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  • Title: The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: 9780877794202
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover

  • New edition The book that millions of SCRABBLE players consider the only necessary resource Ideal for recreational and school use More than 100,000 playable two to eight letter words including 4,000 new entries Includes British variant spellings for game players in Canada Endorsed by the National SCRABBLE Association.
    Books can be attributed to Anonymous for several reasons They are officially published under that name They are traditional stories not attributed to a specific author They are religious texts not generally attributed to a specific author Books whose authorship is merely uncertain should be attributed to Unknown.


    what I like about this book? The censorship! its totally hilarious that they get away with expurgating 167 words from this book. After all, what if you are playing with your mother and one of THESE doozies pops up on your rack? BADASS BADASSES BADASSED BALLSY BALLSIER BALLSIEST BAZOOMSCOLOREDS COMSYMP COMSYMPS CRAPPER CRAPPERSFART FARTED FARTING FARTS FATSO FATSOES FATSOS FRIG FRIGGED FRIGGING FRIGSPAPIST PAPISTS PAPISTIC PAPISTRY PAPISTRIES PEED PEEING PISS PISSED PISSES PISSING PISSER PISSERS [...]

    Barbi Faye (The Book Fae)
    What do you do when you always win at Scrabble as you read so much, and everyone refuses to play with you as they are sick of getting skunked?? You tie one arm behind your back, handicap, and find and let them use a Scrabble dictionary! Peace ensues! And I get to play my beloved Scrabble again!!!

    There’s really not much anyone can say about a Scrabble Dictionary. Not even someone as famously verbose as I am. Some friends of mine had a copy with a damaged cover, so that only the letters “O-N-A-R-Y” were legible, so they always referred to it as an “onary” (rhymes with “ovary”). That’s about the only story I can think of. Oh, and if you look for words here before you play your hand, that’s cheating. The onary should only be used to resolve challenges, and when a word is c [...]

    Abram Dorrough
    The classic rule-setter in the household since I can remember. If it ain't in here, you can't play it.

    Kirsten Griffith
    Perhaps the only reference book that has gotten regular use in my home since I learned to spell. Anyone without a real love of the game will complain about its inclusion or exclusion of words, but those of us with the Scrabble Sickness have nothing but awe for those who consider all the finer points of the game when determining the final lineup.

    Mike loves to read this over and over and I've found it's great for little boys who are acting naughty and need to copy words out of the dictionary to help them settle down and focus.

    Who doesn't love dictionaries? Who doesn't love Scrabble? Who doesn't love this dictionary?

    Ike Sharpless
    Well, I haven't read the *whole* thing

    We can't possibly get through a Scrabble game without this book.

    A must for any regular Scrabble player!

    Shelly Kittell
    This book has been in the family since 1979. My grandmother and I loved playing Scrabble. I'm keeping it to use as the grandchildren grow and we can keep up the tradition

    P.S. Winn
    This is a must have, not just for scrabble, although amazing for that, but just to have handy.

    Dawn Moews
    The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

    Serge Pierro
    The main word source for the "mass market and scholastic" players. Sadly, it doesn't include any of the "off color" words which are legal within the game - often leading to arguments when being used as a "judge" in play. Convenient size for those who want to bring along a book to study out of. However, there are better resources for those who want to memorize word lists.

    OKI don't know why I'm adding this here. I must be getting punch drunktime to go to bed. Anyway, thanks Karla for getting Lynette & I a copy of this to help settle the endless Scrabble disputes while playing. :-)

    Hey, since in Scrabble a closed list of words is needed to keep it fair to the points-vying players, this dedicated one works really well. I like the brief definitions. We keep a printout of words added in the more recent Fourth Edition inside the front cover.

    i was so lost before this book entered my lifech more life-changing than life of pi.

    sporadic reading. LOVE IT!

    This really helps. It's a great alternative to fist fighting.

    I have not read this book all the way through, as I'm not that fanatic a Scrabble player, but it is certainly a useful article.

    lots of weird words like xi and qi and ka and herstory and zyzyx

    Remembered the ' read Scrabble dictionary ' thing

    i've been obsessed w/ the words with friends game since my bout w/ bronchitis in december. i'm so excited about having the official scrabble dictionary at my side.

    who reads a damn dictionary, HELLO! Stop reminding me. I use this all the time, I'm a scrabble addict

    I bet you couldn't find any mistakes in this book! :D My family has been definitely used this book well because we are major Scrabble and other word game fans!

    Good reference for game play.

    Sara Avrams
    If you play Scrabble, this is essential.

    This should be titled "The ScrabBible."

    Alisha Brook
    Certainly helpful for when you're stuck in the game of Scrabble.

    what DIDN'T i learn from this book? let's discuss it over some za.

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