ñ الحلم والأوباش ☆ Mo Yan

  • Title: الحلم والأوباش
  • Author: Mo Yan
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  • Page: 287
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  • ñ الحلم والأوباش ☆ Mo Yan - الحلم والأوباش,
    Mo Yan
    Modern Chinese author, in the western world most known for his novel Red Sorghum which was turned into a movie by the same title Often described as the Chinese Franz Kafka or Joseph Heller.Mo Yan is a pen name and means don t speak His real name is Guan Moye simplified Chinese traditional Chinese pinyin Gu n M y.He has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature 2012 for his work which with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary Among the works highlighted by the Nobel judges were Red Sorghum 1987 and Big Breasts Wide Hips 2004 , as well as The Garlic Ballads.Chinese version


    فهد الفهد


    Hessa Almutairi
    2012 2000 1987 1988

    Eng. Mohmadali

    عبدالله ناصر

    Araz Goran

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    Áýa Ȝbd ËlmoñȜm

    Ahmed Gaid



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    شاديعبد العزيز

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    Raeda nairoukh

    Mohammed Yusuf
    2012 63

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    Azheen Bajalan
    1955 _ _ 2012

    محمد الناغي

    يوسف بعلوج


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    محمود حسني



    Syma Soma

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    هلا العلي

    3 5 .

    If you didn t know many about China, and you want to learn about the culture in the last 100 years, well this is your chance The novel is interesting, full of dreams that turn into reality, and mischiefs of life are perceived ordinary in the rural chinese culture You can call it a folk tale than a novel.I really enjoyed it, attractive, and you can read it maybe in one if you are a hungry reader , or two reading sessions.

    • ñ الحلم والأوباش ☆ Mo Yan
      287 Mo Yan
    الحلم والأوباش