✓ Starship's Mage: Omnibus Ø Glynn Stewart

  • Title: Starship's Mage: Omnibus
  • Author: Glynn Stewart
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  • Page: 495
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • ✓ Starship's Mage: Omnibus Ø Glynn Stewart - Starship's Mage: Omnibus, Starship s Mage Omnibus In a galaxy tied together by the magic of the elite Jump Magi Damien Montgomery is a newly graduated member of their number With no family or connections to find a ship he is forced to service on an
    Glynn Stewart
    Glynn Stewart Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Starship's Mage: Omnibus book, this is one of the most wanted Glynn Stewart author readers around the world.


    Mike (the Paladin)
    This is the second magic and technology novel I ve read of late I must admit while this one delves deeply into the fantasy side of things and tells a very brain candyish story I think I actually enjoyed it It gets a 5 star rating based on the enjoyment factor In a universe where starships are jumped across interstellar distances by mages who somehow manage to teleport them through time and space Damien Montgomery is a mage and wants to be a Jump Mage Sadly the family of the Mage King has a lot [...]

    Mike (the Paladin)
    This is the second magic and technology novel I ve read of late I must admit while this one delves deeply into the fantasy side of things and tells a very brain candyish story I think I actually enjoyed it It gets a 5 star rating based on the enjoyment factor In a universe where starships are jumped across interstellar distances by mages who somehow manage to teleport them through time and space Damien Montgomery is a mage and wants to be a Jump Mage Sadly the family of the Mage King has a lot [...]

    Rachel (TheShadesofOrange)
    3.0 Stars The world building was definitely the best part of this novel As a piece of science fiction with elements of fantasy, this story reminded me a bit of Star Wars Unfortunately, the characters were very weak, particularly the females Overall, it was a decent escapist read.

    So, Starship s Mage Omnibus I bought this book because Starship s Mage Episode 1 was free from on a day I went looking for something new to read in the SFF zone Free can be a chancy thing I ve gotten a fair number of free books from that were good efforts, to be gracious However, with Starship s Mage Episode 1, author Glynn Stewart sucked me into his universe, made me care about his characters, and gave me a cracking good read That got him a four star review, but I needed More to the point, I n [...]

    Esmerelda Weatherwax
    Review to come later.

    This an ok book It s perfectly enjoyable but doesn t completely live up to it s potential.What I liked When it focuses on the Mage himself, Damian Montgomery, it s good Achieves a smooth blending of magic with Sci Fi The setting is well thought out and interesting Great ending.What I didn t like Wastes a lot of potential by spending too much time telling the story from the perspective of a standard copy and paste on the edge of the law space ship captain Weak supporting cast in general.There is [...]

    I started to read this series because I like Glynn Stewarts Castle Federation series, and his writing style I had my doubts about merging magic and fantasy with sci fi and technology I must say that I was thoroughly surprised This is a very well written book and view spoiler when Glynn writes about channeling excess magical energy through a fire spell to a spaceships heat sink hide spoiler I immediately became a fan of this series too.I highly recommend this book.

    Mooi debuut Goeie space opera, met een originele insteek door tovenaars te gebruiken om ruimte sprongen te maken Mooie spanning, niet teveel herhaling in de verschillende delen Erg benieuwd naar het vervolg.

    I like the combination of using magic to get ships from star to star, a neat way of explaining interstellar travel Magic and space battles and a pretty decent plot, though not unoriginal Looking forward to the sequel.

    Becky ♡The Bookworm♡
    BR of ebook and Audio w The Hubster As The Hubster and I continued our exploration into the world of Space Opera, this little gem popped up on our radar Starship s Mage Omnibus contains the first five short stories of the Starship s Mage series We knew it was a must read the moment we perused the story summary and two words hooked our adventurous minds Jump Magi Who are these Jump Magi you ask In this fascinating world, they are magically gifted individuals, usually but not always born from the [...]

    I really enjoyed this book and loved the second book as well 5 stars I m currently reading the third book, but I have to leave this positive review because the series just gets better.This book and series has a lot of pros to it First of all, in this space opera genre, the main ability of the main character seems to be what can only be described as magic The mages have these powers due to some Eugenics incident in the past, and the ability to use mage powers is genetic With these mage powers, ma [...]

    Great blend of science fiction fantasyIt s been a while since I ve read anything that I would classify as actual science fiction, and for many purists this is probably still a fair way off the mark, but for me it was just believable enough to satisfy my inner scientist, without feeling like it got too caught up on the details.This space action adventure follows Damien Montgomery, a mage trained to jump ships between the stars But Damien also has an extra ability he can read magic, and instantly [...]

    Read from a list of recommendations by Ilona Andrews.The audiobook has a little glitch where the very last syllables at the end of chapters got cut off, but otherwise the narrator did a good job distinguishing voices from each other, and was easy to listen to.This mix of magic and technology makes for a fast paced travel among the stars an issue many sci fi books get hung up on, because space is very, very big Using the skills of a jump mage, ships can move quickly from one place to another, an [...]

    Aaron Anderson
    Interesting universe premise I didn t like this nearly as much as the Castle Federation stuff, but that s quite possibly just my own predilections.I kinda just have this slight aversion to space opera with magic, because it often feels like bad knockoffs of Star Wars Still, this was still quite interesting and novel.I actually read the first 4 books of this series a few months ago, and forgot to note it down I m going to go read book 5 now that I see it s out.

    Kiril Panchev
    More of a 4.5 star Really good book.

    Space fantasy is a bizarre and wonderful little sub genre that isn t as prolific as it should be particularly given that certain a series from a galaxy far far away is essentially space fantasy So, coming across the description of Stewart s Starship s Mage Omnibus, in which jump mages are the essential component to interstellar travel I was rather intrigued The series of novellas follows the exploits of the recently graduated Jump Mage Damien Montgomery as he takes a position upon the merchant s [...]

    Tami (synchro from BL)
    Great scifi space opera story This was gripping and the story was well thought out.It had a great pace and enough action to keep me interested I deducted one star for this very enjoyable read, because the characters stayed to detached What I mean is, that I never felt close to anyone The story had many characters and it flowed well, had good dialogue But still I wasn t even sure who was supposed to be main character Even the title giving starship mage was basically only a slim young looking nice [...]

    2.5 C est un mixte entre Harry Potter et Star War L histoire se lit avec suffisamment de rebondissements pour maintenir l int r t avec batailles spatiales, mafia, pirates etc Le jeune mage Damien m a plut t tap sur les nerfs un jeune inexp riment , fra chement dipl m , mais super puissant bien videmment Pour ma part, j ai t plus intrigu par l histoire du capitaine du Blue Jay et ce que l auteur laisse deviner des colonies humaines qui sont h las peine voqu es A part le concept du d passement de [...]

    3.5 stars Starships and mages, what s not to like Even better, the main character is one of those I want as my best friend Loyal, upstanding, with flaws and edges and common sense He knows what he can and can t do, and he acts when it is needed Not to mention he is a mage And what an intriguing magic system Stewart has created No wands but whole ships Epic spacefights and planets that make me want to travel to the future now.The only thing missing in this book is a certain deepness that truly gr [...]

    I couldn t decide what to read, so I asked my 16 year old son to choose fantasy or sci fi He chose sci fi, and this book was the only one already on my kindle I m glad he picked the one he did.The pacing was just right, not too fast, and not too slow I wanted to know what happened to Damien and the crew.Now, I have to go find and buy the next one

    Russ Stebbins
    good stuff This was the second time I read the stories which tells me two things First, they re well written and enjoyable Second, they aren t so great that I was dying for the next release and I forgot i had read this earlier I m recommending the book and will read her works in the future.

    Andy Bigwood
    An interesting merging of magic and SF I gather that this was originally published as several shorter stories Fortunately the re edit has made this reasonably seamless I find myself interested in this universe and intrigued to find out what happens next.

    Just barely a 3 star rating way too much repetitive descriptions of weapons systems and action scenes for me I like the setting and concept I m hoping that Mage king s hand will have plot and magic.

    Light and entertaining mix of space opera and magic with an appealing MC.

    Pleasantly surprised with this one I don t know that I ve ever read a space fantasy before, but it was a bit different from the norm.

    ebookB C Not a review, just my personal thoughts for my future reference Spoilers.The story is set in the distant future when mages were bred to have many useful powers, not least of all is the ability to jump spaceships While most jump mages are the product of powerful mage houses, some earned their place by proving their ability despite their bloodlines Damien Montgomery is one of the latter, but finds himself unable to land a position on a ship because the mages who are well connected by fami [...]

    Glynn Stewart s writing is not great He does not have a gift with words or with story telling His narrative is flat and boring I was put off from the start by the way he reminds us about events that just happened one chapter ago, or by some premise he explains again only tens of pages after he introduces it And then again, and then again, as if he does not trust his readers to be able to remember things for longer The plot is equally simplified, for the forgetful reader In chapter one Damian can [...]

    This book was a surprise for me, as I was expecting just a mediocre, slightly entertaining book Instead I got a gripping series of tales Don t get me wrong though, in my categorization system, this is still an entertaining book as opposed to a good book.The characters are paper thin here, but Stewart than makes up for that with his world building and sometimes legit surprising story The world building is done best when he writes in these nice little touches that are so easy to miss One such exa [...]

    I picked this up through kindle unlimited and I freely admit to inflating my rating on this series because it was just so much fun to read and is a step up from the typically stuff you get on kindle unlimited I basically binged this series over about 1 weeks time.I like Hard Sci FiI like FantasyThis series gives you both All of the SciFi stuff that typically gets a tech hand wave as being so advanced it appears to be magic I am looking at you FTL and Antigrav devices actually IS magic and it is [...]

    I don t read much fantasy as I prefer sci fi But, I read Harry Potter and loved it as much as the rest of the world Based on reviews, I gave this a try through prime library loans and am very glad I did The fantasy part of being a mage has an underlying feeling and possible science to it The characters were great While the Mage is the main character, it was an ensemble cast with all members developed Lots of starship, space stations and space battles along with pirates and government good and ba [...]

    • ✓ Starship's Mage: Omnibus Ø Glynn Stewart
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