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  • Title: Malevil
  • Author: Robert Merle Derek Coltman
  • ISBN: 9780671216009
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover

  • If you are a fan of the post apocolypse genre, then you will appreciate this gem of a book It is difficult to find, but it is well worth perservering with a search The title of the book refers to an old castle in rural France, and which is owned by our hero, the narrator of the story By a happy coincidence of ancient stone and being sheltered by a cliff, a small communiIf you are a fan of the post apocolypse genre, then you will appreciate this gem of a book It is difficult to find, but it is well worth perservering with a search The title of the book refers to an old castle in rural France, and which is owned by our hero, the narrator of the story By a happy coincidence of ancient stone and being sheltered by a cliff, a small community survives the aftermath of a clean bomb by sheltering within its walls At first the community is obsessed with the everyday challenges of life what to eat, drink, will there be fallout But as the novel progresses, and we learn of other survivors, it begins to look at the very nature of human behaviour when stripped of the facade of civilization.
    Robert Merle Derek Coltman
    Born in Tebessa located in ,what was then, the French colony of Algeria Robert Merle and his family moved to France in 1918 Merle wrote in many styles and won the Prix Goncourt for his novel Week end Zuydcoote He has also written a 13 book series of historical novels, Fortune de France Recreating 16th and 17th century France through the eyes of a fictitious Protestant doctor turned spy, he went so far as to write it in the period s French making it virtually untranslatable.His novels Un animal dou de la raison A Sentient Animal, 1967 , a stark Cold War satire inspired by John Lilly s studies of dolphins and the Caribbean Crisis, and Malevil 1972 , a post apocalyptic story, were both translated into English and filmed, the former as Day of the Dolphin The film The Day of the Dolphin bore very little resemblance to Merle s story.He died of a heart attack at his home La Malmaison in Grosrouvre near Paris.


    What a mess.I really need to do better research on what novel I will read next aloud to my wife, especially when said work is on the wrong side of 500+ pages. Ostensibly, this stinker looked to have all of the right pieces of a ripping yarn - even if it might be dated (early '70s) and containing an overdone topic (survivors of nuclear holocaust), the high ratings here on GR and the "23 WEEKS ON INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER'S LIST!!" prominently displayed on its cover pushed it over the edge. God, w [...]

    Malevil by Robert MerleWritten 1972 and translated from the original French in 1973.Although written in the early 70's, there is nothing dated about this tale of survival under the worst conditions possible visited on the planet. Most are familiar with this sort of novel. Odd pockets of civilization survive the ultimate destruction. A battle that gives no warning, no vibes at all. There were no preparations to make, because Who Knew?, which is probably the most"democratic" way to begin. With peo [...]

    Mairita (Marii grāmatplaukts)
    Negaidīti aizraujošs un simpātiski cilvēcīgs romāns par dzīvi pēc apokalipses. Es vēl kādu laiku sērošu pēc Malvilas pils.Sajūsmas pilnā garā atsauksme gramatas.wordpress/2016/0

    S. Hm
    خواندن کتاب های خوب، یافتن کتاب های خوب دیگر را آسان میکند. کتاب، ترجمه محمد قاضی است و خاطرات یک مترجم مشوق خواندن این کتاب بود. شخصیت های داستان از معدود بازماندگان یک انفجار اتمی اند که در پناه سرداب قلعه ای قدیمی در جوار کوهی از مرگ نجات یافته اند.نجات یافتگان تعدادی دوست ق [...]

    Vít Kotačka
    Znáte ten pocit, kdy si z dětství dobře pamatujete nějaké místo a pak se tam vrátíte po 25-30 letech? Chvilku vám trvá, než si srovnáte perspektivu. To co se kdysi zdálo obrovské, nebo strašně dlouhé, má najednou banální a "normální" rozměry.Mě už se to párkrát za život stalo a tak ten mechanismus přizpůsobení je trochu povědomý - ve skutečnosti se neadaptují oči ale mozek. Naposledy se mi to stalo při čtení Malevilu, který jsem si po čtvrt století znov [...]

    My personal experience is that novels translated into English often have an odd feeling to them. A sense that I'm missing something. An intangible if you like. I've always believed that being able to read the novel in it's original language (French in this case) would aide in a greater understanding of the subtleties and nuances of the story. But I was a lousy foreign language student in school and barely eked out a C- in German. I never went near French. So I have to be content with reading the [...]

    Nebija tā, ka šo grāmatu nebūtu lasījis, man viņa vienmēr ir asociējusies ar ārā krītošām lapām un svaigēdājiem. Šogad nesteidzos un dāvinātās grāmatas nelasīju jau pirmajā mēnesī, bet taupos uz gada beigām.Emanuels Konts cēlies no zemnieku ģimenes, bet pateicoties sava tēvoča apsviedībai un paša personīgajām īpašībām ir kļuvis par Malvilas pils īpašnieku un iemantojis Larokas pilsētiņas iedzīvotāju simpātijas. Ar viņa spriedumiem cilvēki rēķinā [...]

    Vit Babenco
    “Darkness begins on that day when History came to an end simultaneously with its object. The civilization whose progress it was there to record had ceased to exist.”If the global cataclysm were to strike humankind and only few human beings could survive would they be capable to build the civilization anew?What is the base of civilization? And what are the body, heart and soul of society?“‘Let’s say, if you like, that in my opinion any civilization needs a soul.’‘And that soul is re [...]

    This would have been a good enough book if 1) It wasn't so extremely long, and (more importantly)2) The narrator wasn't so disgustingly male-chauvinistI really liked the beginning, the disaster, the starting of a new mini-society, but then the repetitiveness of how women are either whores, old crones or children and how they must be shared equally really got on my nerves. This is a very MANLY book. Women are only around to wash clothes, cook, clean - and provide sexual services. The one woman wi [...]

    I had heard a lot of things about this book prior to reading it. It is considered one of the better 'post apocalyptic' novels out there (by many fans of the sub-genre).For me, this book was ok. I couldn't suspend my disbelief towards the author's treatment of events that took place in the aftermath of a major nuclear war. Once the bomb strikes, the characters switch to a medieval lifestyle just like that. Most of the things survive the nuclear war (At least the things that the author deemed esse [...]

    Barbora Romanovská
    Také jsem se kdysi pokoušela o četbu Smrt je mým řemeslem, ale začátek byl poněkud zdlouhavý, tak jsem asi sáhla po jiné knize. Ale zpátky k Malevilu. Smrti a řemeslu dám ještě šanci, protože Malevil mě dost chytl. Ze začátku jsem moc nevěděla, co se od toho dá čekal, ale takové dobrodružství jsem si teda nepředstavovala. Tíživá atmosféra se postupně rozplývala, abychom pozorovali zrod nového člověka, který za pomoci pozůstatků technologie přežívá ve [...]

    After a two hundred page marathon to finish this, I couldn't be more happy. It was worth it! I was so close to not reading this book! What a loss that would've been! Now, that's a good post-apocalyptic study right here and I have to think a while before I can review it. I hope I'll do it. I might be too lazy.

    Somayeh Pourtalari
    "اين با ما نيست كه بگوييم زنده خواهيم ماند يا خواهيم مرد . آدم براي اين زنده است كه به زندگي ادامه دهد . زندگي مثل كار مي ماند ، پس بهتر اينكه آن را به انجام رساند نه اينكه هر جا مشكل شد نيمه كاره ولش كرد ."١٢ مهر ٩٣

    Nové audioknižní zpracování slavného románu Roberta Merleho z roku 1972 stojí na pomezí vícehlasé četby a dramatizace, shrnující téměř pětisetstránkovou knihu do deseti hodin poutavého poslechu. Na Malevilu se podílelo 34 herců – 34 hlasů, které se postarají o to, že na tento výlet do Francie hned tak nezapomenete.Vypravěčem příběhu je Emanuel Comte, jehož zápisky připomínající deník (jsou psané ich-formou) se v úvodní části knihy obracejí do dětst [...]

    Bronislava Sencakova
    Zhyň, ničemo katolická! - citát, na ktorý veru dlho nezabudnem :)Atmosféra južného Francúzska (ktoré sa mi v mysli spája s Angelikou, ako som "s hrôzou" zistila), stredoveký hrad, katastrofa v apríli 1977, návrat do podmienok stredoveku a boj o prežitie. Komunizmus, náboženstvo, sedliaci, víno a ženy. Denníková ich-forma sa mi zdala občas na škodu. Atmosféra ma dostala a neprekážal mi ani miestami rozvláčny štýl.

    I love this book, and have read it at least three times. It really makes you think about what life would be like if you were one of the few to survive the apocalypse. It was written in the 1970s and is sexist, but the storyline is very interesting! Unfortunately this book is now out of print (and I'm not giving up my copy!).

    Mostafa Moghassemi
    بی‌نظیر بود این رمان به خوبی شکل گیری یک نظام اجتماعی و خطراتی که تهدیدش میکنه رو نشون میده دیکتاتوری، سوء استفاده‌ی مذهبی، جنگ و

    great, the best novel i've ever read

    آبتین گلکار
    شاهکار عالم بشریت

    Amber Scaife
    A small group tries to rebuild their lives in 1977-post-nuclear-apocalyptic France.This one surprised me with how good it is. Engaging and suspenseful in all the right ways and with fantastic characters.

    Klasika postapo literatury. I když jsem k ní přistupoval s despektem, protože jsem si ji podvědomě řadil někde mezi Malé prince a Veroniky, které chtěli víte co, tak nakonec byla kniha příjemným překvapením.Možná proto, že celá ta záležitost s atomovou válkou byla jen záminka jak lépe a přesvědčivěji zmapovat dynamiku vztahů v malém izolovaném kolektivu. Kniha by se klidně mohla odehrávat na nějakém odlehlém ostrově a hrdinové by mohli být trosečníci z [...]

    Jo, jen 3 hvězdičky!Mám totiž takovou kacířskou myšlenku: všichni, kdo mi Malevil doporučují, že to je nejlepší PA sci-fi, tak to říkaj jen proto, že je to stará kniha kritiky oceňovaná :P :)))Jo, nepřišlo mi to jako žádná bomba. Možná proto, že nejsem čtenář scifi, ale za poslední 2 roky jsem přečetla hodně PA knih, od jednoduchých po "jiné", tak mi tohle nepřišlo nikterak třeskutě originální.Jo, není to vůbec špatně napsané, hlavní postavy nejsou [...]

    Robert French
    While considering possible apocalyptic novels to read, I remembered reading a novel in the late 70s that I enjoyed. All I could remember was a castle, a nuclear holocaust and the setting in France. A quick Google search using France, apocalyptic and castle and I found my book – Malevil. Next I began searching for a book that is considered very difficult to find. It was not available in the local new and used bookstores or available in the local library. In fact, there was only one copy in ALL [...]

    Dennis Royer
    Post-apocalyptic novels are really studies in human nature and provoke introspection. When society crumbles and man is reduced to nothing, does his nature change? Does he continue to hold on to values of decency, or is it necessary to revert to a bestial state in order to survive? This is the essence of what fascinates readers about PA novels. Malevil makes us ponder these things. The cast of characters are everyday people, easy to relate with. The setting, an old castle in the French countrysid [...]

    Brian Melendez
    This book was surprisingly good. The title put me off, since I inferred that it attributed the collapse of civilization to some silly supernatural struggle, like Swan Song by Robert McCammon, which I bought and barely began reading before I dropped it in disappointment. (Not that all supernaturally inspired apocalypses are bad stories: I really liked The Stand by Stephen King.) In fact, Malevil is simply the name of the little French community where the story occurs. It is a pretty good story ab [...]

    Il faut croire que Robert Merle est mon auteur préféré, tant j'ai aimé ce livre. Il reprend la même structure que l'île avec cette fois ci à la place d'une mutinerie, un cataclysme nucléaire qui pousse un groupe de personnes à vivre en autarcie et à renouer avec la nature. Ce retour à l'homme primitif ou plutôt à l'homme médiéval nous est narré à travers les notes d'Emmanuel Comte, le propriétaire du château de Malevil. Et chose peu ordinaire dans les romans ces notes sont aug [...]

    Pardis Parto
    امانوئل يكي از زمين داران بزرگ روستايي در كشور فرانسه است . روزي او به همراه تعدادي از دوستان و خدمتكاران خود در سرداب در حال شراب گيري است كه ناگهان صداي انفجار شديدي بلند شده و گرماي بسيار زيادي آنها را احاطه مي كند . بعد از عادي شدن اوضاع ، آنها از سرداب خارج مي شوند و متوجه مي [...]

    A classic I had heard about long ago I finally got to read and was not disappointed. An end-of-the-world story set in the 1970's that reads as well today as it did then, I'm sure. Emmanuel owns a castle where he is entertaining friends when the world is thrust into a nuclear war and the castle's' walls are their saving grace. The positions that the survivors assume in order to establish a degree of civility is poignant and realistic. The eventual discovery of a few other s leads to the heart of [...]

    Jozef Melichár
    Zaujimavá postapokalyptická kniha kde Merle pekne rozohráva svoje psychologické hry. Úzkou sociálnou skupinou, ktorá sa ocitne izolovaná aj pomerne nesympatickou hlavnou postavou kniha pripomína Merleho knihu Ostrov. Možno je moja smola, že som Ostrov čítal prvý, alebo to súvisí s vekom (v 18tich by ma to pravdepodobne hlboko zasiahlo), ale kniha napriek čitateľnosti na mne nezanechala až taký výrazný dojem ako som očakával. Napriek tomu boli niektoré časti výborné a [...]

    It's a brilliant book. I don't understand how Merle accomplished writing about the end of human race with such humor.

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