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  • Title: The Klingon Gambit
  • Author: Robert E. Vardeman
  • ISBN: 9780671707675
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Klingons are hungry for war their target The Enterprise When Captain Kirk and his crew are ordered to Alnath II to challenge the deadliest Klingon starship Terror, they re ready for anything or so they think But the defenseless Vulcan crew of a Federation science ship has been wiped out The remaining members of the Alnath II mission have discovered a fabulous anThe Klingons are hungry for war their target The Enterprise When Captain Kirk and his crew are ordered to Alnath II to challenge the deadliest Klingon starship Terror, they re ready for anything or so they think But the defenseless Vulcan crew of a Federation science ship has been wiped out The remaining members of the Alnath II mission have discovered a fabulous ancient city but their report doesn t make sense The Klingon battle cruiser has the Enterprise in its sights, and is ready to destroy it.But Captain Kirk can t seem to make decisions Spock has started to throw temper tantrums And Chekov has disobeyed vital orders The crew of the Enterprise are losing their minds one by one all victims of the Klingon gambit.
    Robert E. Vardeman
    Also writes as Daniel MoranF.J HaleEdward S HudsonKarl LassiterJackson Lowry


    This is without a doubt one of the worst things I've ever tried to read. Cliched, contrived, boring drivel. Nothing about this book was good or interesting; nothing about it was thrilling or compelling. Actually it did compel me to vomit a few times. And all this comes from a fan of Star Trek, especially the Star Trek novel.

    Ironically and with pure unintended artlessness, I'm sure, this quote sums up the entire book:"The longer this drags on, the more confused it gets. What are the Klingons doing on Alnath? What is it that killed those Vulcans? What, what, what?" (p. 79)So I had this grand plan to re-read the entire 97-book Pocket Star Trek Original Series novels over the course of a year or so and review each bookbut damn, two books in and this is the one that's making me seriously reconsider. It's not that it's n [...]

    Although I found it enjoyable, the latest STAR TREK movie, INTO DARKNESS, left me longing for the days of "classic" Trek, back when Kirk & co. didn't rely so much on blowing stuff up and punching people repeatedly in the face. Back when STAR TREK didn't feel like a cross between MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS set in outer space. That's why I picked up THE KLINGON GAMBIT by Robert E. Vardeman, the first STAR TREK novel I've bothered to read since high school. I chose it beca [...]

    Bad enough that even though I love Star Trek it could not push it to two stars. Spock crying like a baby, a story that never really did seem to get off the ground. I suppose there was supposed to be tension building in the book but I never felt it.

    Deranged Pegasus
    A surprisingly philosophical tale as it delves into the psyche of humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and even Klingons. The book is a beautiful look into the hearts and desires of the beloved Enterprise crew.

    Not a bad story, but these earlier Star Trek novels do feel a lot like unused scripts for the show padded for length.

    Brian Hogan
    This was actually the first Star Trek book I read when I was in either 7th or 8th grade. and actually I'm 41 years old well that was awhile ago! I remember I did a book report on it it was completely sucked into it and completely enthralled by it. However this time around re- reading it and by the way I don't know why I decided to reread it a couple of months ago it just popped into my head. Anyway this time and I enjoyed it but it really didn't suck me in. Recently I've read a lot of other Star [...]

    Awful read the story sucks it is soo boring the climatic phaser battle at the end is even more boring this novel just reminded me of the naked time which both feature Spock crying but the difference is this novel is garbage

    Did not finish. It was to awful and I didn't want to waste my time!

    This one was just mediocre for me.

    Jason Vargo
    When in doubt, always call on the most popular aliens in Trek to be the adversary. This isn't a bad thing, mind you. It is simply a fact of these novels. The Klingons take center stage here in a pretty involving story highlighting a lot of what made TOS great: the character interactions and a plot that asks who these people really are under the uniforms.Of particular note is a fairly brief scene between a new character and Christine Chapel at the end of the story. It touches the heart in a way f [...]

    Some more great drama between Captain Kirk and the Klingons, although to be honest it does start to seem like the "Captain of the Klingon vessel" becomes somewhat of a revolving role in these stories. Still, it's an entertaining book even though it's not the most surprising or unexpected of plots. It is entertaining to watch the crews of both vessels gradually losing their grip on reality and in contemplating the many different directions things could have gone in. It's classic Trek, it's hard t [...]

    M. Milner
    Surprisingly okay, at least compared to what some people here had to say. A light, quick novel about a deserted planet with a hidden secret, I banged this one out in about two hours. While it’s dated in some respects and takes a few liberties with characters (one engineer runs a still in their department), I found it okay: it’s pretty average. It’s not the best trek novel I’ve read but you know what? It’s not the worst either.

    Oleta Blaylock
    I ended up skimming through most of this story. I don't know why it was so hard to finish, maybe it was the continuous disintegration of discipline on the Enterprise that just went on and on and on. I just could take another page of the crew fighting, Scotty stripping the ship of components so he can get a little more power from his engines or McCoy complaining about machines. Klingons are not any better than the Federation. The story just didn't keep my interest.

    Louisa Jenness
    I have some mixed feelings about this book. While I felt that it was written very much like a TOS episode and could have easily been one, it was certainly not the most exciting plot that could have been written.


    Not a bad read for an old book. Interesting concept with a little twist at the end.

    Chris Jason
    Classic Star Trek. Like reading a tv episode in book form. I would definitely recommend to others for a quick Klingon and federation dispute.

    David King
    “The Klingon Gambit” by Robert E. Vardeman is an Original Series Star Trek novel which is set firmly during the first 5 year mission period. The story follows the Enterprise as it is ordered to Alnath II where a Klingon ship is suspected of murdering the crew of a Vulcan science ship. Meanwhile an Archaeological team down on the planet refuse to leave despite the continued threat of the Klingons. Before long both the crews of the Enterprise and Klingons being to act irrationally and the risk [...]

    S. J.
    *2.5**The Gushd the Negative again*This is not a bad Star Trek books just not a particularly good one. The characters are allere with Chekhov and Spock's reactions of particular focus with a good bit of Kirk thrown in. Kirk himself shines the most here. You really see the dichotomy of soldier/explorer/diplomat all wrapped up in one rather then dealing with those aspects separately as was often done in the series. Spock is.ly a repeat of the same old 'emotions/no emotions' song that was rather ov [...]

    As far as 'Star Trek' books go, with so many in the damn series, anytime you read one, it really is like the quintessential 'box of chocolates' that Forrest Gump used to yabble on about. As for this one, I have to say, it really is a cut above the ordinary ST novel. It is a quick read, with a fast plot, and a mystery that will keep you guessing. At the short length of less than 200 pages, you really can't go wrong.Plot is simple enough-the Enterprise is called in to yet another remote alien plan [...]

    Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to read this book based solely off the Klingon dreadnought on the cover. I've read Star Trek novels before, but nothing so close to the beginning of the novels, so this was a treat.Vardeman did a good job with the crew of the Enterprise. All of what you would expect is there. McCoy bantering with Spock, Kirk being decisive and pondering, Spock dealing with being a half-Vulcan; it's all there. I was actually surprised at how well Vardeman captured the crew that we [...]

    Conan Tigard
    The Klingon Gambit takes place during the original 5-year mission and, according to the Stardate, is near the end of the second season.At the beginning of the book, the entire crew immediately blamed the Klingons for the destruction of the T'pau and was encouraging James T. Kirk to fire on the Terror when it came into sight. I don't remember this kind of bloodthirstiness from the crew of the Enterprise ever, so I had a slight problem with that. Yes, I do remember that the Federation of Planets a [...]

    Mike Crate
    The catastrophic loss of telemetry from a Vulcan ship supporting an archaeological dig has the Enterprise warping into the Alnath system to confront a Klingon dreadnought suspected of involvement. Upon arrival the Vulcan ship is found adrift, its crew all dead but with no direct evidence of foul play, further investigation is required amongst the Andorian led scientists and the Klingon warship. Evidence of a very advanced civilization has been found on Alnath but as the mystery deepens the crew [...]

    Although it's less than 200 pages, I had the hardest time forcing myself to finish this book. The basic plot of this story is that, for reasons unknown, the crew of the starship Enterprise are exhibiting extremely erratic behavior. The major characters familiar from the TV show are all acting in ways that are completely out of character (Spock cries! Scotty really wants to work on the engines! Like, more than usual! Bones doesn't like machines?). It's an interesting concept, but the author doesn [...]

    Rich Meyer
    An okay early entry in the Star Trek novel series, The Klingon Gambit just doesn't have the flair and action of the best adventures of the Enterprise. There's also a lot of out-of-character actions by the crew (for reasons that will become obvious), especially Mr. Spock. A lot of these books try to explore the Vulcan-Human dichotomy within the character, and end up trying to bring out his emotions in ways never evidences on the original series. In a few instances (like The Vulcan Academy Murders [...]

    Although this book was very interesting and something that I didn't want to put down, it just wan'te greatest. The whole plot is built up and then it kind of sits there before it abruptly ends. It was a good try at a mystery. Also I noticed a couple of chapters in there where Spock becomes emotional, etc that are EXACTLY like "The Naked Time" in the TV series. Same emotions, same problems, Kirk does the same thing to him to snap him back into it when he needs him.d I also noticed that when Kirk' [...]

    Mike McDevitt
    Everyone's acting weird! Obsessed with hobbies instead of work (although our main characters hobbies ARE their work today). It has nothing to do with the Klingons, who are in the same boat from the mystic radiation of a magic crystal that focuses passions. Chekov's passion is pushing the shoot button? Really? Or McCoy's his love of botany? Kirk LOVES his efficiency reports? I'll come out and say it- don't these people want to get laid? Scotty and Girl Scotty get the engines to 110 percent but th [...]

    The Enterprise investigates why a Vulcan science ship has not checked in. They find everyone dead on board, and an archaeology team on the surface of the planet. There is also angry klingons on the latest Bird of Prey ship. I liked the idea of 1mm life forms. This is mainly a character piece, something is making everybody act as an extreme version of themselves. Scotty is funny with it. Bones is disturbing. Checkov is annoying. Spock is predictable with it. It is a fun read and does feel like a [...]

    J'ai très peu à dire sur ce livre à l'exception d'un gros bof. Ce livre n'est pas mauvais mais il n'est pas bon non plus. Lors d'une investigation sur la mort suspecte de scientifiques Vulcains, l'Enterprise se retrouve confronté à des Klingons menaçants. Kirk doit aussi contrôler son équipage qui semble plus émotif et instable qu'à l'habitude.Ce que j'ai le moins aimé, c'est que j'ai vu venir le punch des kilomètres à l'avance. Ça me donne l'impression que l'auteur n'a mis aucun e [...]

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