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  • Title: Seduction on the Sand
  • Author: Roxanne St. Claire
  • ISBN: 9780988373624
  • Page: 425
  • Format: ebook

  • Like everything in his life, becoming a billionaire was easy for Elliott Becker He bought some land in Massachusetts and discovered he sat on two billion dollars worth of rare Goshen stone Lucky, charming, and blessed with every gift, Elliott expects his simple purchase of property in Barefoot Bay will go the way everything does for him in lifeeasy Until he meets theLike everything in his life, becoming a billionaire was easy for Elliott Becker He bought some land in Massachusetts and discovered he sat on two billion dollars worth of rare Goshen stone Lucky, charming, and blessed with every gift, Elliott expects his simple purchase of property in Barefoot Bay will go the way everything does for him in lifeeasy Until he meets the woman who currently owns that land and suddenly everything ishard.Frankie Cardinale s fondest memories took place on the tiny goat farm owned and run by her Nonno in the heart of Barefoot Bay As a child, the farm and its precious residents were a refuge for her after her parents died and her grandfather taught her all about the sweet life of raising goats While she held her Nonno in her arms on his deathbed, she promised his land would never leave their family and that she would continue his legacy Nothing not even a sexy, playful, intoxicating billionaire who always gets his way will convince her to break that promise.Except Elliott Becker is a man who always gets what he wants even if that means a little seduction and double crossing of a humble goatherd But will his lucky streak hold long enough to keep him from making the biggest mistake of his life Because all the money in the world can t buy him what he really wants the mostFrankie s love.
    Roxanne St. Claire
    I don t know about you, but when I check out an author s bio, it s usually because I ve read a book I liked and wondered about the person behind it Let s skip the formal bio and I ll give you the inside scoop on who Roxanne St Claire really is First of all, call me Rocki Everyone does Evidently, when my mother brought me home from the hospital I seemed too scrawny and small to pull off Roxanne she d read Cyrano de Bergerac while pregnant or I would have been Judy so they called me Rocki.I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, the youngest of five overachievers, every one , and fell in love with words and stories the summer I read Gone With The Wind That year, for my twelfth birthday, my parents gave me a typewriter with italic font it was the coolest thing and from that day on, I ve had my fingers on a keyboard, pounding out love stories for fun My AP English teacher taught me the two most important lessons an aspiring author ever needs 1 verbs are the key to life and 2 a writer should get a real job After attending UCLA and graduating with a degree in communications, I tried acting and television broadcasting Oh, they aren t real jobs I learned that the hard way I changed my last name from Zink to St Claire because a news producer told me Roxanne Zink had too many harsh consonants for a TV personality apparently Katie Couric didn t get the memo I got some fun gigs, and even met Tom Hanks when I did a guest appearance on Bosom Buddies I liked on camera work, but wasn t too crazy about starvation, so I moved to Boston and got that real job In fact, I placed my foot on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder and didn t look down until I d climbed all the way up to the level of Senior Vice President at the world s largest public relations firm On the way up, I met the man of my dreams in an elevator Two years later in the same elevator he asked me to marry him and I wisely said yes.I stayed in PR, moved to Miami, had a few babies, lost my home in a hurricane, built another one a few hours north and all along, I kept writing my stories for fun One night, I read a particularly fabulous romance novel that changed my life for good That night, I decided I wanted to make someone else feel as whole and happy as that author made me feel Everyone asks It was Nobody s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips With two small children and one big real job, writing my first novel wasn t easy, but I did finish a manuscript that managed to get the attention of a literary agent She told me to do one thing and one thing fast write another book The first one is usually a learner book, honestly That second manuscript sold to Simon Schuster s Pocket Books and was released in 2003 as Tropical Getaway Since then, I ve written almost thirty , in multiple genres, and long ago replaced the corporate ladder with the rollercoaster of publishing as a full time novelist Finally, writing is my real job.Today, I live in a small beach community in Florida with my husband and two dogs Our kids are off to college and law school, which means my nest is empty I spend my time writing, working with the kids at my church, enjoying my husband s gourmet cooking, and hanging with my many writer friends Of course, I love to read I m still crazy about words and stories and hope to write at least a hundred books in my lifetime And, yes, verbs are the key to life My favorites Love Work Believe.xoxoRocki


    Billionaire Elliott Becker is sent to see Frank Cardinale to seek his land so his friends can build a baseball stadium on Barefoot BayWhen he steps off the helicopter asking everyone that he's looking for Frank Cardinaleen he sees her, and she's running.he runs after her only because he thinks she can help himbut when she informs him who she is and what he can do with his offer he is bound and determined to stay and get itHe always gets what he wantsThings get interesting between Elliott Becker [...]

    Trish R.
    Another great readAnother good story. I Loved Elliot and Frankie, and I loved all her goats and dogs. The animals made the story much more fun.It was about Elliot wanting to buy her land and her not wanting to sell and all they went through to find out the land wasn’t all that important. It was funny to read how this billionaire insisted on staying on her farm and sleeping in the barn, then on her couch in her double-wide trailer. And all the really great names he came up with for her goat-mil [...]

    Connie Bocci
    Seduction on the Sand is #2 in The Billionaires of Barefoot Bay novella trilogy and I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy from Ms. St. Claire for an honest review. I really enjoy Ms. St. Claire's style of writing, she has such a way of making all of her characters feel so real and packs them with personality as she did with Elliot and Frankie. Elliot made me laugh out loud with his over the top antics trying to get what he wants. it's just land? I related to Frankie because she was [...]

    Tina "IRead2Escape"
    Hotness Rating 3 out of 5Review to come

    Ah yes! The second installment novella of the Billionaires of Barefoot Bay! Elliott Becker is one of those guys that everything comes easy for. He had no trouble getting his billionaire status. When he bought a piece of land and found that what was in the ground was worth way more than the land itself. Now Elliott is part of a group of billionaire men who invest and build stuff and their latest idea is a baseball team and a ballpark that involves some land they desperately need for it all to wor [...]

    5 starsElliot Becker had one job, to seal the deal and acquire the land needed to open a minor baseball league with his friends on Barefoot Bay. As a billionaire, Elliot always had things easy, as money can buy anything, that is, until he met Francesca "Frankie" Cardinale. Frankie had one promise to live up to. To honor her grandfather last wish and keep the goat farm they had. That's what she's been doing, living life as a goatherd, making soaps and selling goat milk until Elliot showed up, try [...]

    Sue Galuska
    I just love these billionaires! While Zeke is still my favorite (I have a thing for geeks), Elliot Becker was adorable. Who else would try to be a goatherd just to get to know a woman better? I loved how he was really trying with Frankie. I loved Frankie as a heroine. She was strong and yet vulnerable at the same time. I loved how she wanted to hold on to what was left of her family's life. I also LOVED the surprise twist ending. Never saw that one coming. Like all the Barefoot books, Roxanne St [...]

    Lindsay Mcneal
    Roxanne St. Claire's second Billionaires of Barefoot Bay is another great read. This one picks up right where Secrets on the Sand left off. Zeke and his friends want to build a minor league baseball stadium around the Barefoot Bay area. Elliot Becker is the one they trust to get the final piece of land they need from Frank Cardinale. What he don't know is Frank has passed away and his granddaughter Frankie is the one who he will have to get to sale. Frankie knows there are people who want her gr [...]

    Crystal Kendle
    Roxanne knows how to make characters real.

    Michelle the Romance Witch
    a pretty good story though much shorter than expected. lots of heart wrenching moments and realizations, but thankfully Elliot pulled his shit together in time.

    I want to love this series. I am loving the whole Barefoot Bay Universe and plan to read more within that universe.but I have issues with the characters within the series especially this second book. With such a short story I feel like I have to like the characters and the ones in this one really got on my last nerve. As a way of developing the characters the male characters start out as entitled, rich jerks who (this one especially( verge on the side of harassment. The women are attracted but f [...]

    I couldn't connect to the characters as much as I could to those in the first book. I just didn't feel the spark and attraction between Frankie and Elliott and I didn't like how Elliot was trying to play with Frankie's feelings just for the deal. The ending was nice and made up a bit for the rest of the story, but not enough for a higher rating. The goats were cute though!

    Seduction on the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire starts where Secrets on the Sand finisheswith different characters, it is an easy novella to jump into without having read Secrets on the Sand.In Seduction on the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire, Elliot makes a grand entrance in Barefoot Bay, via helicopter in the midst of a high school reunion. He is looking for "Frank".le does he know that Frank is Frankie, and Frankie is definitely all female!Elliot has looks, money and charmbut he doesn't have the land [...]

    SEDUCTION ON THE SANDby Roxanne St. ClaireWhat's not to love about Elliot Becker? He's got everything a girl could want And he knows it. You know what they say about Texas ;D "Everything's bigger in Texas!" Elliot is a sexy, billionaire playboy in the 2nd of three novellas (that read like full-size novels) set in our favorite beachside oasis of Barefoot Bay, who does everything in a big way! From his grand gestures at arriving in helicopters and "winning at all costs" to romancing through every [...]

    My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: witandsin/2014/04A charming billionaire, a hardworking goatherd, and some seriously adorable animals are only a few of the reasons I fell in love with Seduction on the Sand. Roxanne St. Claire’s second Billionaires of Barefoot Bay story is a fast-paced, engaging romance that’ll simply leave you smiling and wanting the final book in the trilogy.Elliott has lead a pretty charmed life and has always taken the easy way. He’s in over his head when he mee [...]

    A sweet fun read…This is the second Barefoot Bay Billionaires novella but it can be read as a stand-alone.Elliott Becker comes to Barefoot Bay to locate the man who owns some property that he needs to buy to build a part of a baseball stadium. What he finds is that the man, Frankie Cardinale, is really Francesca, a gorgeous intriguing woman who has no desire to sell to him or to anybody. Her saying no just makes him more determined so the man who adapts to changing situations is not thwarted f [...]

    Review courtesy of Romance Junkies and can be found here: romancejunkiesreviews/artmFrancesca (Frankie) Cardinale is a goatherd. She raises and breeds goats for their milk and uses the milk to make fragrant soaps to sell. Frankie has experienced the misery money can bring. Her parents died when she was a teen because they needed to have more. Frankie made a deathbed promise to her departed grandfather that the property would remain in the Cardinale family. Elliot Becker is a Stetson-wearing, Tex [...]

    This novella is the second in the Billionaires of BAREFOOT BAY series. I devoured the first novella in less than a day and was excited when this one picked up exactly where the first one left off. After reading all four books in the original BAREFOOT BAY series of novels, I was thrilled when Roxanne announced she would be returning to the island for a series of novellas. Skeptical at first with 'billionaire' in the title, I was thrilled that the novella was as engaging and likeable as the first. [...]

    I neve knew how much I could admire a cowboy with a tender heart. And the beautiful goatherd? She is woman, hear her roar! Yeah, for Becker and Frankie!!!

    Lynne Costa
    I was lucky enough to receive an Arc of this second in Roxanne St.Claire's Billionaires trilogy. Elliot Becker is a charming chameleon who is used to adapting to get what he wants and then getting it. He wants land in Barefoot Bay owned by a Frankie Cardinale who he thinks is a man, however when he realizes Frankie is really Francesca things get rather amusing as he tries to figure out who he can be to win her land. She has no intention of selling as she made a promise to her dying Nonno to keep [...]

    Seduction on the Sand is the second in Roxanne St. Claire’s Billionaires of Barefoot Bay trilogy of novellas. This one brings us the story of Frankie and Elliott. She’s just inherited a prime piece of real estate / goat farm. He wants to buy it to build the parking lot and entrance road for the billionaire’s proposed minor league baseball park. Add in a smarmy lawyer claiming to have a copy of her grandfather’s will and Frankie has her hands full. Elliott, in the interest of protecting h [...]

    Tonya Loose Dawson
    Fantasize, Imagine, Dream & WantThese are the things that Elliott Becker makes Francesca “Frankie” Cardinale think about.Elliott is the luckiest man alive. He is a billionaire with good timing, dumb luck & irresistible charm. Elliott meets his match in Frankie Cardinale, a simple goat herder. Frankie can’t be motivated by money; she believes money is the root of all evil. But Elliott needs her land to make his next real estate deal work and he loves a challenge. Frankie is content [...]

    Roxanne St. Claire continues her sexy Billionaires of Barefoot Bay series with Seduction on the Sand. I was lucky enough to get an early review copy of this book and stopped reading everything else to read it immediately.Frankie and Elliott's story was so fun. Seriously, any time you get a billionaire to help out on a goat farm and sleep in a barn, you have to have a fun story. I loved that Frankie didn't fall all over Elliott just because he was rich. She wanted to keep her Nonno (grandfather)' [...]

    The second book of Roxanne St. Claire's Billionaires of Barefoot Bay trilogy is another winner. And I feel fortunate to have gotten an ARC of this book. I love these guys! Elliot Becker, along with his friends Nate and Zeke, want to build a minor league baseball stadium. With the purchase of most of the land, they need the last parcel to complete their plans. Problem is, the land has been in Frankie Cardinale's family forever and Frankie has no plans to sell the land to anyone for any price. Ell [...]

    Another great story by Roxanne St. Claire. this is the second in her novella trilogy Barefoot Billionaires. I really liked the characters in this book, especially (of course) the sexy, billionaire Elliott Becker. He is a charmer, full of himself, yet very sweet and vulnerable at the same time. Her heroine is a spitfire. Frankie Cardinale keeps him on his toes. It was a heartwarming and fun story. Also available: Secrets on the Sand .Coming soon:Scandal on the Sand

    This the second book of Roxanne St. Claire's Billionaires of Barefoot Bay trilogy. Elliot Becker, along with his friends Nate and Zeke have planned to build a minor league baseball stadium. With the purchase of most of the land, they only needed this last parcel to complete their plans. There is just one problem the land has been in Frankie Cardinale's family forever and Frankie has no plans to sell the land to anyone not for any price. Elliot knows that he can make an offer that can't be refuse [...]

    I did not like that book as much as the previous. Both hero and heroine were too guarded and played a role for too long. I had difficulty to relate with them and to care for their issues. And I really did not like the way one of the conflict was handled and solved (view spoiler)[ Francesca's grandfather was swindled into signing a will leaving his land to a crook and instead of contesting the validity of the will, she just bought back the land from the swindler for 3 or 4 times the price the her [...]

    Stacy Porter
    Roxanne St. Claire did it again! She made me fall in lovewith a man you want to punch one second andwell do something entirely different the next ;) lolI laughed, cried, laughed so hard I cried while reading this heart melting novella. I couldn't put it down and bought the next one as soon as I was done! Elliot isn't used to people who aren't swayed with money or his charm, and he has met his match in the form of a stubborn and loyal goatherd. Frankie, who lost her parents due to greed, hates mo [...]

    Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews)
    Seduction in the Sand by Roxanne St. Clair - the Billionaire series Format: ebook via NookStory: 4.5Overall rating: 4.5 solid! I'm pretty stingy with my 4th & 5th star ratings, but I simply adore the entire "Barefoot Bay" series. I often wish that Mimosa Key was a real island as I'd relocate there asap! The bookif you're reading this one, chances are you, too love the "Barefoot" stories. I'll not spoil anything, but this is another lovely story in the "billionaires" series. It is just so, so [...]

    This book has been on my TBR list forever, and the fact it has taken so long to get around to reading is a bit embarrassing. But what can I say? Ebooks just don't get priority reading in my life. It sucks, because there are so many I want to read, but time is so limited.Sorry, I'm babbling.Seduction on the Sand was a nice sweet love story. Reading a book set in Barefoot Bay is like catching up with an old friend. Those years (months) spent apart just don't matter, because being together is just [...]

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