Á Infinity Squad 2 ☆ Shuvom Ghose

  • Title: Infinity Squad 2
  • Author: Shuvom Ghose
  • ISBN: 9781311665669
  • Page: 171
  • Format: ebook

  • Á Infinity Squad 2 ☆ Shuvom Ghose - Infinity Squad 2, Infinity Squad It s a rough universe out there To escape a murderous alien planet and even murderous chain of command Second Lieutenant Jonah Forrest had to fake his own death by actually killing himself and his m
    Shuvom Ghose
    Shuvom Ghose is a Libertarian who escaped to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project and could not be happier He loves writing science fiction along with his wife Llalania, and he promises that, if 1,000 people buy and love Infinity Squad , there will be a sequel If you have comments, find typos, or just want to talk about his books, please contact him through.


    Scotts Kindle
    Good as the first just differentThis was also a good book Not as humorous as the first one but with all the other assets I deducted a star for the way the story switched between who point of view was narrating I got loss there a couple of times going Why would X say that Oh it is the other guy talking now

    Walter Terberg
    Best Kindle book I ve read in a while.I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something different in the science fiction military category The book was funny and wasn t the usual superhero crap that passes for writing these days.

    Torbein Rønning
    When the shit hits the fan the story gets kind of complicated and really fun Excellent book

    Karen Parker
    WellI did so enjoy this book, mostly, but that was just my impatience to know what happened next I will try any future books as well.

    • Á Infinity Squad 2 ☆ Shuvom Ghose
      171 Shuvom Ghose
    Infinity Squad 2