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  • Title: A Cup of Christmas Tea
  • Author: Tom Hegg Warren Hanson
  • ISBN: 9780931674082
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A Cup of Christmas Tea
    Tom Hegg Warren Hanson
    Tom Hegg Warren Hanson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Cup of Christmas Tea book, this is one of the most wanted Tom Hegg Warren Hanson author readers around the world.


    Joe Krakovsky
    Christmas was almost upon us,It was hectic as could be. My old Auntie called me up,And offered me some tea.I didn't want to go,And see her old body bent.A loving long life with her,But now her body's spent.Should I go or should I stay?Do you really want to know?Read this book for yourself,And see what love did sow.

    We sell this book where I work and I've never even picked this up until today. I liked this book a lot. I liked it so much that I even bought my own copy.

    Becki Iverson
    I want to start by saying this is the sort of thing that I normally NEVER read and would find so hokey and weird and dumb. But a dear friend read this out loud at her annual ornament sharing party, which I attended for the first time this year, and I found that the environment just made it such a special story. As it is about visiting a treasured great aunt it also spoke to me, as I love to visit my great aunts and make a point of doing so as often as I can. The story and context just hit me in [...]

    I own this book and read it every Christmas to get me 'in the mood' for the season.

    A treasure of a find at a thrift store and my favorite new Christmas book this year.

    Heartwarming poem about a young man visiting his aged and infirm aunt. She wants a visit, but he prefers to remember her as she was when she was younger and vigorous. But guilt propels him, and in visiting her, he makes an important discovery. Charmingly told in verse with lovely illustrations, this short poem packs a significant message.

    Donna Davis
    I received A Cup of Christmas Tea as a Christmas gift from a close friend when I was in my twenties and my children were still tiny. I read the book, which is a poetic narrative that reflects on the importance of remaining connected with older people in the family, not only because they are lonely, but because if they were important to us when we were children, chances are that the connection will still prove important to us. I put it rather clumsily; the poem is brilliant.I still have the book, [...]

    Christmas morning I opened this lovely hardcover book received from Mrs Claus [along with a box of tea]:) A brief, but creative reminder of the value of determining priorities in the busyness of contemporary Christmas celebrations. Much appreciated and the fact it was purchased from a local charity shop added to its value! Thank you Mrs Claus :))Loved re-reading Mrs Claus' Christmas message in the flyleaf - inspiriting!as was the reading of this so special story of a young man visiting an aging [...]

    It is hard to say why this book is so good. I just sat down and read it since it was recommended to me by a friend, and then I read it again. And maybe tomorrow I will read it one or two more times.

    This was read to us at a very traditional Christmas tea complete with cakes, clotted cream, finger sandwiches and, of course, pots of fragrant tea. Delightful!

    A heartwarming poem about joining a great aunt for a cup of tea. A wonderful book to read around Christmas. "My spirit fairly bolted,like a child out of class,and danced among the ornamentsof calico and glass.Like magic, I was six again,deep in a Christmas spell,steeped in the million memoriesthe boy inside knew well."

    Kind of book that needs to be read every year (probably more often than that!) to remind us of the things that are really important in life.


    Megan Nelson
    This book is about a young man who has been invited by his elderly aunt, who has had a stroke, to visit at Christmastime; the only problem is, the young man does not want to go and visit his aunt. However, as he is encouraged by his parents to go, he agrees and shows up at his aunt's door. As soon as he sees his aunt and she says, "Come in!", he feels completely at home and just like he was six-years-old again. When he walks into her home, he sees all of her Christmas decorations, and they bring [...]

    The author and I both grew up in Minnesota and met in 9th-grade English class. After Tom had this book published he had an interview with the local radio station. My Mom heard his reading and the interview and decided to get this for me for Christmas; I don't think she realized that I knew Tom since we moved the summer after 9th grade. The neighborhood I grew up in had an older woman who was an Aunt or Grandma for all of us kids. This story sparks tons of Minneapolis and Christmas memories which [...]

    Jann Barber
    This is a tiny book with sweet illustrations. I related to it immediately, as many people will. Time to visit a relative you haven't visited in a long time. You are reticent to go, as you know the relative will be so much older and there are other things you'd rather do. However, it is Christmas, and you set out for the visit.Of course, once there, you are immediately taken back to times of your childhood. The smells, the decorations, the relative (yes, looking older and more fragile, but so hap [...]

    I read this book every Christmas and sometimes other times when I happen to spot it while looking for another book. This is a favorite of mine. It is a great reminder to not forget the older friends and relatives that may not be able to get around as much. These wonderful people still get lonely and long for someone to talk to. They might not remember everything but they have much to share. I worked briefly in a long term care facility and it is so sad to see how lonely some of people are. Some [...]

    I had never read this book before, but now I've read it, I wish I'd had it when I was a child. It's a great poem stressing the importance of spending time with loved ones, even when it's busy at Christmas time, and the nostalgic joy one can get from spending time with elderly members of the family at Christmas. It champions relationships over the commercialism of Christmas, with many nods to the many joys of festive treats. Reading this poem is like a glorious cup of Christmas tea - warming and [...]

    A charming tale, told in verse, of an adult nephew's trepidation about visiting his Great Aunt at Christmas time. Somehow, he finds himself at her door and is welcomed in for a cup of Christmas tea. While in his aunt's company he learns lessons about facing life's challenges with dignity, finding happiness in any circumstance, the importance of someone to listen, and the joy of unconditional love. The illustrations are delightful. I'm so happy to have come across this lovely book and will reread [...]

    This wonderful Christmas book does not fit any of the normal holiday subjects but it is sweet and warm hearted. This is a definite must read for any adults looking for a short Christmas read. While it is looks like a children's picture book, this is really for adults or older children. The illustrations by Warren Hanson, while not the traditional Christmas fare, fit the story extremely well. I hope to read it every year!

    I've given this book to so many people at Christmas, particulary those who have a loved one in failing health. It was recommended to me years ago and has developed into a family/cult tradition of sorts. I've hosted "A Cup of Christmas Tea" reading and tea for friends and family. It's simple message has a sing-song quality that nevertheless holds deep meaning for many.

    A great book embodying the Christmas spirit, showing that just because someone may look different on the outside then they have before doesn't mean that their personality, mind and soul have changed. I look forward to reading this book with my nieces in the years to come.

    This is a poem about a man caught up in the hectic holiday season and reluctantly visits his old great aunt who had invited him to enjoy a cup of Christmas tea. In doing so, he is reminded to step back and enjoy time with family.

    Simple story in poetic form. Not especially well written, however if carries a perfect Christmas message. Remember the elderly and ill at Christmas time. It will brighten the holiday season and possibly yours as well. A Christmas tea party sounds like such fun!

    My mom had bought me this book for Christmas one year. Not only did it come with an audio cassette (can i still call it a cassette?=) But it came with Christmas tea! How can you beat that. Curling up with the book, tea and tape and ofcourse my mom.was a perfect way to get ready for the season.

    Laurie Burkland
    Beautiful "children's" book about the human connection. We very often take it for granted until it's not there.

    The poetry doesn't quite scan, but the story is a good reminder of what is really important about Christmas.

    This poem is short, but Hegg sure packs a lot into it. Nicely done.

    Steven Freeman
    Needed something positive today.

    Carol Brusegar
    A lovely Christmas gift book!!

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