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  • Title: The Sisters Rosensweig
  • Author: Wendy Wasserstein
  • ISBN: 9780156000130
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback

  • Wasserstein, who won a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award for The Heidi Chronicles, writes of three Jewish middle aged sisters Sara, Gorgeous, and Pfeni who come together in London to celebrate Sara s birthday Winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award Photographs.
    Wendy Wasserstein
    Wendy Wasserstein was an award winning American playwright and an Andrew Dickson White Professor at Large at Cornell University She was the recipient of the Tony Award for Best Play and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


    The Sisters Rosensweig is a play by feminist playwright Wendy Wasserstein that debuted in 1992. Looking in depth at what it means to be a single, middle-aged, Jewish female in the late 20th century, Wasserstein's original cast production packed a powerful punch. The Broadway production included now famous actresses Frances McDormand and Madeleine Kahn. Although probably more poignant on stage, the script also leaves the reader awed by Wasserstein's work. The three sisters Rosensweig have gathere [...]

    I have no specific memories of this play, but I won't let a detail like that shut me up. No, I'm going to take a moment to complain about how there aren't enough women writing plays, and not enough plays by women being produced, and not enough women directing, and not enough women starring, etc ad nauseum. So just to even things up a bit, and since Lin-Manuel Miranda could use a break, I propose a year of nothing but theater by and of women. A one-year ban on dudes. And if you don't have the rol [...]

    The ups and downs of Jewish American Princess sisters as they reach their forties

    Wonderful. Funny, intelligent,witty.

    Mary K.
    This was a Broadway play recording, a bit deceiving, and I listened to it as an audio-book. I had trouble knowing who was speaking in correlation to characters. But overall it was entertaining. suggested it because of the "Sisters series" by M.C. Beaton, Marion Chesney, or else I would not have chosen it.

    Gena Lott
    I was totally prepared to love this play. And it was funny for the first scene. But there are aspects of it that are far too liberal for my taste and the inclusion of some pretty bad swearing made it not sooo fun and lovable as I first had hoped.

    Not the best. Interesting but the ending felt flat to me. Still would like to see it performed.

    i enjoyed this? man, how does one write about plays. i mean, er, i've succeeded in writing about my opinions of plays before, but this one has notably little/zero stage direction, which somehow makes it harder, and more difficult to ignore that this is a thing meant to be performed and not read. like, the direction and performance choices would be really crucial for this one—i could see it coming off as super obnoxious if performed badly. but like, judaism! women! wit! how could i not enjoy th [...]

    Overall a really likeable play. That sounds like quite a bland and banal statement to make about a play but I did feel that this was a very likeable piece with some great older (40s -50s rather than just 20s) female characters which under the right direction and with the right actors playing them could really come to life. I suppose the main theme of this play is identity or lack of it. Its not the worlds most original topic and I don't think its a play which will turn your world on its axis but [...]

    After really enjoying Wasserstein's The Heidi Chronicles, I was looking forward to The Sisters Rosenweig. Unfortunately, Sisters does not live up to its predecessor. While The Heidi Chronicles deftly capture pivotal moments in the characters' lives, with their conversations seeming incredibly real while quickly moving the story along. There was a lot of witty banter, but it fit the scenes and actors. The Sisters Rosenweig, on the other had, is full of witty banter that seems extremely unlikely. [...]

    I'm just not a Wasserstein fan. Meh. Not terrible, not great, not people I really care about. Overprivileged, terribly clever East coast intellectuals whatever. Read this, my 4th Wasserstein, because an Equity theatre in town is doing it and as there aren't that many Jewish actresses in this city .Director hated me. Maybe she sensed my disdain.

    I really liked this play! I fell in love with all three sisters (confession: I would totally read a spin off of Pfeni in a heartbeat). Absolutely wonderful humour and lovable characters. It was just a great and yet simple story about relatable contemporary women of different ages ánd it has great theatre and music references.

    Wasserstein's wit impresses in this heartfelt story of a generation of sisters, all struggling to find their place in mid-life. With a cast of comfortable characters saying funny things to avoid getting hurt, the camraderie between the sisters is what really makes the play sing.

    Yes, there were laughsbut I thought I'd puke if I heard these women extol their virtues (brain power, of course!) with unending superlatives one more time. Comes off as a dated feminist cheerleader's manual.

    Funny, interesting, and I don't think it is supposed to leave you feeling hopeless about the state of contemporary women but somehow her writing always seems to do that to me lately! Still, this one does have more hope, and it's interesting to think about how she was drawing on her own life.

    Someone, at some point in college, convinced me that I was not a cool theater student if I was into Wendy Wasserstein. Then I got rid of all her books that I owned. Which was every single one.This is an example of a story in which both people are wrong.

    #bpl Wendy Wasserstein wrote good plays, making the personal political and vice versa. This one struck a nerve because it's about Americans in Britain. I need to reread it and dig into the identity stuff more. #bedfordlibrary

    I am really into reading plays and Wasserstein is a master!

    Reading a play is not as satisfying as either seeing the play or reading a novel.

    This is a play about three sisters who stay connected despite their very distant lives and thoughts. I like it.

    Another fave by play by Wendy Wasserstein. The first one that I ever saw staged. And now that I have daughters of my own, even more meaningful.

    Rose Anderson
    Light-hearted and fun!

    Ed Patterson
    What a perspective.

    Wendy Wasserstein knows what's up. Highly recommended for any smart, ambitious lady anywhere. Great parts for women, especially the mouthy Jewish kind of woman.

    Wow, I really loved this play. I think it is the zenith of Wasserstein's writing. It's so funny, warm, quick, smart and such great, great characters. I hope to see it done one day!

    I'm surprised that the issues that Wendy Wasserstein presents are still valid now. The theme of love and identity still resonates.

    You do not need to be Jewish to appreciate this play. If you have sisters, you will appreciate the sisters' relationship in this play. Another very enjoyable Wasserstein play-

    Sandi Sonnenfeld
    Wasserstein at her most mature best exploring the complexities of sisters and relationships. Great play!

    This is a play, read in front of an audience. Funny and insightful. May have to read it again soon.

    • Best Read [Wendy Wasserstein] ✓ The Sisters Rosensweig || [Fantasy Book] PDF ✓
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