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  • Title: I Don't Want to Go to Kindergarten...I'll Miss You Toooo Much!
  • Author: Maureen King Tracey Taylor Arvidson
  • ISBN: 9780991114306
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Are your children transitioning to a new school, grade level, team, home, etc Do they know how to positively deal with any form of stress Empower kids of ALL AGES and help them develop emotional intelligence EQ EI with a simple, life changing skill Don t let the title fool you Powering Up helps us deal with any challenging situation including being bullied, startiAre your children transitioning to a new school, grade level, team, home, etc Do they know how to positively deal with any form of stress Empower kids of ALL AGES and help them develop emotional intelligence EQ EI with a simple, life changing skill Don t let the title fool you Powering Up helps us deal with any challenging situation including being bullied, starting kindergarten OR college, and The jaw dropping activity in the book provides proof that our body instantly changes based on our thoughts Being a kid can be tough Unaddressed fear, frustration, and other emotions can manifest as aggression, self injury, failing grades, depression, etc Why wait for a child to withdraw or act out before empowering him or her Bibliotherapy is an engaging way to develop positive mental health through literature Summary of the story included in the book Tina doesn t want to go to kindergarten because she will miss Mommy too much Bobby offers to teach her a real super power that will help her feel happy and strong.This delightful book is used in PreK 8th grade classrooms to teach a simple tool to respond positively to ANY situation Following the story, the Notes for the Reader section focuses on the super power and how to reinforce it on a regular basis Activities are included along with access to Free online videos and Writing Activity downloads King, an author, teacher, and school counselor, wants to teach everyone powerful skills that she shares regularly with elementary and middle school students and their families These tools may seem simple, but they literally change the chemicals in your brain and cause you to Power Up This full color, 8 x10 hardcover book combines large print with a light blue background to reduce eye strain and make the reading process enjoyable Autographed copies are available for preview and purchase at ABCaBetterMe
    Maureen King Tracey Taylor Arvidson
    I m a school counselor practice techniques for positive mental, physical, and spiritual growth I strive to spread peace in all that I do I m passionate about sharing strategies to empower families while developing emotional intelligence EI or EQ and resiliency in children and adults With that as my goal, I work to bring Mrs King s Toolbox Series to kids of ALL ages at home and school The youngest of five children, I grew up in Southern California and love being around kids I am the proud mother of two sons and grandmother of a two wonderful children I have been enjoying life with my husband for over 37 years I earned a BA in Social Relations from the University of California, Riverside while focusing on early childhood education A few years later, I received both Multiple Subject and Single Subject teaching credentials on my way to a Masters Degree in Education Although I loved teaching, I wanted to be able to spend time with the most at risk students so went back to school for my School Counseling PPS Credential.While counseling students in grades K 12, I looked for a way to effectively help families while addressing Emotional Intelligence also known as EI or EQ Increasing EQ makes children resilient when faced with bullying or any other stressors I saw the need to introduce empowering, positive, mental health strategies Super Powers at an early age Parents needed to learn how to use, and reinforce, those strategies tools in order for them to become life changing habits Writing a hybrid children s, parenting, and self help book was the answer Mrs King s Toolbox Series was launched in March of 2014 with the debut of my first book, I Don t Want to Go to Kindergarten I ll Miss You Toooo Much Although the specific challenge in this book involves starting school, the skill taught will empower your child and you through ANY difficult situation encountered in life I absolutely love sharing my book with children, parents, and educators I follow my passion for helping others by working as a school counselor, making author visits, and sharing free information on my website abcabetterme.It is always an honor to hear from those who have benefited from my book or other resources Follow me on Facebook at facebook MaureenKingAThank you, Maureen


    Nancy Reinhiller
    Maureen King does a wonderful job depicting the fears of young children as they enter their first big stage in life; starting school. Not only are these fears acknowledged, but they are also dealt with by showing children the coping skills of making friends and "powering up".I had the wonderful opportunity of observing children as the author read the book to them. They were very engaged in the story line and receptive to the subject matter. I would highly recommend this book for young children, [...]

    I read Maureen King's I Don't Want to Go to KindergartenI'll Miss You Toooo Much! with my daughter. She really enjoyed it. The timing was appropriate because she is attending preschool this fall. I am sure my daughter is experiencing the same emotions as the little girl in the book. Her favorite part is when they learn how to change their emotions. She always wants to try to push down my arm, but she can't because I'm thinking happy thoughts. The book is also well illustrated. A great find!

    Bobbi Nelson
    This book is perfect for all children and especially kindergarteners. I will read it to my students the first week of school and am getting a copy for my partner teacher as well as a copy for each of the district's 6 school libraries. It has a great message and shows children and all that they do have control and can be in charge of their feelings. So happy you wrote this book. Can't wait for the rest.

    Suzanne Priebe
    This is a must read for entering kindergarden parents to share with their children and for pre-K teachers as well. The story is one that children will readily relate to, with the bonus of a strategy to help with any anxiety the child may be feeling about going to school. The strategy can be applied when the child grows older to sleep overs and going away trips. I look forward to more from "Mrs. King's toolbox." The beautiful illustrations will engage both parents and children.

    Eileen Boyd
    Great "first day of school book" for any primary classroom.

    Robin Morgan
    I read this book via a KINDLE Unlimited download.As a book reviewer after reading/reviewing quite a few books individual books and anthologies of various degrees of heat in my favorite genre that of romance, my inner child desired to read something geared for it. So when I came across the title of this book, “I Don’t Want to Go to Kindergarten,” my mind quickly recalled how frighten I’d been my first day of going there. As a child leaving one of the best friends you had at that age, your [...]

    Hilda Rodriguez
    I Don't Want to Go to KindergartenI'll Miss You Tooo Much! is a must read. I bought this book for my niece and she adores this book. My sister also uses the book in her Pre-K class to encourage those students who are apprehensive about entering kindergarten. This book can be used for all ages really. We experience new beginnings/changes in our lives that cause anxiety. The author captures those fears and empowers children to overcome those fears with their "super powers".

    Krista Malone
    I ordered this book for my daughter when she entered kindergarten as she was feeling really anxious. Loved that purchasing it directly from the author meant that I was able to get a signed copy, so I had it signed to both my son and daughter.The book is a great tool for helping kids understand the importance of the power of positive thinking and it gives them (and the adults around them) a common language regarding channeling that positive thinking to "power up." As a school counselor, I have sh [...]

    Susanne Villagracia
    I am a Kindergarten Teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. I ordered 3 books, one for me and 2 for my co-workers, and I cannot wait until the school year starts, to give it to them. Very cute. I also have a niece that is going to enter Kindergarten this year, and I will be giving her one as well.

    Loved it! Should be "required reading" to all kinder kidsI read the story to my granddaughtere immediately went to each person visiting and performed the strength test with themen she explained why she was able to move their arms and they needed to have happier thoughtsGreat way to introduce elementary kids to a different way of dealing with feelings and stressful situations.

    Angela Mase
    I LOVED this book! Have ready it to my grand children and they love reading it over and over. It's a great book for kids going into Kindergarten and any age really as lots of things can be scary to them, and it shows how wonderful and exciting new things can be.

    Shelley Woodson
    A great book for children of all ages. I bought 2 copies of this book one to read to my own children and one as a gift for my oldest ones Kindergarten Teacher

    Betty Fuller
    Such a great book!! Great message and sweet pictures. I bought for my grandkids and an extra for me!!

    Gentle way to share with children an experience everyone goes through. The art work is fantastic.

    this is such a great book. my soon to be kindergartner loved it. he said he felt better about going now, because now he has a super power.

    Thank you so much for this pleasant read. It will forever be on the Green Family shelf.

    This is a wonderful book. Kids of all ages will love it. I highly recommend this book.

    Tracey Arvidson
    Maureen has hit the nail on the head! This book is full of good and positive insight. A must read!

    Sarah Beardshear
    Such a wonderful book! I bought it for my son who is starting kindergarten. The book has such a great message, it really could be enjoyed by any young child.

    Such a sweet and touching book! We enjoyed it thoroughly and recommend for all parents!

    Marilyn Katz
    I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book from . Not only is this a wonderful book for the preschool child transitioning to kindergarten, but it is extremely helpful to parents and teachers. The length of the book will hold little ones' attention and give parents some tips on easing their child's separation anxiety . I wish this book was around when my son went to kindergarten.

    I have used this book with children in my therapy practice. Several of them responded well to it and felt encouraged by the idea of gaining a super power to support their scary transition into school. I think it would be best used before the school year starts and could be used for preschoolers, too.

    Wendy Phung
    I won this book through the Giveaways. Maureen King is amazing at what she does. I wish she was my teacher when I was in school. The lesson she taught in this book was very memorable and it was easy to understand and incorporate into your every day life. The power demonstrated in this book is extremely useful in almost every situation in life. I love how this is part of a series which different super powers to handle difficult situations. Her books will hell parents deal with any situations wit [...]

    Useful, but could have been more so.It tells us about a "super power" and explains why it's a "super power," but doesn't explain how to actually do it beyond just telling you to do it and saying it's easy to do.Also, my son and I both felt a little disappointed that the story didn't continue a little further than it did. Though I do understand why it ended where it did.

    Such a sweet and simple early introduction to skills our kids need and can actually learn to face fears and get through the new and the scary. They look at us wide eyed, begging for help and we say “Don’t worry”, “You’ll be fine”, “Be brave”. This book shows little ones how to find and hang onto their own power and calm when life overwhelms. Kids love this book! So do I!

    This is wonderfully illustrated throughout which makes the read even more appealing. The author has put a lot of effort into making this an engaging read, and youngsters will enjoy, whilst also giving them the confidence to go to kindergarten or pre-school, showing them that it is fun and beneficial.This is certainly one story I will pass on to my nephews and friends who have younger kids.

    Susan Rodriguez
    This was a good book and I am excited to pass this on to my step daughter for her children!

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