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  • Title: Journey Through The Night
  • Author: Anne de Vries
  • ISBN: 9780888157515
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  • Reis door de nacht is het meeslepende verhaal over de familie De Boer, die vanaf het uitbreken van de Tweede Wereldoorlog betrokken is bij het verzet Jan, de oudste zoon, wordt door de Duitsgezinde overbuurman verraden, waarna het gezin naar een andere plaats vlucht en onderduikt Jan keert terug in het verzet en ook zijn vader toont zich een moedig man, maar het lukt hemReis door de nacht is het meeslepende verhaal over de familie De Boer, die vanaf het uitbreken van de Tweede Wereldoorlog betrokken is bij het verzet Jan, de oudste zoon, wordt door de Duitsgezinde overbuurman verraden, waarna het gezin naar een andere plaats vlucht en onderduikt Jan keert terug in het verzet en ook zijn vader toont zich een moedig man, maar het lukt hem niet om uit de handen van de vijand te blijven In deze omnibus zijn gebundeld de delen Ochtend gloren, De Duisternis in, De Storm steekt op en De Nieuwe dag
    Anne de Vries
    Anne de Vries Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Journey Through The Night book, this is one of the most wanted Anne de Vries author readers around the world.


    Ahem. The Dutch writer Anne de Vries is a male. (Rainer Maria Rilke comes to mind as another writer with a conventionally female name.)Judging by the cover, this looks self-published; my expectations were minimal. I was pleasantly surprised by the writing, and found the story of Everett De Boer's family's work with the Dutch Resistance compelling. Journey Through the Night is four volumes (written in Dutch 1951-1958, translated in 1960) published as one. The De Boer family is likeable. The archi [...]

    Journey Through the Night is about a Dutch family during WWII who tries to stay out of the war but starts doing resistance work and is split up towards the end of the war. The main character is a teenager named John who has three brothers, two sisters, and an uncle. One of the most exciting parts is when John's resistance group raids a distribution center. I liked this book because there was a lot of suspense and action.-by Wesley, age 10

    Marjet Manenschijn
    Heb het boek voor het eerst gelezen toen ik een jaar of 12/13 was. Het was een boek van mijn vader. Was er destijds erg van onder de indruk ondanks het ouderwetse taalgebruik. Sindsdien heb ik het boek ingepikt en meegenomen toen ik uit huis ging. Nu jaren en jaren later is het nog steeds een goed boek om te lezen. Geeft direct inzicht in de manier van leven en taalgebruik in de jaren 1940/1950.

    Summary:The De Boer family has just moved to their country home when the news arrives that Germany has invaded the Netherlands. The nation is thrown into turmoil and the De Boers with it. The family must decide how deeply they should involve themselves in resistance work. It won't be long before their little country town is crawling with Nazis. Pro's:This was quite the fascinating book! Once I picked it up, it was hard to put down. The author put me into that time period and really made me think [...]

    Annie Kate
    When I started to read Journey Through the Night to my teen daughters, they expected to be bored. However, by the third paragraph one of them jumped up. “What! John does judo?” The other one was interested by the next page. As the story moved on, they begged for chapter after chapter. Once, when I could not read aloud any longer, I stayed behind in the lawn chair and, forgetting all my duties, finished the entire book even though I had read it many times before! When I talk to others who hav [...]

    Wow. I read these books because they were recommended to me by my grandmother, and there has always been something striking about WWII fiction.The first book was rather slow, and some of the dialogue and character action didn't feel believable (and Fritz is one of the most annoying characters ever). But I got hooked on the second book and raced to finish the rest. An absolutely fascinating glimpse into WWII Netherlands--I just want to learn more. Most of the WWII fiction I've read has been about [...]

    Karen deVries
    I read this book when I was in junior high in the 1980's. Actually, it was four different books that have been compiled into one. I read it in English at the school with mostly Dutch immigrants where I attended from K-12. I loved it then for the insights it gave into the Dutch resistance during WWII and the Dutch experience of living through WWII. My father's family had lived through it and immigrated to the US shortly after the war ended. I also love the metaphor of life being a journey, and th [...]

    This is THE most boring book I have read in 2013. I am surprised to see so many good ratings. I like reading books that concern world war II and this is why I chose to read this one. Unfortunately, it was quite disappointing.The characters were non-realistic and too good to be true. They almost annoyed me at some parts of the story. They also had too much luck. I understand that this is a young adult book but still I expected to read something close to reality. Moreover the writing style was too [...]

    Mazzou B
    I am so glad I chose this book to read during my recent days of illness. It was amazing, and from the first few chapters I knew it would become one of my very favourite historical fiction books. It captures the danger, excitement and struggles of the Dutch people during World War 2. One of those books which the reader finds hard to put down. I do believe that if my family had chosen to watch a movie during the days that I was reading it, I would have been loathe to leave this exciting story. I d [...]

    Somehow I never picked up this classic Dutch book in translation until this year. Once you account for the fact it was first written in the 1960's when the moral virtue of characters was highlighted and that its language is dated and affected by translation, it is possible to appreciate the struggle of characters living at a time of crisis. Despite the risks to themselves and their families, would they take part in resisting the occupation by a foreign regime? My people lived through World War I [...]

    Frances Driessen
    Bevat: De duisternis in - De storm steekt op - Ochtendgloren - De nieuwe dagVier boeken in een band die je gelezen moet hebben. Het is het verhaal van de familie De Boer die heel kort voor het uitbreken van de Tweede Wereldoorlog verhuist van de provincie Utrecht naar Drenthe. Dan breekt de oorlog uit en komen alle familieleden in mindere of meerdere mate in aanraking met het verzet. Overleven ze de oorlog?

    When the World War II begins, Jan de Boer, his parents and sister tries to get the other children out of burning Rotterdam. With luck they succeed. In their new home in Drente most members of Jan's family, inclusive Jan himself, become members of the resistance against the Nazi's. The risks they take will put the whole family in danger but that's price they want to pay for a free Holland. A very good book. One of my favourites.

    Lara Lleverino
    I read this book back in the early 80's when I was about 11 or 12. I am now 41 and reunited with some friends I knew back then. Separately we have both been looking for the series again remembering how much we loved it! Time for at LEAST a digital edition if not a reprint! It would be a great book for Beautiful Feet Books bfbbooks to pick up!

    Journey Through the Night by Anne De Vries is a great book and taught me tons about a horrible time for all of the Netherlands and the world. The book follows the De Boers from just before the war to the end. With a daring father, the family is up to their necks with the Underground. They help the Jews and others persecuted by the Nazis, until they find themselves in the same situation.

    Valerie Basham
    This is an amazing story about the Netherlands' fight for freedom during WWII. It makes you proud to be an American and casts the spotlight on the heroic Dutch resistance fighters. The description on is in Dutch, but the book has been translated into English. You may have to buy it or get it through inter-library loan, but it's worth it. You will love it!

    Read it in Dutch. One of the best books about the resistance during occupation by the Germans. It is a romanticized story, but it gives you the feel of fear and thrill. It shows the difficulties. It has romance and action.

    Hands down some of the best books I read as a child about World War II and the Dutch Resistance movement. I read these books multiple times; I can hardly wait until my littles are old enough to read them as well.

    A friend recommended, because it was based partly on her grandfather's work in the Dutch Resistance. I am Dutch, but have never taken any pride in my heritage. This book moved me deeply. I have been trying to obtain a copy for myself. I am looking forward to reading it again!

    I absolutely loved this book when I read it in grade school.

    One of my favourite childhood books of all time!!! Set during the Second World War in The Netherlands. Reread this series every single holiday. Just love it so so so much!

    Kathy Benitez
    Loved this series as a child and can't wait for my daughters to enjoy them as we'll!

    Mya Veenendaal
    journey through the night was amazing !!!

    Heerlijk om dit boek weer eens te lezen. Erg goed jeugdboek, heel spannend en vaak ontroerend.

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Journey Through The Night : by Anne de Vries á
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