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  • Title: Death Before Daylight
  • Author: Shannon A. Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781940820262
  • Page: 402
  • Format: ebook

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Death Before Daylight : by Shannon A. Thompson - Death Before Daylight, Death Before Daylight Two eternities One ending Harmony would only come with destruction The moment Eric and Jessica are reunited they are torn apart After the appearance of a new breed of shades and lights the powers sh
    Shannon A. Thompson
    Shannon A Thompson is a young adult author, avid reader, and a habitual chatterbox As a novelist, poet, and blogger, Thompson spends her free time writing and sharing ideas with her black cat, Bogart, named after her favorite actor, Humphrey Bogart Her other two cats bring her coffee Between writing and befriending cats, Thompson graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor s degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing, and her work has appeared in numerous poetry collections and anthologies Represented by Clean Teen Publishing, Thompson is the best selling author of the Timely Death trilogy and the Bad Bloods series When she is not writing, she is climbing rooftops, baking cookies, or watching murder shows in the middle of the night, often done with her cats by her side Visit her blog for writers and readers at ShannonAThompson.


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    I received a free copy of this book with the option of leaving an honest review.I found myself liking Jessica in this book than in the previous books Upon discovering her destiny, Jessica really comes into her own and steps up to the plate to make a tough decision Jessica s destiny and role in the prophecy were incredibly well thought out and executed I figured that she and the other characters had overlooked something about the prophecy, and I was surprised by the twist that Thompson gave it H [...]

    This book was perfect

    Originally posted on Daydreaming Books I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This book was everything that I wanted it to be It was intense, sooo many things happened, so many revelations, I loved every single bit of it A bit spoilery for those who haven t read the previous books in this series In the third and last installment of the Timely Death trilogy, Jessica has gotten back her memory but it has triggered something else as well A new proble [...]

    Merril Anil
    A fire Cracking finale First things First.A huge hug and thanks to the author, Shannon who has not only gone on to become my favorite author but has also proved to be an amazing person herselfthrough the interactions we had Not only has she taken every word of mine in a positive manner but has also appreciated and encouraged me to be honest in my review So again a huge thanks for trusting me with your works and giving me a copy of this book to read and reviewAs i told you, Shannon A Thompson is [...]

    I know who Darthon is But I m not going to tell you It s like a weight lifted off my shoulders I ve been eager to find out since the first book in the timely death series, and the final book Death Before Daylight by Shannon A Thompson revealed it with a bang.Death Before Daylight was the conclusion that I ve been waiting for The suspense surrounding the fate of Eric and Jessica has been building with each book and this final installment had me in heart wrenching territory The stakes were raised [...]

    Review Posted also on Crazy Beautiful ReadsMessy.Action Packed.ExplosiveJust the perfect ending for a perfect series Oh.My.Good.I am still in shock after all I ve read in this explosive and over the top perfect book finale After she had dragged my soul throughuhmlet s not say dirt, but I can t think of another word for what she did to mee managed to make me love her and her book, again She is the cruelest but still loving person author I ve read and met so far, at least Shannon has outdone herse [...]

    I enjoyed the conclusion to the Timely Death Trilogy as much as I did the other books Even though it s been close to a year and a half since I read the last book, I easily reentered this really great world that Shannon A Thompson has created I ve always enjoyed this world of light and dark with the dark shades as their called representing the good and the light the bad and things got complex with the conclusion.My only complaint in the previous book, Seconds Before Sunrise, was Jessica She wasn [...]

    I thought this was a great end to the series It didn t hold my attention the way the first two books did but I really wanted to know what happened It starts two weeks after the second book ends Once again, the book alternates between Eric and Jessica True identities are finally revealed Eric is the first to learn who Darthon is but isn t able to tell anyone so there is some frustration as Jessica and Jonathon try to figure it out I was a little surprised since I thought I had it figured out, but [...]

    Wowza I love it when you get so engrossed within a series of books that upon the last and final book, everything the author has built up to , comes together in perfect harmony, it s fits and completes in perfection.d this series was no different.I ve loved this storyline from the beginning, you find yourself being captivated by the love story of Eric and Jessica, the emotional and physical struggles they have to endure as a result of the ongoing war between the shades and the lights and of cours [...]

    CharactersJust like the first two books, this one continues on with great character development, realistic attitudes and believable emotion The characters are a major success for this trilogy and I think the author should be proud of her work.A large part of the storyline for all three books, so not a spoiler are the hidden identities of people in the Dark and the Light These identities were well written and some of them were complete surprises for me once they were revealed There were times whe [...]

    First of all, I would like to thank Shannon A Thompson for supplying me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.After much thinking I discovered that I can t tell you many specific things from the plot, I think it will destroy many of the surprises that Shannon prepare for you the readers and indeed there many as such But I ll try my best to bring out my feeling and some clues So, once again, Shannon keep the plot alternating between Eric and Jessica The book start from the end [...]

    Jennifer Dunski
    Amazing series Shannon has truly earned my loyalty with this series It s fun, dangerous, heartbreaking, crazy and amazing I truly enjoyed Jessica Iris, Eric Shoman and the rest of the Shades, Lights and half breeds This series is different from others and I really appreciate it and loved every minute of it It was written beautifully

    Reviewed at my blog Babbling Books I received a free e copy of this book from the author, but this in no way affects my honest opinion Fate was tricky like that It consumed us when we thought we were free, and it freed us when we thought we were captured So, we have reached the end my friends And what a bittersweet ending it has been I was so excited to delve into this last book as you can probably tell from my review of the second, but unfortunately this last one has left me a little depressed [...]

    Death Before Daylight picks up at the aftermath of the showdown between the Light and the Dark It had been prophesized that the battle between Shoman and Darthon would bring about the end of the war between the two fighting factions It would be a battle that only one could survive.Until Jessica came along.Without giving too much away for those of you who haven t read the first two books in the series, Jessica s arrival in the small town of Hayworth has a devastating effect on the battle between [...]

    There are so many things I loved about this book I loved that I got to dive down deeper into the Light realm and see where they lived and learn about the history of the Light and Dark It was also great to see the development of Darthon and, of course, to learn who he is and his connection to Jessica, the Third Descendant Yes, I had some suspects in mind, and I was pretty much right on the money by the time all was said and done, but the way it all comes to fruition is fantastic The development [...]

    This was a 3.5 for me, but I will round up Death before Daylight did give readers the final battle we d been waiting for, but it was confusing at times, and it didn t provide the closure I had hoped it would.Plot Just when Eric and Jessica are reunited, Darthon finds a way to tear them apart and try to persuade Jessica to fight for the Light In his efforts, he exposes the secrets the Dark has been keeping from Eric, including Jessica s destiny, the truth about Eric s mother s death, and the reas [...]

    Disclosure I received a copy of this ebook for purposes of an honest review The fact that I got the book free has no impact on my review or rating.If you read a number of my reviews, you ll start to see that I am a huge fan of books published by Clean Teen Publishing and their adult counterpart, Crimson Tree Publishing This series by Shannon Thompson is no exception, and in fact is one of my favorite series from CTP that I ve read I was so excited to get to this final chapter in Jessica and Eric [...]

    First of all, I would like to thank Shannon A Thompson for supplying me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Also, I would like to apologise profusely for taking so long to read and review I mean, a month, I feel so bad In my defense, I did re read the second half of Seconds Before Sunrise on top of The 5th Wave which I m almost finished and school But still, no excuse Death Before Daylight was an intricately woven finale to a unique series in the paranormal world The charac [...]

    The battle between Dark and Light is nearly at an end Eric and Jess must face one final hurdle to their love, but it could be the death of one or both of them As we return to Hayworth, Kansas, the prophecy has failed and many on both sides have lost their lives While many of the Dark report their powers weakening, Eric and Jess and the new half breeds find their own powers growing and even in some cases changing Darthon has also become stronger, and he is intent on taking over This third install [...]

    The first two books in this trilogy held me spellbound from start to finish, and I found myself totally captivated by the love story of Eric and Jessica and the emotional and moral struggles they have to endure as a result of the ongoing war between shades and lights and the prophecy which leaves the fate of their kind resting heavily on their shoulders I couldn t wait to see how the predictions of the prophecy would play out in Death Before Daylight and if Eric and Jessica would have a future t [...]

    Death Before Daylight quickly draws readers back into the story in the wake of the final battle in book 2, Seconds Before Sunrise The Dark searches for a way to win the war without destroying the world in the process Illusions and long buried secrets are exposed, with devastating effects The plot is full of twists and turns mistrust and doubt create confusion and even the prophecy is questioned Fans of young adult fantasy or romance will enjoy this book and the series I believe the characters wo [...]

    Jenny Bynum Black Words-White Pages
    Clean Teen Publishing provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only as part of the Clean Teen Publishing Elite Reviewers Team No remuneration was exchanged.Wow, what a shocking story So many things happened in this story that I was not expecting This author has really outdone herself with this story All the twists and turns and the suspenseful surprises really had me addicted to this book from beginning to end and I loved every minute of this wild roller coaster ride o [...]

    Tamara Morning
    The time for the showdown between the Light and the Dark has finally arrived Someone must die All Eric wants is Jessica by his side for the battle to come, but as soon as they are reunited, fate intervenes and they re torn apart again With a new breed of shade in play, the three descendants finally meet, but Jessica and Eric aren t expecting to hear the truth from Darthon, who reveals his identity to Eric, who cannot divulge the secret Jessica must find out the truth for herself and make a decis [...]

    Coral Mitchell
    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Eric and Jessica are searching for an ending to the life long conflict between Dark and Light Darthon knows of what is going on and attempts to use that knowledge to his advantage and kill all but his own Darthon reveals the truth to Eric, giving him the ability to end everything But Eric is unable to act on this knowledge or tell anyone Jessica must also choose a side to win based on her actions and what little information sh [...]

    I have been with the author and the characters throughout the crazy adventure that is this trilogy and I am over and beyond thankful for being a part of it I have watched the characters as they went through their ups and downs, their successes and losses, and I must say, this final book of the trilogy is everything I wanted for a final book It answered the questions I had since book 1, it gave the characters their just endings, and most of all, it didn t leave me hanging with so many questions A [...]

    Woah I m not sure why nobody is talking about this saga or why is so not known, because seriously is so damn good I m glad I accidentally choose it to read plus the kindle for the first book is actually free so go and get it NOW I loved each book than the last and the characters were brilliant in this third one.I m so glad Jonathan had so much space lately cuz he is one of my fav definitely.I would strongly recommended if you re looking for a nice trilogy with some true romance, action and a b [...]

    A great conclusion to the series and leaves me wanting to explore Shannon s other works This one offered a couple completely unexpected twists and a character reveal I definitely wouldn t have guessed The story tests light vs dark, love vs hatred and loyalty is on the line The connections and loose ends are tied up and leave you feeling content with the outcome and both happy and sad to have reached the end.

    Erika Gill
    This book took forever to get through Longer even than I ve set here because I haven t figured out how to see when I started a book in the kindle app yet I think the way the ending was set up led to the lack of entertainment on my end, but I knew it from the start of book one.

    The Modest Verge

    Nikki J
    Great Book It kept me guessing till the end, The perfect ending to a perfect series I m looking forward to future book from Shannon Thompson

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