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  • Title: Here's Johnny!: My Memories of Johnny Carson, the Tonight Show, and 46 Years of Friendship
  • Author: Ed McMahon
  • ISBN: 9781401602369
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Here s Johnny is like sitting with Ed and Johnny over lunch The last time I saw Johnny, about a year before he died, we had chicken, a couple of glasses of red wine, and then we just sat there and reminisced, going back and forth the way we did on the show We talked about our kids, and our careers and the state of America, just two lucky guys who loved each other and t Here s Johnny is like sitting with Ed and Johnny over lunch The last time I saw Johnny, about a year before he died, we had chicken, a couple of glasses of red wine, and then we just sat there and reminisced, going back and forth the way we did on the show We talked about our kids, and our careers and the state of America, just two lucky guys who loved each other and the good luck of our careers Ed McMahon is the only person who was with Johnny Carson, even before The Tonight Show, when they both first appeared on Who Do You Trust Now, with Johnny s blessing before he died, McMahon can finally share all the stories that only he knows From the sofa at Johnny s right, to backstage, to their personal relationship McMahon will provide a real view of the man who was so careful to only show one side of himself to the public Brilliant in front of the camera, but shy in person, Carson seldom gave interviews Only McMahon can tell the stories and provide the insights into the personality that made Johnny Carson of a friend we invited into our home than a television star.This entertaining tribute will feature over 200 pictures, many never before published, from both McMahon s and Carson s private archives.
    Ed McMahon
    Colonel retired Edward Ed Peter Leo McMahon, Jr was an American comedian, game show host, announcer, and television personality most famous for his work on television as Johnny Carson s announcer on Who Do You Trust from 1957 to 1962 and on the Tonight Show, from 1962 to 1992, and as the host of the talent show Star Search, from 1983 to 1995 He later also became well known as the presenter of American Family Publishing sweepstakes not to be confused with Publishers Clearing House who arrives unannounced at the homes of winners He subsequently made a series of Neighborhood Watch Public Service Announcements reprising that role in parody.He also cohosted the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, and has performed in numerous television commercials, most notably for Budweiser.In the 1970s and 1980s, he anchored the team of NBC personalities conducting the network s coverage of the Macy s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


    20 cents at Half Price Books. Nuff said.Well, what the heck, started reading this because I'm in the mood for light and puff. Too many novels lately of women going crazy from frustration, killing people or being killed were wearing me down a bit.This chronicles the history of a famous and beloved TV show, but also McMahon's perceptions of Carson - not particularly deep and nearly all glowing. Ed sets out in every way he can to dispel the notion that Johnny Carson was a complete prick, and yet th [...]

    Barnard Madsen
    Used to watch religiously with my parents growing up. Fun to look behind the curtain in his straight man's memoir.

    Cathy M. Neal
    Great MemoriesWhat a wonderful tribute to Johnny Carson. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed The Tonight Show. It was told by Ed McMahon & all the memories they shared. Thank you for those memories.

    Quick and easy read, wonderfully heartwarming. My first years of insomnia were eased by The Tonight Show. Though I was too young to understand all the jokes, there wasn’t an episode I didn’t enjoy. This book is a lovely tribute to a standup guy.

    This book is not very substantial and I frankly don't care. I loved it. It's fluffy, comic patois, recap, and it's wonderful. I think Sis Boom Bah says it all - youtu/263eG7HfwBM

    Martin Such
    Interesting to see the tonight show with the best seat of the house.

    The overall feeling I got while reading this was warmth at Ed McMahon's loyalty. But, let's be honest, it's an Ed McMahon autobiography of a Johnny Carson biography. FML

    Connie Powell
    here's edMore of an adoration of a friend. Ed gave his best version of a description of a bestie! Not as juicy as i would have likedquick read.

    John G.
    This is a light, quick read and is the first positive and warm-spirited account I've read about Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show. Still amazes me the power and popularity Carson had with that show and that Carson was one of the most influential comedians of all time. This really was an ode of affection by a loving friend and loyalist, these guys were real friends. There was no airing of dirty laundry here, but I did glean insight into some of the more humane aspects of Johnny, and of Ed too. I [...]

    Twenty years ago Johnny Carson said goodbye to The Tonight Show. That prompted me to pick up this book and the Carson DVDs from the library.I did appreciate some of the behind-the scenes stories, but there weren't enough to be a "Johnny agreed that I could write this book" kind of book.I think I'm being generous when I say that I think Ed watched the DVDs before writing the book as well, because almost all of his "memories" came from those carefully selected clips! You mean to tell me in 30 year [...]

    I enjoyed this book. Was it stimulating? No. Was it a biography of Johnny Carson? No. Was it hold your side funny – as Johnny and Ed were together? No. Was it a great trip through memory lane for someone who enjoyed watching the Tonight Show before falling asleep? Yes, very much so.I think if one is old enough to remember the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon and enjoyed the interaction between these two legendary men, this book would be a good way to pass the time. Ed tells of so [...]

    Rememberance by Ed McMahon of his 30 plus years working with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show and before.  Written in a gentle, readable style about incidents both public and private shared by Johnny and Ed.  Johnny was a bit risque at times but still enjoyable.  I didn't watch many of the Tonight shows but I did enjoy it when I did.   The following is a quote from Ed about Johnny's interview style:   "Johnny. . .was genuinely curious, listened carefully to every word said to him, and then [...]

    I loved watching Johnny Carson when I was growing up. I could only last about the first half hour, however, since he was on at 10:30pm. While I didn't always understand the "inside" jokes, I always looked forward to Joan Embrey's animal menagerie or the latest up and coming comedian. Would Johnny invite him/her over to the couch? If he did, they were golden. I learned a few tidbits about Ed and Johnny's military service and their lifelong friendship. (P.S. Johnny was actually the heavy drinker.) [...]

    I bought this book several years ago, probably when it first came out, but I was never in the mood to read Ed McMahon's reminiscences about Johnny Carson. Then it showed up on Audible as an audio book, read by McMahon, and it was on sale. I bought it and listened to it during car rides. For someone who has made his whole life in radio and television, McMahon is a TERRIBLE reader. However, the audio book has more fun stuff like music, and McMahon's unmistakable "Heeeeeer's Johnny," which you can [...]

    Ed McMahon was a good and loving friend to Johnny Carson, and it was good to read a little more depth to the Johnny we all loved and watched for years. The book spent a little too much time recounting exact routines they shared on air, but it did provide good insight to how/why Johnny was so personable and easy going with guests but private off-camera. It was a good reminder of how many singers & comedians got a start or big boost for being on Johnny's Tonight Show. And McMahon was right - w [...]

    Mister Pickles
    Overall I liked the book and it read well. Kind of jumped a few places forward and back, but most books do nowadays (no idea why). I grew up watching him (and the author too for that matter) and knew he wasn't a straight up great person behind the scenes and this reaffirmed that, but I liked the read and understand how that life could be. I'd recommend this to any that want to know more about him or the bond that can be had, even in show business.

    Marylin Beasley
    Here's Johnny!A wonderful collection of anecdotes and late night television history. Ed McMan's heartfelt salute to Johnny Carson will take the reader back to the golden age of late night entertainment when the host let the guests shine on their own. No better example of a comedic genius coupled with an equally brilliant straight man. McMan's clearly hit his mark writing this book.

    Tracy Collier
    I would have rated this four stars except that my husband (who doesn't like to read much and wasn't really excited about listening to this audio book) laughed out loud and was totally engrossed in the story. It took a bit to get going, and being read by Ed McMahon was rocky at first. Still, a great piece of nostalgia and a wonderful story of a friendship that withstood the rigors and relationship breakups of Hollywood.

    Liz Rankin
    While not a "great piece of literature" I found this to be a good, fun light hearted read after reading "Johnny Carson" which is more negative on his personality. This is more a collection of funny memories and some behind the curtains. I was seven or so when he handed the baton over to Leno (yuck) but I remember watching him as a little kid who had to go to bed at the shows end. This was a fun read as I better understand it all now at 29.

    After a slow start (of tooting his own horn), Ed MacMahon's memoir of Johnny Carson and their Tonight Show years hits its stride. Plenty of late night humor and guest stars permeate the pages making for a laugh-out-loud trip down memory lane. i remember Johnny Carson all too well. if he ever had a bad night, I missed it. It was a pleasure to relive some of those moments (and to get some backstage gossip) about this icon from the person who knew him the best.

    If you're old enough to remember Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon and "The Tonight Show," you will enjoy this book. McMahon may not be the best writer you've ever read, but he's the authority on this subject. I took this book with me when I had to spend a day at the courthouse waiting for juries to be selected. It made the day sail by.

    Ed really mailed this one in. I thought I'd get to hear great "behind-the-scenes" stories about Johnny, but Ed basically described bits from the show. Watching a DVD of the show would provide the same amount of insight. He also tends to repeat himself a lot. Even though it's a quick read, it's not really worth the time.

    I very much enjoyed listening to Ed McMahon read his memories of Johnny Carson. My older childhood years involved first, going to bed as soon as the Tonight theme song was heard and then, later, staying up with Mom to watch the beginning of the show (and sometimes the whole show if she fell asleep). Ed obviously loved Johnny as a friend; the book is a great tribute to their friendship.

    Jeff Anderson
    Anecdotal and scatter-shot memoirs of Ed McMahon. This is an amusing book at times. McMahon gives us his view of Carson without going into too much depth. He tries to dispel the myth of Carson as aloof off-camera by telling stories of their times together. It is a fun read and evokes memories for those of us who watched Carson over the years.

    Maurice Rubino
    Johnny Carson, his life told by his friend of 50 yeatsJust a fun read about the friendship and collaboration of Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon, told through loving memories of Ed himself. At first glance it is merely a recollection of how they met and worked together but in retrospect it is an education on the word "friendship".

    This could have been so much better. I have no doubt that Ed actually wrote this himself: it was as if he jotted down random thoughts as they entered his head! I read it only because I love Johnny and hoped Ed could shed a different light on himwhich he did, but just not in the best way possible!

    Cute but no depth. Ed McMahon obviously loved and respected Johnny deeply, but wrote this only to illustrate Johnny in the best light possible. I listened to the audiobook version, and it was fun to hear "Heeeeres Johnny!" But after the 100th time I did grow a bit tired of it. The best part was watching YouTube clips of Johnny in my listening breaks.

    Debbie Katauskas
    Loved it Loved it l recommend this book to those who liked the tonight show and Johnny Carson. I enjoyed it a lot. I give it five stars, because have not read a book like this that I enjoyed more.

    Kathy Hassig
    Thanks For The MemoriesI loved The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and this book . It showed the friendship between Ed McMahon and how strong it was. It was an enjoyable read from start to finish.

    Susan Sullivan
    Loved Johnny Carson. This was Johnny's story threw Ed's eyes and words. It was told of times on and off stage with him threw someone who knew him best. All positive and that alone is a very rare thing. Just the truth Ed said he wrote.

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