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  • Title: Blindsided
  • Author: Jay Giles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • From The Author Of Moneymoon s End Time On The WireMatt Seattle Never Saw The Trouble Coming.Never Expected It From So Many Different Directions Matt Seattle, a Sarasota stockbroker, befriends an older stock enthusiast, Joe Jesso During one of their weekly Wednesday morning sessions, Joe announces he s gotten married A week later, Joe dies Believing Joe may h From The Author Of Moneymoon s End Time On The WireMatt Seattle Never Saw The Trouble Coming.Never Expected It From So Many Different Directions Matt Seattle, a Sarasota stockbroker, befriends an older stock enthusiast, Joe Jesso During one of their weekly Wednesday morning sessions, Joe announces he s gotten married A week later, Joe dies Believing Joe may have been the victim of a black widow, Matt hires an investigator to look into Joe s death The investigator finds old Joe wasn t so innocent he embezzled money from a drug cartel Suddenly, Matt finds himself battling Joe s widow and her shyster lawyer who want his money, The National Association of Security Dealers who wants his broker s license, and, oh yes, the cartel who wants his life It s enough to turn any bull into a bear.
    Jay Giles
    Jay Giles is an award winning writer in a different genre advertising You ve seen his work on national television and in magazines and newspapers During his career as an agency writer and creative director, he has marketed products from automobiles to whisky, earning than 500 honors for creative excellence He and his wife divide their time between homes in Cincinnati and Sarasota Jay s debut novel, Blindsided, was published by Reagent Press in 2006 and is available in premium trade paperback, audio, and digitial e book editions Soon also available in a premium hardcover edition with a slipcover Jay s second novel, Time on the Wire, was released in premium hardcover in 2008 and in premium trade paperback in 2009 Jay s third novel, Moneymoon s End, will be published in premium hardcover in 2010.


    Denise Lancaster
    Lo que más me gustó de la historia fue la relación de Matt y Tory. Son tan shippeables. Me gustó como estaban desarrollados los personajes. Me gustó mucho el protagonista, Matt. Es un personaje 'likeable', y por todo lo que le pasó en su vida anteriormente, y todo lo que le seguía pasando, realmente quería que todo terminara bien para él de una vez por todas! Me gustó cuando hacia el final el tipo se transformó en Rambo jajajajjaja. En fin. La historia en sí no fue demasiado sorpresi [...]

    Julie Powell
    A good fast paced crime thriller, with a couple of plots to keep it interesting and great believable characters.Well written and worth a look

    An interesting yarn that features stockbroker Matt Seattle down in Sarasota, Fl One of Matt's best friends/ clients is Joe Jesso who in his late 70's got married a week after meeting Janet Wakeman. Matt knows this is a huge scam but before he can help Joe, it happens that Joe passes away. Matt is quickly hit with a huge suit & set of allegations about his business dealings with Joe. Janet and her "brother/ lawyer" Greg Nevitt are out to destroy Matt and his business. Along comes mobster Don [...]

    Leslie Feret
    Great story, background research questionableI was attracted to this book due to having worked in the in the securities industry. If you know nothing about the industry, read on. It's a great book. Although the story was great, I was a little disappointed when it came to the research on the industry and how the author portrayed the complaint process in an unrealistic manner. There were simple things, such as the author used N.A.S.D instead of NASD. The NASD was no longer existent when this book [...]

    Thriller is an understatement!!!From the moment I started reading I couldn't stop! Jay Giles is my new favorite thriller, crime, mystery novelist. His style of writing had me instantly invested in the lives of the characters, and the way he intricately intertwined thrills with drama left my head spinning! Usually I judge a good thriller/mystery by how quickly I figure out what the end game is, but Blindsided had me so wrapped up I didn't have time to because I was too busy getting to the next pa [...]

    Ray Melville
    Not the best I have read. Almost gave up twice, but ploughed through it. Last quarter a bit better, but characters 2 dimensional and the plot unbelievable. 2.5 stars rounded down.

    Nancy Silk
    "A Slowly Progressing Thriller"This is a thriller which is slow to thrill you. But hang on, it does eventually ramp up to be a moving thriller. While at a stockbrokers' morning meeting, Matt Seattle befriends elderly Joe Jesso, who has just announced his recent marriage. One week later, Joe is dead. Matt hires an investigator to look into Joe's death since he surprisingly finds out he is the man's trustee of Joe's millions of dollars estate. Joe's attorney is going to have him removed as trustee [...]

    Do NOT listen to the audio version of this book. The narrator was awful. He literally was pinching his nose to do some of the voices and his deep baritone made the female characters all sound like caricatured little girls. The story itself was good and I think I would have enjoyed it more had I read the book instead of listening to it. It still got away a bit from the writer and often delved into far-fetched, over the top plot holes.

    Don Svedberg
    Parts of the plot made no sense:The arranged wedding because of a $300K debt was stupid. Amt insignificant to cartel.Why weren't police in or outside the room of Tory?All the conversations about dreams to Dr were boring and insignificant.ipped overWas glad to get the read over with.Probably over rated the bookDon Svedberg

    Eunice Korczak
    BlindsidedBlindsided is a thriller that'll keep you engrossed. The characters are likeable and you will sympathise with them as they encounter trials that just keep coming - people threatened, kidnapped, murdered, people on either side betraying trust and oaths. Very tense at times. A book to keep you reading way past bedtime.

    Linda Look
    Matt, the stockbroker, and Eddie, his dog are worried when one of his former clients doesn't show up at his office. Joe had recently married and Matt knew nothing about his new wife. Then the mob shows up to collect their money--that Matt had unknowlingly been investing thru Joe. Eddie is killed and Matt's life turned upside down. Good characters. I rate this a 4.3

    Fast paced and a complete storyToo many new "books" are really half a complete story, or even less. This book gets 4 stars for being grammatically correct, for actually having proper punctuation, and a good, standalone story! Something to really appreciate in modern publishing. I look forward to the rest of the series.

    julia pryor
    Has everythingThis story has everything, mystery, murder, intrigue, love, a knight in not so shining armour, and a princess. Money, and greed.what else could you ask for. Great read

    A fun readPage turner ! Each short chapter lead excitingly to the next and I found myself caring about the main characters which is key to a successful writer. Goes quickly, easy to get through.

    A free downloadDownloaded this free from amazon, turned out to be an excellent read. I enjoyed the story line. The characters were likeable and the plot believable. I'd read another from this author.

    Terri Makely
    Good ReadThis book was action packed and enjoyable. Very well written. Not full of unneeded graphic sex. I cried at one part (Eddie) because it seemed so real. I had to keep reminding myself it was fiction. Nice work! Will read more from this author.

    Ashish Agrawal
    A very fast paced thriller. Couldn't keep my hands off it once I started reading. Left me wanting for more. Was the first book that I read by Jay Giles. Would explore other titles as well.

    Good storyGood read. Story moves quickly and is well drawn. Characters are not well drawn but merely vehicles to move the plot. But sometimes that's what you want to.

    miss r j torr
    Good readEnjoyable. A bit to hurried towards the end to try and get the storyline finished. Definitely not what I envisaged when I started!

    anne Fox Minter
    Enjoyable!Blindsided moved along at a steady pace. It's a very good read. You will enjoy all the characters Did not put it down! Great job Jay Giles!

    Dawn King
    Great read!I could hardly put the book down enjoyed it greatly! Cant wait to read more books by Jay Giles! Good Read!!

    Agnes H Wright
    Great readMust find more by this author. Easy flowing read, good storyline and good grammar and spelling rates five stars. Loved it!

    Christy Calhoun Miller
    BlindsidedI couldn't put it down! Jay Giles writes with wit and compasssion. An edge of your seat mystery, keeping you rooting for the home team until the very last page.

    Andy Reeve
    A good readA fast moving story, with some unexpected twists along the way. A romantic conclusion for the hero of the plot.

    Great bookThis is an excellent book! Mob action, black widow involved ending with a love story. This book has it all.

    sheryl prindle
    Good read. Hard to put down.This book was a very fast pace read. I couldn't wait to see what happened next. A real page turner.

    allan parkin
    FantasticGreat storyline with lots of twists and turns, once I started I just could not put it down well done

    Truly enjoyed this mix of mystery and love and a great ending.My friends as it was fast reading and kept me wan t in g more .I will read more books btw Jay Giles

    Victoria nelson
    High level of tensionThe tension throughout this book kept me on edge the whole time I was reading it. Eddie stole my heart.

    Keith Hayden
    Not greatThe story had some intrigue but writing, character development and emotional content were definitely lacking. But, on the plus side, it was free!

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