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  • Title: Deadly Innocence
  • Author: Scott Burnside Alan Cairns
  • ISBN: 9780446601542
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback

  • Deadly Innocence Best Read || [Scott Burnside Alan Cairns] - Deadly Innocence, Deadly Innocence Karla and Paul seemed like the picture perfect newlyweds but were really a pair of vicious killers who abducted sexually tortured and murdered innocent schoolgirls videotaping their evil acts in su
    Scott Burnside Alan Cairns
    Scott Burnside Alan Cairns Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Deadly Innocence book, this is one of the most wanted Scott Burnside Alan Cairns author readers around the world.


    How I Came To Read This Book When Karla Homolka was on her way out of prison, I really had no idea who she was or what she d done My dad spazzed and gave my sister and I each a book that covered the notorious couple of Paul Bernardo Homolka, and I read this one I read the other one a couple of years later The Plot Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo are two of Canada s most legendary serial killers having murdered three young girls including most disturbingly, Homolka s sister mere weeks before thei [...]

    So I keep reading true crime when what I actually want to be reading are the custodial offender interview reports from the Behavioral Sciences Unit Those are slightly harder to get your hands on not impossible, though And one of these days I m just going to have to stop reading true crime as a pale, pale substitute, because, well, insert a brief essay here on the many reasons true crime is inherently problematic.This particular book is actually half decent Paul Bernardo raped an uncertain number [...]

    It almost feels wrong to give this book 5 stars when I really try not to give a book 5 stars unless it s brilliant but for a true crime this is above and beyond Sometimes it was painfully hard to read what these two disturbed adults did but that was because the author really captured the depth of the terrifying story.

    Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh
    Canada s own Barbie Ken gone very bad a well written, extremely disturbing story At the time this was happening I followed it religiously in the news as did most Canadians, read a couple of other books on it as well I m still trying to figure out Karla Was she just a mind twisted victim as this author implies or a cold, calculating piece of crap Jury is still out on that one

    Sabrina Rutter
    One of the most shocking stories I have ever read.

    This review may contain spoilers Read at your own risk Deadly Innocence is a true crime novel about the famous Canadian couple, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka They are famous for abducting, torturing, and murdering innocent school girls, as well as videotaping their evil acts Paul was also a notorious rapist.This was a very hard book to get through I decided to read this a while after watching the movie, Karla The book goes into a whole lot detail than the movie does The book is written well e [...]

    Angela Risner
    This book is an account of the Ken and Barbie Murderers of Canada, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka For those of you who haven t heard of the formerly married serial rapists murderers, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka met when she was 17 and he was 23 Paul, at the time, had started raping young women at that point Karla indulged his activities and even started participating in them Together they raped quite a few girls and killed at least three young girls, including Karla s younger sister They bo [...]

    Usually I hate these mass market paperback exploitations of well known cases, and why do they always have such ridiculously lame titles but a co worker handed it to me and I had to pass my late night shift somehow Plus which, I was sort of interested based on the fact that Paul Bernardo s mere ownership of a copy of American Psycho was enough for my censorious sisters in feminism to call for its banning.It s at least fairly readable, though the recalled dialogue by Bernardo and Karla Homolka s [...]

    Kimberly Hicks
    This is one of those stories that will leave your mouth gaped open throughout the read The things this couple did to young women are only things lurking in a deranged person s nightmares If you ve ever seen the movie, Natural Born Killers, this couple sort of puts you in the same frame of mind How you could torture innocent people all for the sake of your sexual pleasure, is something I will never understand about some human nature I believe in honoring your marriage, but there are some things a [...]

    I d love to be able to rate this book highly due to the fascinating subject matter but sadly it is so poorly written and edited that it could only ever pass as okay Full stops in the middle of sentences but frequently not at the ends quotation marks at the start of quotes and not at the ends incorrect words and various other bloopers pepper the pages The book is also awash with useless information that could easily have been cut do we really need to know the family background of a passing polic [...]

    Hayley Scarlett
    While the content of the novel was interesting and provides insight into the relationship from close friends and acquaintances, I found the severe lack of editing very distracting Almost every single page had a spelling or grammatical error, some that were very basic While I am not normally one to complain or review books, I was incredibly disappointed with my money spent on this novel I was hoping that as the book went on it would improve, but with each chapter I noticed and It got to the poi [...]

    Paige Turner
    What happens when a serial rapist meets a narcissist with psychopathic histrionic personality disorder This This happens from an review This book may be well researched, but the writing is poor and filled with easy to spot typos and errors that even the least bit of editing should have caught Additionally, the author seems to bend over backwards trying to excuse Karla Homolka, a truly abysmal excuse of a human being, for raping, torturing and murdering young women Her husband, Paul Bernardo, was [...]

    Rebecca McNutt
    Oh my god, I can t believe that something this actually happened Canadian crimes don t often make true crime novels save for ones like Life With Billy but when they do it s usually for a reason The fact that people could do this is just sick, but at least the killers were brought to justice by the police.

    Sick pukes


    Very interesting, but quite possibly the most disturbing book I ve ever read.

    Eva Leger
    I ve read a lot of true crime books over the years and I ve never failed to be able to bring this to mind when I think of the word monsters I don t recall enough anything actually about the actual writing so I can t say much there I gave it three stars for that reason.The monsters who this book is about What can I say What hasn t been said already Karla s nasty ass is incredibly lucky because she should have been tortured for her role in the murders Karla is disgusting than what s his name by a [...]

    This is the true story of Karla Homolka A woman who with her new husband raped, tortured and killed several women and took part in the rape and murder of her little sister I picked this up at a one shelf book exchange while traveling having no idea what the book was about and probably wouldn t have gotten it if I had realized how graphic some of the rape scenes were That was years ago and I have never forgotten this book.True crime lovers will love this book There are pictures in it too wedding [...]

    I know a bit about the story of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo from family members who lives in Ontario, so I was anxious to read this book when it was loaned to me by a friend I am also a fan of Ann Rule s true crime books I thought this book was well organized, thorough, and a quick read Very disturbing story, that leaves you questioning the wife s participation.

    Gina Folkersen
    The content of this book was quite informative yet I had a hard time getting past all the mistakes in spelling that gives the impression the book was rushed and not edited properly if at all I thought it was a good book in the fact that it tells the story well but I did find it hard to get through the details of the indignities and murders of Tammy, Kristen and Leslie May they RIP

    Kathy Przyborowski
    This was a fairly long book, but definately a must to any true crime aficionado This book never has a dull moment, there was even a movie inspired by this story, Karla This is the true story of statutory rape, abuse physical emotional , murder, sexual perversion and what some woman will do and put up with for love.

    Kim Ronse
    Sorry, I was not going to rate this book and that is my bias, but I freed my mind of the crime and reminded myself that I was rating the writing and book not the crimeThe book was written very well and if someone wanted to find out what happened in these two peoples lives then it is a good read.

    This book was interesting, but it wasn t really about the schoolgirl murders in Canada that took place in the early 90 s The majority of the book centers on the relationship between Paul Bernado and Karla Homolka So if you want to read a book about the complicated dynamics of a sexual sadist relationship, this book is a good read Otherwise, I wouldn t recommend it.

    Aimee Davis
    The true story is beyond fascinating I ve read everything there is to read about it Including most of Karla s actual deposition I don t know what the author was thinking, but this was absolutely unreadable bullshit If you want a quick overview of the case, watch the movie Karla If you want in depth information, read the news This book is utter egoistical crap.

    This proves once and for all that you can t judge a book by its cover An excellent account of Canada s Ken and Barbie killers, a story of kidnapping, rape, and murder of children no author could make up.

    Claire Weber
    After this book, you will be left with a new sense of thinking Why did they do it Was she a victim or a killer Why weren t they stopped earlier This book was sick and sad but really good If you like true crime and can handle sick murder on young girls, then read it, but be prepared.

    A fascinating story Almost impossible to believe that two people could be so evil I read this book on a kindle and was really distracted by all the print errors Don t know if the paper edition was the same Still, the story was so compelling that I tried to ignore the typos.

    Morgan M.
    This is disturbing, dark, and riveting I don t understand how people can be so cruel and cold, but I love to read about it It is fascinating to me If you have a weak stomach or you are scared of the dark Don t read this one

    Toshia Doak
    Good read though I came out of it feeling confused on Karla which doesn t sit well with me cause before the book I was convinced she was a monster think I ll have to read and try to get a better feel It had a lot of information you don t see in even the best documentaries though.

    way graphic than I am used toor true crime writingwritten for sensationalism than for delving into psychological issues or true detective workt so good.

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