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  • Title: Rumpole for the Defence
  • Author: John Mortimer
  • ISBN: 9780140250138
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback

  • This book is a sheer delight Mortimer gives us humor as only the British can dish it out And what great fun to contemplate what it would be like to be Rumpole, an utterly unflappable character, slightly detached from and amused by all of life s challenges, whether they occur in a court of law or as a result of living with a spouse he calls She Who Must Be Obeyed.
    John Mortimer
    John Clifford Mortimer is a novelist, playwright and former practising barrister Among his many publications are several volumes of Rumpole stories and a trilogy of political novels, Paradise Postponed, Titmuss Regained and The Sound of Trumpets, featuring Leslie Titmuss a character as brilliant as Rumpole John Mortimer received a knighthood for his services to the arts in 1998.Series Rumpole of the BaileyRapstone Chronicles


    Jason Koivu
    That champion of the downtrodden, oppressed and falsely accused, the aging London barrister Horace Rumpole is at it again in another addition of his memoir-esque reminiscences in Rumpole for the Defense.In just about every one of former barrister-turned-author John Mortimer's books his hero Rumpole, that witty grump, is almost invariably set upon by an antagonistic judge. Often his client is not guilt, but harboring a secret he/she doesn't want to give up, not even to his/her own counsel. Usuall [...]

    Lost weekends (lost to binge TV show-viewing on Netflix) is not a new phenomena. I've been tearing through the Rumpole of the Bailey books at a rapid rate, too.Perhaps it was due to my youth when I watched the TV shows, but the books seem to have more existential pathos than the TV shows. The books are worth a read, even if you have seen the episodes on TV.

    Rumpole always cracks me up. This was a series of short stories - each about an hour long on the audio version. Perfect for our commuting.

    I particularly enjoyed this series of stories. The audiobook gave the extra dimension of being read in a Rumpole-like voice and with each story lasting approximately an hour. The stories were reminiscent of episodes of the tv series from many years ago, which I particularly enjoyed. The stories were replete with dry wit and humor, the whodunnit or didhe/shedoit mystery of a courtroom drama. Although the poetry quotes were sometimes too lengthy or a bit tedious, they were an effective tool for bu [...]

    Michael Marstellar
    Second Rumpole book I've read after PENGE BUNGALOW, and just like the first it's just as good! The deference between RUMPOLE FOR THE DEFENCE AND PENGE BUNGALOW is that this one is a compilation of Rumpole cases whereas PENGE focuses on just the one case.Nevertheless, it has Rumpole's wit and humor again charm and delight in cases that range from blackmail to murder. DEFENCE aptly shows Rumpole is no "one trick pony" who can only argue murder. DEFENCEA shows no charge is off limits and no case is [...]

    My husband is a Public Defender and has quite the stock of stories about defendents bright and otherwise, innocent and otherwise. These seven stories by John Mortimer run in the same vein. Horace Rumpole is a delight. In his sixties, overweight, unimpressed by pomp and deference, "Rumpole of the Old Bailey" as he is known makes his living dealing with the Timson family and other characters who have been accused of crimes. Along with dealing with his clients, he has interesting relationships with [...]

    The cover: Seven stories - yum! First up:- Rumpole and the Confession of Guilt.Wasn't much fussed on Rumpole and the Dear Departed.---The novelist, playwright, QC and Rumpole creator entertains an audience with his favourite readings, poems and Broadcast on:BBC Radio 7, 2:15am Friday 11th December 2009Duration:45 minutesAvailable until:3:02am Friday 18th December 2009Categories: Factual, Life Stories, reminiscencesc/iplayer/episode/Now on to Wanda

    Vicki Cline
    More Rumpole short stories. This is the fourth in the Rumpole series (I skipped the third because it's a novel but I think I need to go back to it.) In "Rumpole and the Gentle Art of Blackmail" he is defending a young man against a charge of blackmail by a college professor, and at the same time Hilda, Rumpole's wife, is sort of blackmailing him into getting covers for their sofa. Hilda is an interesting character. She always seems to be irritated by Rumpole; I wonder that she doesn't have an ul [...]

    I'd seen the odd episode of Rumpole on TV over the years and while I quite liked the old scoundrel on the tube, I'd never gotten around to tracking him down in print. But when the "old darling" appeared before me on the thrift store's 20 cent shelves I decided to give the printed version of the old barrister a fair trial. I found the old charmer guilty. Guilty of being entertaining and even a bit informative in the best tradition of British detective yarns. I'll keep my book browsing eyes peeled [...]

    Julie Davis
    Patrick Tull reading Rumpole stories to me. It doesn't get better than that. There's no better way to reread these tales. These stories are not quite as developed with multiple storylines as in the previous books, although still very enjoyable.

    Jeff Crompton
    John Mortimer and Rumpole at their best. The first story, "Rumpole and the Confession of Guilt," perfectly captures the funny/sad dichotomy that's at the heart of the best Rumpole stories.

    Madhurabharatula Pranav Rohit Kasinath
    A Lot of fun. Short stories involving a witty criminal defence lawyer. Very well written and very well plotted with a good dose of British wit. A light, Breezy book and a good read.

    I love john Mortimer's arc style and the inner musings of Rumpole set the standard for my own mental observations. Pure joy and fine stories to boot.

    bookcrossing/journal/9I'm bookcrossing a copy and I own a copy.

    Rumple the Magnificent!

    read some time in 1993

    Larry Wegman
    The curmudgeonly English barrister is as fun as ever.

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