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  • Title: The Abandoned
  • Author: Douglas Clegg
  • ISBN: 9780843954104
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback

  • There is a dark and isolated mansion, boarded up and avoided, on a hill just beyond the town of Watch Point in New York s Hudson Valley It has been abandoned too long and fallen into disrepair It is called Harrow and it does not like to be ignored But a new caretaker has come to harrow he is fixing up the rooms and preparing the house for visitors
    Douglas Clegg
    Douglas Clegg Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Abandoned book, this is one of the most wanted Douglas Clegg author readers around the world.


    The Hell of disharmony.” From your lips, Mr. Thomas, to God’s ears!! Welcome, everyone, to Cosmic Horror. Set in the future, the story centers around the final day of the annual Punktown Fair and its attendees. While the plot is original and creative in its conception, the delivery is a Lovecraftian mess. There is absolutely no realm of possibility and the story becomes completely irrelevant seeing as logic and reason are currently vacationing in the Caribbean and don’t even have the commo [...]

    Nora Peevy
    This is one of his Harrow novels, a series surrounding the supernatural occurrences at the abandoned Harrow mansion, a dark and sinister house. Teenagers go there to drink, party, and make out, but one summer night in June, a group of misfits gets more than they bargained for -- the mutilated body of a child's corpse stolen from the morgue is found in the family graveyard adjacent to Harrow Mansion. Some speculate it's an offering to open the gates to a world of nightmares in the Harrow mansion. [...]

    To be honest, I am bummed out by this book. The three before were great, but this one fell way short. I got tired of the sexual overtones, but found the guy "humping" the snake somwhat amusing. My least favorite Clegg book.

    Serenity Barber
    Lots of gore, which I appreciated! This is the second book I've read by this author. Both have been very anticlimatic and hard to follow.

    Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    You know the feeling of anticipation you get when you pick up a book by a beloved writer, or watch a movie that's been hyped out the yang hole? Only to feel like you've swallowed a rock and the world will never look quite the same? I guess my over-dramatic personality is leaking in here, but you get the point. I'm a big fan of Douglas Clegg, the man can write captivating horror tales that can actually be creepy. Regrettably here I found rocky terrains instead, a ride that was anything but smooth [...]

    Horror expansions begin Rose: I've read the first title on my horror expansion list, and it was a corker. Douglas Clegg never fails to bring the fear, and this prequel to the Harrow House series was hallucinatorily terrifying. It's must-read if you are fascinated by cults, Magick, and the idea of esoteric knowledges. Caveat: if you do not enjoy sexual horror, this book is not for you. At all. Harrow House: prequels:The NecromancerIsis 1. Nightmare House2. Mischief3. The Infinite4. The Abando [...]

    Let's see, salacious, lascivious, crude, lewd, graphic, gratuitous, violent, deviant, it's a horror movie brought to paper (or in this case audio) without the MPAA to tone it into even an NC17 rating. This was horror in more ways than one. Though I kept expecting Sam and Dean Winchester to make an appearance and I wondered why no one was bringing salt or burning the house down. But Harrow House seems to have a mind or perhaps heart of its own and it isn't necessarily here. Which is where the nov [...]

    John Bruni
    This is a good book, for a haunted house story. The evil of this one (another Harrow book) seeps out into a nearby town, driving just about everyone crazy and violent. Imagine NEEDFUL THINGS without Leland Gaunt and his store, and then crank the lunacy up about a thousand clicks. That's what this book is like. It's got great imagery, astounding gore and even a few scenes that will make you very uncomfortable. I only had one problem with the book: it's overpopulated, and there are new characters [...]

    Sean McBride
    Ugg. I had a hell of a time finishing this, half conceptualized novel. I have read Clegg in the past and where he is a paperback writer, and you cant expect a whole lot of of paperback writers (because of the time constraints on their contracts, not because of their talent), this one was particularly bad. Going straight to the shock instead of trying to be scary, using Pattersonesque short paragraph chapters to try and increase the tension which only distracts the reader, and introducing flat ch [...]

    This was a very bizare book that I really didn't understand. Harrow is a mansion just outside of the town of Watch Point. 'Something' in the house doesn't want to be ignored, so it poisons the townfolk causing them to fall asleep and dream horrible things that go on in the house. Upon waking, the townfolk begin carrying out the horrible (and disgustingly sexual) things they were dreaming of, but as they're killing and mutilating others, they're dreaming of other things inside the dream that is m [...]

    Audiobook. This reader was not to my liking. An older (sounding) gentleman doing child and female voices gets on your nerves after a few hours. Lots of gore-sex. Is that a word? Inappropriate character delivers long lecture of exposition near the end. To me that usually means the author didn't leave enough breadcrumbs to even mislead. But. I liked the haunted house gets into your dreams bit and will not compare to other similar books. The gore is, uh, creative and the reader registers his disdai [...]

    Frederic Raymond
    As much as Douglas Clegg can write serious quiet horror (The Hour Before Dark), The Abandoned shows that he can also write a fun-filled gorefest. I really loved this novel and found it very refreshing. It's another story about Harrow, the haunted house that is the subject of a few Douglas Clegg novels such as The Infinite, Mischief and Nightmare House. This is gory fun. I just loved it.This review was first published on amazon.

    William Thomas
    An absolutely fantastic haunted house story that pitches the mood and plot just right. It is written in a voice whose omnipresence adds everything to the tale without being righteous, and allows the reader to see the horrors, to feel them, little by little, instead of full boar from the start. Brilliant pace and literary to boot, it's a great standalone book even if it is part of a series.

    This book, well what can I say was the most disturbing book I have ever read, it was also very confusing.It was good tho, it got me hooked, never stopped reading it.Im not going to say what happens in this book because that would give out spoilers.

    Horror (the grossout kind!). After watching Silent HIll and reading this, I slept with the lights on.

    Evil force from house takes over a town.

    Too violent for an audiobook. I looked like a screaming turtle in my car, with my neck hidden and my mouth open.

    Jen Gough
    Over the top! If I didn't know before, I sure know now, why Douglas Clegg is one of Stephen Kings Favorite authors!


    I gave up on this one. Too much gore, too much sex,yak content not enough spooky. Very disappointing.

    This was really awful. It could have been good, sounded good from the back of the book, but just went the wrong direction. Disgusting.

    not read/avl

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ↠ The Abandoned : by Douglas Clegg ↠
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