Mujahid Best Read || [Quent Cordair]

  • Title: Mujahid
  • Author: Quent Cordair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Mujahid Best Read || [Quent Cordair] - Mujahid, Mujahid A screenplay jihadists will hate and civilized people will love Set in Chicago during the holiday season the story involves a conflict between Husam a young Muslim man who takes Islam seriously and
    Quent Cordair
    QUENT CORDAIR was born in 1964 in southern Illinois, raised under a church pew, as the saying went, in a fundamentalist Christian sect, an insular community in which the devout were forbidden the enjoyment of movies, pop music, television, school sports, alcohol, jewelry, and most other temporal pleasures worth mentioning While many things in his youth were proscribed, the reading of fiction was not, and it was amidst the library shelves that his eyes were opened to a marvelous and exciting world beyond the church s walls He immersed himself in boys mystery books and was captivated by the stories of Stevenson, Defoe, Wyss, and Doyle By his teens, he was discovering the dramatic tales of Fleming, Follet, Sienkiewicz and Hugo, the ingenuity of O Henry, and the genius of Ayn Rand.At seventeen, he enlisted in the U.S Marine Corps with the goal of becoming a career fighter pilot, but by the time he was accepted to attend the Naval Academy, he had learned that the only work that could ever truly satisfy him was the creation of the kind of visions that had inspired him through his youth After completing his four year enlistment, he launched his writing career.His first short story was published in 1991 by the Atlantean Press Review To support himself while writing, he waited tables, worked as a security guard, stocked groceries and worked the graveyard shift at a mail processing center While working a desk job at an auction firm, he began seeking paying work in line with his artistic proclivities After teaching himself how to paint, he began taking portrait commissions while working at his easel in a local park, and was soon exhibiting at art fairs.The Quent Cordair Fine Art gallery was opened in 1996 in Burlingame, California, where the work of other painters and sculptors of like vision were offered in addition to Quent s own portraiture, figuratives, landscapes and still lifes, now collected by an international clientele In 2008, Quent and his wife, Linda, moved the gallery to its present location in downtown Napa, where today they offer the finest selection of Romantic Realism in the world Quent s present artistic efforts are devoted to his writing in addition to publishing short stories, he is completing a novel of grand scope, inspired by his life s journey and passions The Cordairs live in Napa with their cats, Lexie and Sadie, and their border collie, Mollie.


    This short screenplay is a tight, concentrated burst of heroism It is a fast read but a gripping, exquisite portrayal of a somewhat unexpected hero If stories were coffee this would be a double shot Americano in a go cup Political correctness is nowhere to be found here Mujahid presents a showdown between rational, life loving good and murderous, depraved, mystical evil I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that some brave filmmaker will give this tale the big screen treatment that it deserves Cordai [...]

    I think this might be the first screenplay I ve ever read, so I don t know how the others are, but Mr Cordair did an excellent job of creating the scenes for me, so that I could see exactly what the characters are doing I loved the ability to visualize them entirely in my head His scenes came to life for me And the dialogue was excellent A powerful read and a brave story that had me cheering at the end.

    Quent Cordair
    3 on s Screenplay Bestseller list, 1 in Hot New Releases The story of two immigrant brothers on a bus ride to downtown Chicago Jasim, the younger, wants nothing than to see the Christmas tree lighting and the holiday decorations in the store windows Husam, the older brother, has different plans for the shopping district Running time 30 minutes A screenplay jihadists will hate and civilized people will love Daniel Wahl, The Objective Standard.

    Just read it while waiting for a plane Wow I couldn t wait to praise this work, so I ll need to write a better review later A slice of reality and social commentary that the politically correct will be afraid to touch A hot topic brought down to earth, to the stark, concrete, personal level A quick read that will take a long time to digest.

    Steven Sheppard
    This was a quick, moving read I read it in its entirety in one sitting, and gave it a standing ovation at the end It s an easily accessible little story, with a nicely woven plot Cordair s writing in the Romantic Realism genre is nothing short of masterly Like his Lunch Break collection, readers can feast their eyes on this one during their lunch break, and walk away fully satisfied by its ending And like said collection, I ll be giving this one five stars, too A cleverly executed detonation by [...]

    A pretty good short story.

    • Mujahid Best Read || [Quent Cordair]
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