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  • Title: Broken Time
  • Author: Emily Devenport Maggy Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780451457851
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback

  • Siggy Lindquist is a janitor at The Institute, home to the galaxy s deadliest criminals When two of the most dangerous inmates take a twisted interest in Siggy, she becomes caught in a potential war between two races a war that only a forgotten secret from her past can prevent
    Emily Devenport Maggy Thomas
    I ve been published under three pen names as Emily Devenport, I wrote SHADE, LARISSA, SCORPIANNE, EGGHEADS, THE KRONOS CONDITION, and GODHEADS As Maggy Thomas, I wrote BROKEN TIME, which was nominated for the Philip K Dick Award As Lee Hogan I wrote BELARUS and ENEMIES My books have been published in the U.S the U.K Italy, and Israel I m writing as Emily Devenport again, and I have two new titles out from Smashwords THE NIGHT SHIFTERS and SPIRITS OF GLORY.I m also an undergraduate studying Geology and a volunteer at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.


    Broken Time is a messy, brilliant, juvenile, sophisticated, awkward, stunning novel that veers from being embarassingly bad to thoroughly engrossing and back again, and just won t let up flailing about and somehow still managing to win your attention Ultimately, I made it all the way through it and was happy I did so, but I cannot express how infuriatingly bad parts of this novel are.What saves the novel is the fact that it is absolutely chock full of intriguing ideas Unlike alot of bad science [...]

    Gilbert Stack
    The best science fiction makes you think It doesn t force you to do so, it tantalizes and teases your brain into working overtime, making connections within the plot of the book and thinking about the nature of things outside of it I ve read quite a lot of science fiction over the years but nothing quite like Broken Time by Maggy Thomas On the surface it is the story about a bright young woman in the ultimate welfare state universe There just aren t a lot of jobs out there except for the very be [...]

    Wow I couldn t wait to finish this book before starting the review So this review is part before and part after I did not know what to expect I probably would not have started it, if I had know the strongest theme in the story But I am enjoying it The book is holding my attention and hard to put down.First the negative The main theme in the book is serial killers Who knew I am not normally a fan of serial killer stories I don t watch them and I don t read them I consciously avoid serial killer s [...]

    This book just grabs and doesn t let go I m a notorious skimmer, but there were no slow parts, and I up was reading this book until 3 30am on a Wednesday night This is very good scifi.Siggy works as a janitor at the Institute for the Criminally Insane, especially assigned to mop the floors of Monster row where the worst of the worst are housed She s encouraged to converse with them to help doctors analyze them There s also the Enigma an astrophysical singularity that works as a series of wormhol [...]

    I am rounding up to 4 stars because this did have a lot of interesting and original elements, and I liked it a lot to begin with At page 200 I saw why people didn t rate it so highly and the last 100 pages were weaker It felt rather as if that part had possibly been written earlier and not revised adequately.

    Shellie (Layers of Thought)
    Original review written by Shellie posted at Layers of Thought.Shellie s quick take A fast paced, complex but easy to read science fiction romance story that had me quickly turning the pages It has a believable alien, cool science oriented time warps , and a wonderful, strong and likeable female lead It was nominated for a Philip K Dick Award and is an unbelievable.99 cents at various ebook retailers What a deal Shellie s description On a distant planet in the distant future, our heroine Siggy L [...]

    Really 3.5 starsShort summary Siggy, our spunky, perceptive heroine, after having a friend fall into a time warp time pocket , goes to work as a janitor at an asylum for the criminally insane There she grows to know three bizarre inmates sociopathic Jerry Wolfe, biotech damaged Joseph Bell, and the enigmatic Professor With her knowledge of them and the time pockets, she becomes the go to person for solving the mystery when one of the inmates escapes.I have to say, I really liked this one up unti [...]

    When Siggy gets a job at an interplanetary supermax prison, she doesn t know she s going to become a conversational pal with a pair of serial killers Or that this relationship will hinge on the fact that she s one of the few people who has encountered time pockets than once Also, ballroom dancing.Broken Time is an odd book, with lots of interesting ideas but not tight enough to work well A few thoughts There are a bunch of great ideas and sketches of great ideas that the book doesn t follow thr [...]

    The book started sooo interesting and intriguing with The Professor sigh but then the story goes back to when Siggy was a child and she saw David disappear in a time pocket What I found illogical was that David disappeared and so did people memories of him And that was fine, he was erased from history But then siggy started researching him and found proof that he acually existed It is not a big thing, really, because plots must be based on something But it was sooo easy for Siggy to find out abo [...]

    Wow Broken Time has it all romance, suspense, heartbreak, serial killers, aliens, time distortionsAs I read of Ms Devenport s work, I am very impressed with how deftly she builds worlds and characters into which you can easily get swept away Siggy was definitely my favorite character, but there are so many you come to care about, too I was intrigued by the Professor, one of the serial killers on Monster Row, and the mystery of who and what he really is The Time Pockets were something I d heard [...]

    Steph Bennion
    Sci fi with serial killers Weird time pockets and broken memories This book was chock full of ideas that kept me engrossed for hours The scenes in the prison were particularly memorable Recommended for readers who like quirky yet thoughtful science fiction

    Maggy Thomas d un ottima prova di stile per un libro godibile nelle sue imperfezioni Qui la recensione completa clarkevivo 2013 09

    I ve owned a copy of the book for years and I still come back to it time and again.

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