Free Read Islands of Silence: A Novel - by Martin Booth

  • Title: Islands of Silence: A Novel
  • Author: Martin Booth
  • ISBN: 9780312268046
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Free Read Islands of Silence: A Novel - by Martin Booth - Islands of Silence: A Novel, Islands of Silence A Novel Islands of Silence is the story of the young Alec Marquand who in the summer of has just graduated from college with a degree in archaeology He has been hired by the lord of a remote country est
    Martin Booth
    Martin Booth was a prolific British novelist and poet He also worked as a teacher and screenwriter, and was the founder of the Sceptre Press.

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    This was a book I found in a sale many years ago, but became one of my favourite novels a moving and powerfully written book contrasting the experiences of an ex soldier numbed by war memories and a semi wild girl found on a remote Scottish island, and the different silent worlds they inhabit.

    Jim Puskas
    I will not assign any rating to this book because either I failed it or it failed me, I m not sure which It seemed to me that Booth was trying to tell five or six stories at once, none of them successfully I applaud his attempt but for me it just didn t work I very quickly lost interest in what was happening or had happened or might have happened to the protagonist I finally stopped at Chapter 12 and went back to the beginning to get my bearings, skipping ahead, trying to pick up the threads, co [...]

    What a surprise and a fantastic book I had trouble getting started but I wasn t prepared for the style, after about 60 pages I figure it out and was taken away One of my favorites and the best read since Shadow of the Wind After I finished I was thinking of the girl and really thought I may have seen a ghost or her spirit in my room She is yours gives me goose bumps still.

    A little overwrought but successfully spooky and affecting battle scenes hardly battles, though, that implies some kind of agency on the part of both sides Relentlessly flashes present past present past, alternating by chapter.

    Martin Booth is a gifted story teller, or I guess I should say was I am always saddened when I discover a new author, only to find out he has died The silence is expressed on several levelsry complex, lots to think about.

    An intriguing story, well written The book opens with the main character in a catatonic state living in an asylum where he quietly observes life around him Each alternate chapter reveals a bit of his life story and why he has ended up in this state.

    Interesting story weird main character He was extremely frustrating, but what a life story A little confusing, war scenes are horrible.

    Rose Neild
    What an amazing novel, so beautifully written lots of emotions read it if you liked atonement.

    thoroughly surprised me how much I enjoyed where this book took me.

    • Free Read Islands of Silence: A Novel - by Martin Booth
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    Islands of Silence: A Novel