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  • Title: Broken Pleasures
  • Author: M.S. Parker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • ↠ Broken Pleasures ☆ M.S. Parker - Broken Pleasures, Broken Pleasures Every night when I go to sleep I wonder if I m going to see them hear them feel them For thirteen years my life was hell and now I m just trying to keep all the broken pieces together so I can ha
    M.S. Parker
    M S Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Priv and Chasing Perfection Living in Southern California, she enjoys sitting by the pool with her laptop writing on her next spicy romance.Growing up all she wanted to be was a dancer, actor or author So far only the latter has come true but M S Parker hasn t retired her dancing shoes just yet She is still waiting for the call for her to appear on Dancing With The Stars When M S isn t writing, she can usually be found reading oops, scratch that She is always writing Connect with M S Parker on facebook msparkerauthor


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    FREE on US today 2 7 2015 BLURB Every night, when I go to sleep, I wonder if I m going to see them, hear them, feel them For thirteen years, my life was hell and now I m just trying to keep all the broken pieces together so I can have a somewhat normal life Then I had to meet him and everything changed Twenty two year old Jenna Lang is one of the best computer techs in Colorado, if not the country Known for her eccentric appearance as much as for her intelligence, she keeps all of her secrets cl [...]

    What a good prequel I m hooked On to the next.

    Just waiting for Forbidden Pleasures now.As it says this is a prequel to Forbidden Pleasures and as such it did its job, it gave enough to entice and intrigue This is an interesting read the main female character Jenna is incredible, she s strong, intelligent and independent she makes no excuses for the fact that she likes sex, on her terms and rarely using the same partner than once She s tattooed and her hair is currently bright blue and she makes no excuses for who she is but then she s so m [...]

    S.M. Harshell
    Jenna Lang is a self made woman with a past She needs the no strings attached sex, her choice, her control, her rules Her appearance reflects her attitude, the blue hair, tattoos, and piercings all make people underestimate her She owns her own computer tech business and she is in demand for her skills Rylan Archer is a self made billionaire that keeps trying to hire Jenna as his head tech Rylan makes Jenna willing give up some of the control she needs Can he have her changing her rules I enjoye [...]

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    As usual Ms Parker didn t disappoint with the start of this new series She is easily becoming one my favourite authors in this genre.This is a prequel to her new Pleasures series and I cant wait for the next instalment Forbidden Pleasures to be released.This sets you up for Jenna and Rylan and I really want to know about Jenna s past that leads her to be so adverse to closeness if that is even the right term for what I am trying to say Jenna uses guys for sex and on her terms and never with sam [...]

    Veronica LaRoche
    What an amazing story I am loving Jenna People shouldn t judge who you are by what u look like and that is what happens to Jenna We get a glimpse of what happened to Jenna When she meets Rylan I just couldn t get enough of them together Amazing story and can t wait to see what happens next

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    STARS 5POV FirstSERIES YesCLIFFHANGER No but left you wanting Jenna is not your girl next door She is far from innocent and sweet She uses men for one purpose and one purpose only Men are just an outlet to have an orgasm and it s always on her terms Jenna is always in control and never does a repeat performance She is self employed and is good at what she does she s a computer tech Jenna is pierced, tattooed, with blue dyed hair Not what you would say your average computer tech would look like [...]

    Bring on the next one This was a quick read but boy did it get the job done I m hooked I m interested to see how things progress between Jenna and Rylan.Jenna Lang is a brilliant freelance computer tech who is tatted up, has blue hair and keeps people at a distance She s used to being judged because of her appearance and has some secrets that prevent her from getting close to anyone She calls the shots, fucks with her eyes open and doesn t mix business with pleasure Then she meets gorgeous, equa [...]

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team Broken Pleasures is the prequel to Forbidden Pleasures Broken Pleasures gives us a glimpse into Jenna Lang s life and touches briefly on how things were when she was younger Rylan Archer is a self made billionaire who seeks out Jenna s help with a security breach at his software company The attraction between Jenna and Rylan is electric and I can t wait to see what happens in Forbidden Pleasures We got a taste of [...]

    This was a good start to a potentially hot series I do hate serials, but couldnt resist this one I love the writer s frank style Jenna Lang is everything that a woman shouldnt be brash, independant and forward I m dying to know the whole of her secrets The bits and pieces of what we do get only fueled my curiosity Rylan was a complete mystery I expected him to rush in and take charge He didn t, he let her set the pace and lead their encounters I can t wait to see where these two go It s a terrib [...]

    Kendra Needs
    Oh wow i need me a Rylan or twoyou will never be disappointed in a book from ms parkerJenna lang is a freelance computer tech but you would never know it with her blue hair and tattoos and piercings buy shes good at what she does and is in high demand when she takes a job for archer enterprises she is immediately attracted to rylan archer But is she really there to do a job or for other reasons when she learns rylan has done his research on her Jenna is set to go away to a conference for a weeke [...]

    Jenna is my favorite heroine from Ms Parker She s strong, smart, independent and damaged Computer geeks are a rare breed and Jenna just fits in, right along with Rylan Brains are extremely attractive, having a snarky attitude adds sexiness Her uniqueness is intentional and beautiful, tattoos and jewelry are meant to test people s reactions Rylan looks past it and sees her, without challenge just understanding But, she is damaged as is hinted through nightmares and comments Can Rylan bring her pe [...]

    Dena Munoz
    OMG,this writing goddess has done it again Broken pleasure 0.5 the prequel is so hot,sexy,lustful,and may I say you will be on pins and needles until the series comes out in February Come on m.s parker that alone is torture but throw in all the great chemistry and the chase between jenna and rylan and all the intrigue and suspense, now that is just pure torture and sineful, but this writing goddess really knows how to tell a story and leave you craving Will jennas past haunt her future or will [...]

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    Broken and Beautiful Scarred but Brilliant Hiding but in plain sight Lenna Lang is in computer secutiries and writing code for your business protection is her specialty Self employed and contracting herself out has left her exactly how she wants to beIN CONTROL Until she meets her next client Archer.This is a serial series that will have you squirming in your seat to get to the next page Sensual and scorching Archer can turn the ever stron willed Jenna inot a puddle of goo And she loves and hate [...]

    Ruthie Taylor
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I am a big fan of Ms Parker s and this teaser prequel gives every indication of another super series coming our way I could be best friends with both the main protagonists, and definitely will enjoy being a voyeur on their future encounters Snap this up quick whilst it is free, and get set for the ride

    I have read quite a few of this author s series so far and if the prequel is any indication, Broken Pleasures is going to be another one that I love Jenna is a firecracker she has plenty of secrets in her past waiting to be revealed but she comes across as an intelligent and beautiful woman who rocks blue hair and tattoos Rylan may be a billionaire CEO but we get glimpses of a normal fairly down to earth guy inside the hot, polished exterior When they are in the same room, you can feel the sizzl [...]

    Wow Introducing Jenna in this prequel was brilliantly written With valuably hidden messages and cleverly detailed scenarios, M.S Parker s newest series is going to be outstanding Jenna s sexual desires, intelligence and a secretive past kept me intrigued throughout the book Unveiling her darkest hopes and fears is going to be tough Can she allow anyone to penetrate her walls Will Rylan push her too far Or win her over Broken Pleasures 0.5 has a message and it was well received I can t wait for F [...]

    An ARC copy was provided in exchange for an honest review Well hot damn I m in need of PLEASE Jenna is totally the kind if chic that moves to the rhythm of her own drum and she kicks ass at it Definitely proves that people should not judge others based on their looks.Oh And Rylan I sooo love a man who is a massive hottie with some smarts success I ll take one please Dying to see what s to come for this duo M.S Parker you always blow me away with your books A MUST READ, for sure

    LOVE Jenna LOVE Rylan Two very intelligent people that are computer whizzes and yet, so different As are all of M.S Parker s books, this one is a great book Jenna is out there Hopefully we find out why she is the way she is with sex, as the series progresses Most of M.S Parker s books having me screaming NO at the very end, but this one had me laughing and saying yeah right, good luck with that one Looking forward to the next book in this series A must read, for sure

    Gill Selling
    So many questions in my head after reading this prequel M S parker gives you just enough information, to pull you into the story I like the character Jenna Lang I feel as her story emerges so will my emotions Will the sexy billionaire Rylan Archer, be able to get through her impenetrable walls This story is only going to get hotter and darker Just my kind of book Cannot wait for the next book in the series

    Jenna lang is not what everyone would think she is bright, sexy ,colorful computer Tec and with a past but as you read in this story she does know what she is and herself I find I like the book even though I m not knowledgeable on computers myself but I can t wait to see how this character and this series of books plays out love m.s parkers books.

    Sónia Tigol
    What an amazing story.Although a short read this prequel caught my attention and left me wanting I wanted to know about Jenna s past.I love Jenna and Rylan They are two very intelligent people that are computer gods and yet, so different They look great together.I m looking forward to the next book in this series A must read, for sure

    Keisha Ballew
    Omg M.S Parker has done it again Just when I think she could not write a better series she writes another one and I fall in love all over again I have to say so far Jenna is my favorite heroine of all M.S s characters She does not take crap from anyone and takes care of herself I can already tell this is gonna be my favorite series by far

    J.L. Clayton
    HotThis was such a good hot tease Now I have to get the whole book so I know what s happening Loved it.

    Good ReadFirst time reading a book by this Author and I thought this was a great read and can t too see what s next.

    Awesome series However, it does flash back to some horrible child abuse scenes I ve found a new writter that I love I m currently reading my 16th book of her s

    M.S. Parker
    A Prequel to Forbidden Pleasures.

    It was okThis was a ok book I have red better and I have read worseNow onto the next one to see if isbetter

    I love this author s books, she is one of my favourite authors.I loved this book from start to finish.I love the characters and the story.

    Jenna Lang is one of the best computer techs in Colorado but no one would know it by looking at her Jenna owns her own company, sets her own hours and she loves it as she can keep people at a distance She fights every day to have a normal life after the abuse she suffer when she was younger When Billionaire Rylan Archer hires her to help him out with a problem, Jenna is than happy but little does she know that he is testing out her skills The problem is Jenna is attracted to him and she doesn t [...]

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