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  • Title: All the Way Home: Building a Family in a Falling-Down House
  • Author: David Giffels
  • ISBN: 9780061362866
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Finding the perfect house is never easy Rebuilding one from a crumbling pile to say nothing of making it into a home is even harder.With their infant son in tow, David Giffels and his wife comb the environs of Akron, Ohio, in search of just the right house for their burgeoning family Running through David s head the whole time are the lyrics of a Replacements song, Finding the perfect house is never easy Rebuilding one from a crumbling pile to say nothing of making it into a home is even harder.With their infant son in tow, David Giffels and his wife comb the environs of Akron, Ohio, in search of just the right house for their burgeoning family Running through David s head the whole time are the lyrics of a Replacements song, Look me in the eye, then tell me that I m satisfied, and it gives all the purpose to their quest But nothing seems right until they spot a beautiful, decaying Gilded Age mansion A former rubber industry executive s domain, the once grand residence lacks functional plumbing and electricity, leaks rain like a cartoon shack, and is infested with all manner of wildlife But for a young man at a coming of age crossroads suspended between a perpetual youth and an inevitable adulthood the challenge is exactly the allure.All the Way Home follows Giffels s funny, poignant, and confounding journey as he and his wife and a colorful collection of helpers turn a money pit into a house that will complete their family Nothing could prepare them for a home restoration epic that includes evicting squatters both four and two legged , battling an invading wisteria vine, hunting a ghost, and discovering thousands of dollars in hidden Depression era cash But the story s heart lies deeper, in an unexpected series of personal hardships that call into question what home really means, and what it means to grow up.Written with the humor and insight of Bill Bryson and John Grogan, All the Way Home is the engaging tale of a young father s struggle to restore a house and find his way without losing himself.
    David Giffels
    David Giffels is the author of The Hard Way on Purpose Scribner, 2014 , a collection of linked essays about the quirky, hardbitten cultural landscape of America s Rust Belt.An assistant professor of English at University of Akron, Giffels teaches creative nonfiction in the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts Program Giffels previous book, All the Way Home Building a Family in a Falling Down House William Morrow HarperCollins, 2008 , is a memoir of growing into young fatherhood while trying to reclaim a ramshackle mansion The book received widespread acclaim, from the New York Times, which described it as sweet and funny to the Los Angeles Times, which called it a truly wonderful book to Oprah s O at Home magazine, where it topped the Fantastic Summer Reads list.Giffels is coauthor of Are We Not Men We Are Devo SAF Publishing, 2003 , and Wheels of Fortune The Story of Rubber in Akron University of Akron Press, 1998 He was a longtime columnist for the Akron Beacon Journal and a contributing commentator and essayist on National Public Radio station WKSU.His essays appear in the anthology Rust Belt Chic RBC Publishing, 2012 The American Midwest An Interpretive Encyclopedia Indiana University Press, 2006 The Appalachians America s First and Last Frontier Random House, 2004 and West Point Market Cookbook University of Akron Press, 2008.He has written for the New York Times Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Grantland, Redbook and many other publications He also was a writer for the MTV series Beavis and Butt Head.Giffels recent awards include the Cleveland Arts Prize for literature, the Ohioana Book Award, the Associated Press Best News Writer in Ohio award, and the National Society of Newspaper Columnists award for general excellence.


    Chris Aylott
    I thought this might just be a repeat of Michael Ruhlman's House, but it might actually be even better. A few years back, David Giffels and his family bought a 1913 mansion in Akron that was days from being condemned and torn down, and being an inveterate fixer-upper, Giffels did his best to fix it all himself.(No, he hasn't seen The Money Pit.)The story is funny and touching, as such things should be, and Giffels can write. You can feel the collapsing grandeur of the house he bought, and it's e [...]

    Just enjoyable start to finish. As someone who lives in an older home (of the "semi-remarkable" variety, by the author's description), I have to admire anyone with the vision to take on a project of this magnitude. Given my own experience with home renovation and those of my friends, I expected a certain level of discomfort to accompany my reading, the kind born of familiarity with impending disaster--but no. Giffels manages to carry the reader along on a tide of optimism.

    I picked up this book because it is about a man with a young family restoring an old mansion in Akron, OH. Having lived in that area for 10 yearsI was curious. It is at times funny and sad. He gives a good mental pictures of the house and how completely awful it is. Big holes in the roof, animals, walls crumbling, no plumbing or electricity.He talks about his love for his wife and childhis role as a father to provide for them (the house) but also how he feels guilty about neglecting them, becaus [...]

    I am loving this book! Having grown up in akron, I figured I would like reading about my hometown but I never thought I would like it so much. David is a talented writer with great snarky comments. We see the world the same way. I always wondered if I could buy one of those dreamy houses and fix it up. Now I can simply live vicariously.

    I really loved Giffel's writing in this book. Very cute story. Probably helps that I was born & raised in Akron. Overall very enjoyable -- I especially loved his descriptions of the Goodyear Blimp. :)

    Jessica King
    There it is on page 54, "potential" in quotation marks. YASSSS!!!! That is how I've always described my love of old beat up houses to my friends who all like (nightmare) subdivisions and modern places (with too little detail). I fall in love with potential every time. I "ghost hunted" for years, not because I thought I'd find a ghost, but because it gave me access to countless old gems like the house he describes. I interned at Stan Hywet (a mile away from Giffels' house and mentioned in his boo [...]

    From reading other reviews of this book, I think it would be more enjoyable if you have rehabilitated an old house yourself. I just found myself wondering "What were they thnking?" a lot. Giffels is an excellent writer and it is a quick read.

    Hallie Bowie
    Loved this book! Took me back to the days of renovating our first two houses

    Quotable:My father had loaned me his almost-new Sawzall.My friend Chuck once asked me a barroom hypothetical: If you could only have one tool, what would it be? The question, coming from him, was entirely philosophical. Although he had grown up on a farm, Chuck had vehemently avoided any contact with hand tool and their functions. Before I answered, Chuck told me he’d posed this question to his father, a lifelong farmer who answered without hesitation: a set of vice grips. The jaws are widely [...]

    Artnoose McMoose
    I think this is the last in a series I've been reading about people doing what I want to do except with more money than I have. This has been my favorite, though.The author is a writer who decides with his wife to buy a huge manor in a tremendous state of disrepair in Akron, Ohio, former capital of rubber manufacturing. While it could have fallen into the narrative trapping of "young cosmopolitan couple buys old house," there's enough humanity in the story to make it compelling.I can identify wi [...]

    Paul Cockeram
    David Giffels' first book tells a story that had me wanting to leap from the chair and grab some tools: He buys a soon-to-be-condemned mansion in Akron, Ohio, and embarks on a decades-long journey of rehabilitation. Mostly, he does the work himself, and he does it in the most difficult manner possible every time. Giffels is stubborn and naive and misguided and tenacious, which places him squarely in the center of a certain masculine ideal: He's an everyman taking on the sort of project every ama [...]

    You've heard the old adage, "stranger than fiction". Well, this book about buying and remodeling an old house while at the same time, building a family is just this. I had lots of respect for columnist, David Giffels, before and have even more now, but the man is insane!Most people go to work and when they come home want to relax -- not Giffels. He is easily bored and looking for that next BIG home project. Gina Giffels says that most women say they have a hard time getting their husbands to do [...]

    our homes may not be historical but I feel like I have lived through some of thisd then wondered if Jeff shares any of David's thoughtsFinding the perfect house is never easy. Rebuilding one from a crumbling pile—to say nothing of making it into a home—is even harder. With their infant son in tow, David Giffels and his wife comb the environs of Akron, Ohio, in search of just the right house for their burgeoning family. Running through David's head the whole time are the lyrics of a Replaceme [...]

    This title was featured in the "Great Reads" blog from Columbus Metropolitan Library. I picked it up because of the recommendation and to read a firsthand account of home renovation. I've found that I enjoy journalistic nonfiction, and this looked like a good break from the F&SF stuff I generally read. I expected a little bit more human interaction from this book. It's subtitled "Building a Family in a Falling-Down House", but would more accurately read "There's This House I'm Fixing, and Oh [...]

    I love old houses. I love the idea of taking a rundown ramshackle of an awesome old house and restoring it. Peeling pack the layers and finding the story and treasures it has to tell and share. It is part of what appealed to me about photographing old buildings. So this story about a guy who loves to work on his house and goes in search of a new house for his growing family and settles on a totally unrealistic mansion estate is terrible neglect and disrepair is an awesome inspiring story. I read [...]

    I LOVED this book. It is one that I didn't want to put down. First of all, David Giffels is hilariously funny at telling his story. His humor & manner of storytelling reminded me ofA Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail byBill Bryson, which I also loved (thank-you Stephanie). Second, like me, David is a perfectionist - even if he has no idea how to go about doing something, he spends a lot of time thinking about the perfect way to tackle the project at hand. Thir [...]

    Ellen Keim
    Apparently I'm losing my mind, because says that I read this in February, 2009, and I don't remember reading it before. I am a terrible skimmer, though, and I do have a bad memory, but still. I can't imagine forgetting this book and I'll be surprised if I forget it again.I came to the book this time by way of reading The Hard Way on Purpose: Essays and Dispatches from the Rust Belt, which is a book of essays by the same author. I liked it so much I decided to try this one, especially because I [...]

    Linda bought a proof copy in paperback (not the hardback) off the Internet. Apparently it isn't considered very ethical to sell these review copies this way He tells a good story and he's a very engaging writer. I suspect his main problem is that mostly men don't read this sort of think. Most of the reviews I see here were by women but I'm pretty sure he thought he was writing this for other "guys" - well, for that small number of guys who read house renovation books (that have no pictures and h [...]

    This was a really great memoir! I mean, yeah, I generally have a weakness for memoirsbut this one is in my top favorites!Sure, the story wasn't that unusual or striking least, not when you skim through the back of the book. "Familyblah blahw houseblah blah.blah blah. a family." Sounds a little sentimental, right?Wrong.Yes, "All the Way Home" had it's cutesy moments, but they were all deserved. When little Evan watches his daddy (the author) build up walls and basically remodel an entire house, h [...]

    This is a delightful, engaging memoir. The subject is one to which I can absolutely relate. Though not nearly as hardcore a DIY-er as the author, I can absolutely understand the impulse; it's rare for me not to have at least two or three "projects" running simultaneously, many of them home improvement-related. When my husband and I were house hunting last year, I ran across a couple "fixer-uppers" and was sorely tempted; we didn't end up going that route (probably for the best, honestly), but I [...]

    Wow. I had to reread this book and sink my teeth into it more than once. Giffel really hooked me and I just happened across this book. It is the story of one man becoming a father and growing a family as he restores the decrepit, old mansion that he and his wife bought as young thirtysomethings just starting out in life. I love the whole concept of restoring a house and making something old new and beautiful again. Giffel has made me want my own old house to work and slave against and turn into [...]

    I have checked this book out from the library 3 times before I actually got around to reading it, but I am really glad I did. The author actually gave me great insight into my husband's handy man mind! I now have a better picture for the driving need to get "stuff" done. It's not just about escaping the kids or the world, it's about providing for and proving to the family that he can take care off us.If you have seen The Money Pit, then you will have a sense of what this book is about. David and [...]

    The short review is, I don't know or care enough about houses to appreciate this book. I don't know wainscoting from a waistcoat. My dream house is a two-story condo near a downtown art district, whose lawn I won't have to mow.Ultimately, I found this book focused a little too much on the house, and not enough on the human drama, which I thought was vastly more interesting. Yet, by the end, I was disappointed to learn that (spoiler!) the house isn't done at the time of writing, and likely won't [...]

    What a great read. I started it Sunday evening and ending up reading it straight through till 2am. Work might be tough today. I, like so many others, at one time had a fantasy of rescuing a diamond in the rough (though never to the scale of this house!) and mainly through my own force of will bringing it back to something that is livable and even beautiful. I think it's worked out for the best that I live in a small, mostly trouble-free house and just read someone else's memoir of tackling such [...]

    Totally jealous the author was able to buy a run down mansion for $65K. Ok, it was condemned, and it was more than a decade ago, and it was in Akron, OH, and it was a hell of a lot of work, but still: $65K! But then again, rehabbing a house at that level is not for the faint of heart. It's amazing how much work he put into it. In the end, though, I found the book lacking - he attempted to frame the home repair within the story of his family, but I'm not sure he truly told either story completely [...]

    Another read that needed a mint for the bad aftertaste.Readable story of a man who becomes manically obsessed with refurbishing a ruined wreck of a house in Akron, Oh. By the time the book ends we're treated to two miscarriages, the author screaming at his 2 year old, his adulterous, lustful thoughts and many construction mishaps and a ghost story (which was quite silly and gives one the impression that all "psychics" are shysters). I know this guy wants me to like him, I'm supposed to like him, [...]

    David Giffels and his wife Gina are touring a crumbling (literally) Tudor-style brick house in their hometown of Akron, Ohio. The house, a former showplace, has been steadily decaying since the death of the current owner’s husband, perhaps thirty years ago. Critters inhabit the attic; the roof is open to the sun (and rain) in gaping fashion. But the lure of six (six!!!) fireplaces, and a billiards room (a billiards room!!!) in the basement are strong, and David is a man who can. Indeed, he is [...]

    I don't think there is a home owner who doesn't at times feel a slave to their home. As someone who regularly has contractors stomping through her "dirty fixer" I could relate with this guy. Actually, he makes you feel a little better about yourself because he's working on a house that was within a whisper of being condemned. His sentimentality sometimes made me roll my eyes but in general I really enjoyed his voice. I loved that his wife has a few chapters in here explaining how she was feeling [...]

    I loved this book- I'm obsessed with DIY and fixing up old homes although my own was built in 1955 and I don't have any huge fix it issues. The bigger story is that this book was more about David becoming a Dad and being the best husband he could. He succeeds in both endeavors!One thing that made me laugh out loud was how he got to the house earlier than the tradesmen who always changed the radio to classic rock and listened to NPR as he worked-"On a job site, the radio is public property. I hat [...]

    Jen Hirt
    I picked this up at the Ohioana Book Festival, where I was in fact sharing a table with David Giffels. His voice is like David Sedaris meets This Old House meets northeast Ohio midwest work ethic gone mad; I'm happy to have read this and met him. The story of his mega-remodeling project on an Akron, Ohio mansion is full of all the usual tales of mishaps, raccoon-in-attic shenanigans, and divorce-threatenings as the projects careens from room to disastrous room. But, hands down, the best part is [...]

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