✓ The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folktales ☆ Diane Wolkstein Elsa Henriquez

  • Title: The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folktales
  • Author: Diane Wolkstein Elsa Henriquez
  • ISBN: 9780394933900
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover

  • ✓ The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folktales ☆ Diane Wolkstein Elsa Henriquez - The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folktales, The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales A collection of Haitian folktales for readers of all ages Illustrated by Elisa Henriquez
    Diane Wolkstein Elsa Henriquez
    Diane Wolkstein was a folklorist and author of children s books She also served as New York City s official storyteller from 1968 1971.As New York s official storyteller, Wolkstein visited two of the city s parks each weekday, staging hundreds of one woman storytelling events After successfully talking her way into the position, she realized there was no margin for error, she said in a 1992 interview I mean, it was a park The children would just go somewhere else if they didn t like it She also had a radio show on WNYC, Stories From Many Lands, from 1968 until 1980, and she helped create the Storytelling Center of New York City.Wolkstein authored two dozen books, primarily collections of folk tales and legends she gathered during research trips She made many visits to China, Haiti and Africa.Wolkstein was born in Newark, New Jersey and grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey Her father Henry was an accountant and her mother Ruth was a librarian She received a bachelor s degree from Smith College and a master s degree in education from Bank Street College of Education While living in Paris, she studied mime under tienne Decroux.Wolkstein was in Taiwan to research a book of Chinese folk stories when she underwent emergency surgery for a heart condition She died in the city of Kaohsiung at the age of 70.


    Kressel Housman
    I ve never been a particularly big fan of folklore, but I was curious about this particular collection because its stories are from Haiti The Haitian diaspora is big in New York, so I ve had Haitian friends and acquaintances since high school It seemed time I learned about their culture what I ve gotten mostly from our conversations is mostly about the immigrant experience This book tells me a little about the world they left behind.The book is structured like a collection of short stories, bu [...]

    Mary Catelli
    Folktales collected in the field She introduces each one with notes about collecting it, but they are not simply recorded Indeed, one, she knew she wanted it, but she had to listen to a dozen version before she could tell it as a tale, pulling them all together.The title Magic Orange Tree helps the stepdaughter and is less pleasant to the stepmother The Singing Bone is, in fact, a tale of the type of The Juniper Tree The Mother of Waters has a new variant on the kind and unkinds girls We have Th [...]

    This is a good collection of Haitian folktales I enjoyed the backstory for each tale of the teller and how she came to hear the story Also the inclusion of melodies for the songs is very helpful.

    Diane Wolkstein is a professional story teller and collector of folktales, and this is a collection that she built after many visits to Haiti in the 70s going from town to town and recording them She s got 27 in this book, along with the music and lyrics for the songs that go with some of them Many of them feature the antics of Dog, Cat, Owl, and Turtle Others show us how young girls and boys can get the best of their evil stepmothers All of them teach local wisdom.Each story is forwarded by a r [...]

    Seems like ever since I read Mountains Beyond Mountains for book club things about Haiti are popping up all around me I heard of this book through a folktale blog I started reading recently and decided to read it just for fun It really was interesting to read folktales that are completely different from what I m used to In fact, they re so different from what I know that I really didn t understand the point of most of them That didn t make it unenjoyable, it just made me realize that because our [...]

    Lo nico que har a mejor a este libro ser a que tuviera un dvd con ejemplos de las narraciones en boca de cuentacuentos haitianos, sobre todo porque en la introducci n a cada historia Diane Wolkstein hace mucho nfasis en los estilos de narrar y en la interacci n de los narradores con su p blico.Las historias, por su parte, son hermosas y dicen mucho, no s lo de Hait , sino de la humanidad Como consigna el libro que dijo el pintor Andr Pierre Los secretos de la vida est n en las historias.

    Daniel Simmons
    A diverting collection of folktales, made all the delightful by the fact that I was staying in a Haitian village when I read them One of the guesthouse workers recited to me over a shared bottle of Prestige his own version of The Magic Orange Tree , and it was fun to match up the similarities and differences from what Wolkstein writes down here.

    These folk tales were collected during many storytelling sessions held over several years throughout Haiti I found that most of the stories end in completely unexpected ways, and include surprising, seemingly anachronistic references An interesting introduction to Haitian story culture.

    Rogue Reader
    True woo woo, the voodoo of Haiti Cautionary tales, reflecting universal themes couched in the dialect and cultural experiences of the place Love the ethnographic introduction to each story.

    Definitely a fun read Interesting and colorful Enjoyed it very much.

    • ✓ The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folktales ☆ Diane Wolkstein Elsa Henriquez
      440 Diane Wolkstein Elsa Henriquez
    The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folktales