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  • Title: Afterlife
  • Author: Douglas Clegg
  • ISBN: 9780451411679
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • A school for special children An unsolved murder A terrified widow A dream of blood and lost souls A stranger with an unspeakable secret It all comes together in the afterlife.
    Douglas Clegg
    Douglas Clegg Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Afterlife book, this is one of the most wanted Douglas Clegg author readers around the world.


    I just finished this book and really enjoyed it. It has a really spooky tone that I enjoyed very much. There is almost no blood or gore. There is sex in the book, but it's creepy rather than salacious so it works well with the rest of the book. The first half reads like a murder mystery. I found it a nice, pleasant read until I got maybe halfway through it, then the pace really picked up in the second half, and had me compulsively turning pages. The supernatural elements really took over in the [...]

    Jamie Rosen
    Someone should have sat down with Clegg and told him "You're writing a story, a horror/thriller/mystery, not High Literature." Because the book is more or less solid for 260 pages, but then provides no closure -- it finishes up with one of those unresolved "open endings" that you can probably get away with when you're writing for English professors and public broadcasting bookgroups, but not when you're writing for the Joe Average who's looking to be entertained.Sadly, not recommended.

    nora m malotte
    Afterlife: A psychic Horror ThrillerThere is a phenomenon that I have personally found to be true, that is the fact that when a person you love or care about dies, most people tend to forget or maybe CHOOSE to forget anything bad associated with them. We perhaps choose to remember only the good, even to the point that we make up good things "to remember". Such a thing has happened in Julies life. Her husband Hut has been murdered and she believes he or his ghost is visiting her in her dreams. Sh [...]

    More deranged than spooky. I thought it was choppy. And I always felt as if I was missing something.

    Aniko Carmean
    AFTERLIFE, by Douglas Clegg, starts with a series of montage chapters , each just long enough to make you want to know what happens, but none of them obviously connected to the others. A boy is trapped in some sort of test lab, burning to death. A girl is buried alive, suffocating to death. A man is stabbed to death by a killer able to vicariously feel the moment when life descends into death. At the close of the montage, Afterlife settles into telling the story of Julie Hutchinson, an ER nurse [...]

    I've been trying to find spooky reads for a while. This one sounded very promising. I have read a Douglas Clegg book before and I thought it was creepy. I expected the same kind of vibe from this book. However, I found myself debating how I felt about it for many days.I was completely intrigued with how the book began. There were various chapters that gave glimpses of horrific acts happening to various people. For example, a girl being buried alive and a man being stabbed to death. These visions [...]

    The novel opens with a few brief glimpses of its themes: a scene at a government school called Project Daylight, a woman suffocating, a man being killed by someone reading his thoughts.Then we meet the main character, Julie Hutchinson, a woman with some marital problems but an undying love for her kids. We soon find out that the dead man is Julie's husband, "Hut" Hutchinson, which sucks for her. She goes through some depression about his death, seeing a shrink and trying to make sense of life wi [...]

    This is the June selection for the 2008 Cemetery Dance Book Club. It's September so they are late. Really LATE. They need a production coordinator with a license to carryAnyway, it is a signed and limited (to 1250 copies) edition.I enjoyed this read - a lot. The ideas portrayed were presented well. I felt a connection to all the characters. The pacing of the story went well. This is simply a well done story.To end it with that last line, leaving me to imagine what goes on from there, that was be [...]

    Disappointing read. The whole book was a lot of Julie dealing with her grief and struggling to understand the secret psychic aspects of her husbands life. the first half of the story was enough to keep me reading but once it got into the meat of the story and felt rushed. The "ending" of the book is the story just stopping. Julie spent the whole book trying to understand and to convince everyone else she wasn't crazy and you never see a conclusion to that.

    Deborah Ideiosepius
    Trying hard with this one, am on page 41.The husband is dead, the husband who emotionally blackmailed his wife into staying home with his kids, one of which is his, not hers and violently disturbed. Who never calls when he is going to be away all night, leaving her wondering if he is dead, cheating or at work.She is devastated; I am thinking that she should be breaking out the champagne at being rid of him. Am having trouble getting into the swing of the plot as consequence.

    3 and-a-half stars.OK I should have figured this out sooner than right near the ending, but really, I like to just let it happen! I like reading about sex as much as anyone, but it got redundant. And I liked the ending: "My god, you're zombies!!!" etc. It was maybe unintentionally funny. And then the ambiguity was nice. Most other authors would have piled on some more exposition right then, but Clegg just drops the bomb. Pretty tough.

    Howard Cruz
    The story is not exactly what the general description of the book leads you to believe it is, but that's a good thing: It's more emotionally involving and gets the reader to relate more. Some very true and interesting perspectives on death are given throughout this. The ending came on rather abruptly. I would love more of this story and plan on reading more Clegg.

    Good character development, but no likable characters. No spoilers here, but the very end of the book sucked any gusto that this story had going for it away. Felt like Clegg just had to cap off the story and wrote a half page of italics to do so. Big fan of the author, but barely a fan of this book. Still worth a read for those who appreciate his writing.

    Matt R.
    The book cover grabbed my attention and I started reading. This book is a fast-paced horror book. In the 1970s, a school called the Daylight Project, for children with special abilities, burned down. Now, someone is killing the survivors. Great story involving ESP, psychic abilities and hallucinations.

    Donnie Light
    This book was "just okay" in my mind. The writing was fine, and the story idea was intruiging, but it fell flat for me, dragging on at times without advancing the story. I'd like to read another of this authors books, just to compare.

    I've been a big fan of Doug Clegg since he first published Goat Dance many years ago. Besides being a phenomenal writer, he's a helluva nice guy to fans and fellow authors alike. I'm only 15+ pages into this novel but it is very good so far with an intriguing premise.

    I thought this would be drastically different. It was pretty much just weird. I love a good conspiracy but this wasn't all there for me. I did like Julie's character, and the twist was really surprising, but overall, Afterlife was just so-so for me.

    This book had an interesting concept. In the 70's there was a 'special school for special children with special talents.' The school was closed and the story takes place when the children are grown. I just thought that it moved slowly but I did finish it so it wasn't that bad.

    Robin Edman
    This book is major spooky, and it gradually builds to a horrific betrayal, but it ended too abruptly. Mr. Clegg does that from time to time, leaving the end of the end for you to worry about, but I really wanted to know for sure how it all came out, and I just don't know!

    The first Douglas Clegg I have read. Kept me interested right through but, like a number of other readers, I was left feeling flat at the ending. I enjoyed the writing, some of which definitely raised the hairs on the back of my neck. I will look out for more titles from DC.

    Tom Mueller
    I felt rather cheated by the [non]ending. The tale was just dropped; I felt no sense of completion, yet the set up for a sequel was not there either.

    George Poppenwimer
    This was typical of a Clegg Book, easy to read, plot moved fairly well. Nothing noteworthy, just a brain candy type read for relaxation.

    Awesome book. :) Starts out as more of a mystery, those last few chapters however, wow. I really never saw it coming all I can say is it is an awesome take on one of my favorite generas. :)

    Like this book !!

    Christopher Vaughn
    Story line was good but I felt as if the ending left me hanging somewhat wondering what the outcome would be.

    Jeremy Stephens
    This was a rather spooky book and I was surprised by the ending.

    Elizabeth Nesbit-comer
    good and creepy

    Ana Belle
    It was more of a romance than horror. Over all the book was good.

    Past the point where you begin to not want to put it down. Starting to make me wonder where this will go.

    Jeanne Tarrants
    Well written but spent way too much time on erotic "dreams" and left too much without explanation. I'm all for leaving some mystery to the end but this just sort of ended abruptly.

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