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  • Title: Ansible 15715
  • Author: Stant Litore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Please hear me We are all in danger, the most terrible danger we are all going to die terrible deaths If you can hear me, if anyone can hear me, remember these words Please Pass them on to your children, and to theirs You are our one hope Ansible 15715, a short story, is a frantic broadcast from the mind of a woman lost in time, a researcher trying to forewarn t Please hear me We are all in danger, the most terrible danger we are all going to die terrible deaths If you can hear me, if anyone can hear me, remember these words Please Pass them on to your children, and to theirs You are our one hope Ansible 15715, a short story, is a frantic broadcast from the mind of a woman lost in time, a researcher trying to forewarn the human species about an unexpected and terrifying threat There is very little chance that anyone will hear her plea Unless possibly you Litore s elegant prose seeps into the soul, stoking our fears of dark labyrinths and the loss of self, of having our direst warnings passed off as madness in a cruel and ignorant world A chilling and masterful tale Allison M Dickson, author of Strings
    Stant Litore
    Stant Litore doesn t consider his writing a vocation he considers it an act of survival As a youth, he witnessed the 1992 outbreak in the rural Pacific Northwest firsthand, as he glanced up from the feeding bins one dawn to see four dead staggering toward him across the pasture, dark shapes in the morning fog With little time to think or react, he took a machete from the barn wall and hurried to defend his father s livestock the experience left him shaken.After that, community was never an easy thing for him The country people he grew up with looked askance at his later choice of college degree and his eventual graduate research on the history of humanity s encounters with the undead, and the citizens of his college community were sometimes uneasy at the machete and rosary he carried with him at all times, and at his grim look He did not laugh much, though on those occasions when he did the laughter came from him in wild guffaws that seemed likely to break him apart As he became book learned, to his own surprise he found an intense love of ancient languages, a fierce admiration for his ancestors, and a deepening religious bent On weekends, he went rock climbing in the cliffs without rope or harness, his fingers clinging to the mountain, in a furious need to accustom himself to the nearness of death and teach his body to meet it A rainstorm took him once on the cliffs and he slid thirty five feet and hit a ledge without breaking a single bone, and concluded that he was either blessed or reserved in particular for a fate far worse.Finding women beautiful and worth the trouble, he married a girl his parents considered a heathen woman, but whose eyes made him smile She persuaded him to come down from the cliffs, and he persuaded her to wear a small covenant ring on her hand, spending what coin he had to make it one that would shine in starlight and whisper to her heart how much he prized her Desiring to live in a place with fewer trees though he misses the forested slopes of his youth , a place where you can scan the horizon for miles and see what is coming for you while it is still well away, he settled in Colorado with his wife and two daughters, and they live there now The mountains nearby call to him with promises of refuge.Driven again and again to history with an intensity that burns his mind, he corresponds in his thick script for several hours each evening with scholars and archaeologists and even a few national leaders or thugs wearing national leaders clothes who hoard bits of forgotten past in far countries He tells stories of his spiritual ancestors to any who will come by to listen, and he labors to set those stories to paper Sometimes he lies awake beside his sleeping wife and listens in the night for any moan in the hills, but there is only her breathing, soft and full, and a mystery of beauty beside him He keeps his machete sharp but hopes not to use it.facebook zombiebible thezombiebiblezombiebible gmailzombiebible


    Shervin Jamali
    Fantastic short story; easily finished in one sitting. Litore's style and prose are confident, complex, refined and intellectual. And I love the fact that his protagonist is a Muslim, either of Iranian or Arabic descent, based on her knowledge of the two languages used by those two nationalities; Farsi and Arabic respectively. Many thanks to my friend, Debra, who introduced me to this writer's work.

    Ansible 15715--Deep. Dark. And thoroughly disturbing. This short story has stayed with me for days. The night I finished reading it, I woke up with a piercing migraine and was up for most of the night. I'm not entirely unsure this story didn't dislodge some torturous nightmare lurking in the depths of my mind to torment me until the sun came up. It was that good.I can't wait to read Ansible 15716.

    Meenaz Lodhi
    This was free book from the author, for which I give thanks, and hooked me up! A short story with an in sight of a great series I'm certainly going to read! Physic abilities developed by an Arab country corporation to possess other human minds in a distant planet, a disturbing and frightening awaking of the girl I like the fact the character is of Arab origin, not a westerner; there are very few books where the main protagonists are of other race or religion. Stant Litore is a magnificent defend [...]

    Daniel (Attack of the Books!) Burton
    Wowsers. Ansible 15715 is going to be hard to review without spoilers, but it so worth the read. Okay, let's see if we can give it a goIf you've read Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game series, Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep, or Dan Simmons Hyperion Cantos, you've run into the concept of an ansible before. For the rest of you, an ansible is a fictional device that allows authors overcome the light speed barrier with instantaneous communication from point A to point B. In Stant Litore's formulat [...]

    Andrea Luhman
    I give this short story four out of five stars for capturing my imagination and pinning it in a box where I couldn’t help but dwell on it’s ideas and hypotheses’. This was a short story and in all its briefness you get to be terrified, mystified, thought provoked, and completely unsettled. If you like subjecting yourself to the “what if”, worst-case scenario, this is how the world shall end kind of thing than you will EAT THIS UP. I know I did, and to be able to arrive at this state in [...]

    Sadie Forsythe
    I came across this in a list of 'positive portrayals of Islam in sci-fi" and having read very few such portrayals, I jumped on it. (It didn't hurt that the first 3 shorts were free at the time). I thought this was really beautifully written. I really felt the fear, loneliness, horror and hopelessness of Ansible 15715. Plus, despite only being 19 pages long it felt like a complete, satisfying story.

    I liked the concept! On to the next book in the series.

    Chilling story. Too short! I wanted to know more :)

    This was a free book. It took about 20 minutes to read so I guess it is really a short story.

    Luis Gallardo
    This story could be considered a spiritual successor to Lovecraft's "The Shadow Out of Time".In the future of the 23rd century, humanity, which by hints from the story seems to have shifted focus from a West to Middle East in terms of dominant civilizations, creates the Starmind Project to contact humans in other worlds. There are a couple of premises here requiring to be expanded upon. There are humans in other worlds but not in a "we colonized and then drifted apart" scenario, so this is the f [...]

    Ansible 15715 is the first in a planned series of short science fiction stories by Zombie Bible author Stant Litore. The basic premise is that in the not-so-distant future, scientists have figured out a way to project the consciousness of highly trained candidates – known as Ansibles – into human-like species on far off planets. It’s a way of making first contact without having to physically travel to these worlds. Ansible 15715 finds herself on a world where humans are kept like cattle, a [...]

    Had this little gem float through my twitter feed yesterday, and judging the book entirely by it’s cover I went and checked it out.It’s the first in a series of shorts, collectively known as The Ansible Stories by Stant Litore.It’s a quick 19 pages and sounded interesting, so I took a break from what I was reading to read this.The story starts with our protagonist, a young woman, being burnt at the stake for being a witch. She’s sending out psychic pleas for help in the hope that anyone [...]

    Susan Sample
    Dear Mr. Litore, I would like to apologize for the lack of a fifth star. Here's the deal: I've sort of seen these episodes of Stargate SG-1. The good news, given that, is that I'm 100% sure that the tortured narrator-- screaming in her own mind, hoping that someone in the crowd will get her message, preserve it, and ensure that it's passed to the people in the future--will succeed. It will work. Mankind will change its path; they will never send her to that planet, and the evil villains will nev [...]

    Teddi Deppner
    I've read several in this author's Zombie Bible series, so I knew I liked his writing. Now I'm convinced I'll enjoy any genre this guy writes, short or long.This shorter work sucked me in just as completely as his full-length novels. I found myself in the mind of a future traveler, and her confusion, panic and desperation were so tangible. As a reader, I enjoyed "becoming" this character, though I would not want to "become" her in reality, given her terrible situation. There are scenes painted s [...]

    Jason Kirk
    Stant Litore may be SF's premiere poet of loneliness. With the first stories in the Ansible series, he has pulled off an incredible feat, rendering individual tales that sing the ache of desolation in a register entirely their own while simultaneously building a central premise and an accompanying world that’s utterly original, gorgeously pained, and potentially inexhaustible. Before Ansible 15715, I can't remember ever having read a story and immediately started reading it again, but after de [...]

    The reviews that mention the Lovecraftian flare of this piece are spot-on. This is Weird Fiction without the Pulp aesthetic and it works very well. (I'm a fan of the aesthetic of Pulp era fictions, but love & appreciate when some of the `weirder' parts of its spirit works into more contemporary pieces.)It is a quick read, and the character's voice is consistent to the characterization. I did not experience any "fridge moments" and the only question I had at any point in the story had everyth [...]

    Jeffrey Ellis
    Full disclosure - I received a free copy for review. But I do not know the author personally and have not reviewed any of his works before.This short story is a meld of sci-fi with Lovecraftian horror. I found it to be quite fresh and original, in particular the notion of how travel across large distances could be done (I won't spoil with details here). The pacing was great, and Litore is obviously a master at hooking the reader in and keeping the suspense building. The ending was quite chilling [...]

    Good readI was just looking at books and I saw this one and got it. Let me tell you that even though it is a short one it will keep you glued to it until the end. I already bought the next one and if it's half as good as this one then it's well worth it. This book is very different type then I normally read but when you're done with it your mind just won't stop thinking about it.

    Is there anyone out there? Anyone that can hear me? You must run! They are coming!Ansible 15715 is trying to warn us, to keep us safe, but no one will listen, but is this nightmare really happening? Or is it just their imagination? You must read it to find out

    Allison Dickson
    Litore's elegant prose seeps into the soul, stoking our fears of dark labyrinths and the loss of self, of having our direst warnings passed off as madness in a cruel and ignorant world. A chilling and masterful tale.

    Welcome to my nightmareA dark and twisted little short story. This is about a person involved in a program to send their minds out to other worlds, a form of star travel. But something goes wrong. Horribly wrong.Results: very quick read, sad and strange.

    sabrina osborne
    ChillingAll too real according to my experience. Theyre fat and happy, and to this day unchallenged.It was a good read.

    Interesting short story. My first read from Stant Litore, I'll check out more of his writing, there is obviously more to this story.

    Larry Laswell
    Gave me the willies

    Frightening to the core.A story of a time traveler in a situation that's terrible beyond belief. Trapped with no way to return. Overall great read.

    A great short story if you don't mind an depressingly grim view of the future. An interesting premise with mind travel - dark and disturbing in a cool sort of way. Very haunting.

    J. Dorner
    It's a very different and interesting story. I like where it went. A very unusual psi twist. A good sci-fi short.

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