and moved to London to study an unusual subspecies of physics Grasping the chance to explore the city for five years, she fed her creative appetite, saw her first Banksy, stumbled headlong into warehouse raves and ran a chaotic student bar with a now infamous reputation Science is still my second love I left uni and landed a good job, but something was missing Writing fiction had to happen I suppressed it long enough, believing that stuff people say about it not being a proper career But a lot of people talk shit They talk shit because they have fear in their guts Writing is deeply satisfying and rewarding I love being able to create something unique and from the heart It can be done with science I know mathematicians who are like number poets but I just wasn t good enough to fly that kite To get anywhere close to those heights, I need to make fiction.


    A year after he divorced from his wife Caitlin, it is time for Kris Kartovski to move on. After meeting a girl called Janis online at SingleHearts and despite the disappointment of not having his son, Jake home for Christmas things appear on the up. After a few successful dates, it is now time for Kris to meet the family at their ranch at Dry Hollow.What he finds when he arrives is Janis is sharing the ranch with her Aunt Dawn and step-mother Reina. Right from the word go Kris find himself unner [...]

    Mary Ann Rawlings
    A dark, menacing short book full of tension. It's got a real undercurrent. If you're looking for a detective thriller with a huge plot, lots of characters and a mystery to solve, this is not for you. If you want a psychological mind-ride with a tense, unforgiving atmosphere, you cannot go wrong – and the ending is seriously nail-biting.For a 90 page book, the characters are well-defined and the pace is excellent. I enjoyed the way I started to really feel for the protagonist and that feeling d [...]

    Phil Stokoe
    This book represents a couple of "firsts" for me. It is the first book I've read by author Amaya Ellman, it's also the first book that I bought from and read on the kindle that I got for my birthday yesterday and what a way to start my kindle/ebook adventure.To be honest I knew nothing of the book or the author until I got a message from her inviting me to check out her work and I'm glad that I did. I started reading this around 4am when my usual insomnia had kicked in and I pretty much read th [...]

    Carrie Cooper
    A friend suggested this to me and I'm pleased they did. I enjoyed the book a lot. It's dark, well-paced and psychologically harrowing. Set in Fort Worth, Texas, it's about a young man called Kris Kartofski who goes on a date with a woman he doesn't know too well with, shall we say, alarming consequences . . .It's quick to read – took about two hours – and it is engrossing to say the least. I was screwed right up until the end with tension. The author is British, but she writes like a true Te [...]

    Doug Chambers
    Really enjoyed this book. I was told about it by a friend who noticed it on a US thriller award list. It's a short psychological thriller/horror novel set in Fort Worth, TX and it really was very mysterious and gripping. One of the best endings I've read, especially when you realise it's from a relatively unknown author – although she has fans in the UK. Just goes to show, the big names don't always deliver the goods! Well worth it.

    As someone who has read this type of genre for 20 years or so, I think I'm fairly confident in saying I know what I like! This was a good little number (70 pages approx I think!). It starts well and draws you in fairly early on, ratcheting up the tension quite nicely and culminating to a satisfying end. If you have an hour or so to spare you could do a lot worse. Would recommend!

    Markie Mark
    Another book that's got far too few reviews for its quality. My wife let me try this as an e-book guessing I would enjoy it. She hates anything with even a small amount of blood, so this was a little too much for her, although it is NOT a gory book at all. Basically, if you're delicate like that, you may struggle with a few parts of the story. However, it's well constructed, intense and has a gripping ending.I'm not mad into CID stuff, so I was glad it didn't have the usual inspector popping up [...]

    John Harris
    I loved this book. It sucks you in and you just have to find out hats going to happen next!

    Kylie Sulak
    I decided to read this book because it is a different genre than I tend to gravitate toward and I was interested to see that it is set in my hometown, Fort Worth. I was expecting to be a little uncomfortable with a book entitled “Slaughterhouse,” but I wasn’t expecting to be irritated and disappointed like I was. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not into violent/gruesome literature, and I had to put the book down several times when I could feel myself becoming sick, but I wanted to b [...]

    Meredith Argall
    Slaughterhouse was my Halloween read last year. It's a short novel (or novella as some people call them, although apparently that word is outdated now!), so be prepared to want this to last a little longer than it actually does, but also remember, if it did carry on, it might not be as good! It is fiery and fast-paced and original with an exciting, suspenseful element that drew me in right from the start. The characters are amazingly creepy and pseudo-nice, which is a complete bonus in a story y [...]

    JonBoy Maverson
    A short book, but it had me hooked from page one. Atmospheric, modern style, lots of detail which surprised me because I'd expected it to be far less engrossing in that sense. I almost felt I'd rushed through it and wanted to retread it, but that was my fault not the author's. Actually, the pace this is written is ideal. Punchy. An author I'd read again. She's hard hitting. No fuss. No unnecessary emotional crap. Straight talkin' Texan characters with a deep, croaky sense of humor, a damn good s [...]

    James Bright
    Well-crafted short book. Packs a real punch. Hooked from the first chapter and just kept going right to the end. The descriptions are fantastic. The characters are intriguing. They're not as deeply developed as some people might like, but then it's not a detective mystery plotted out over 900 pages. It's sharp, intense, suspenseful and irresistibly creepy. Right up my bookshelf, if that's not a bizarre thing to say.

    One Flew
    A thrilling short novel, creepy in all the right ways. It left me with that feeling you get after watching a horror movie late at night and find yourself afraid to walk around the house without every light in the place being on. The pacing works well, leaving the suspense level at a solid 10 the whole way through the book. An excellent mix of horror and mystery!

    Eve Woods
    Predictable. Too much atmosphere and not enough story.

    Full of twists and turns. A psychological thriller of unusual events and disturbing circumstances taken to chilling extremes. A great read.

    Good writing style with a lot of potential. Just too many ideas for such a short story that didn't pull together.

    Ezgi ☕️
    This is a very good example of a short story with a well established character establishment, high tension chase, pinch of acceptable grossness.

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