The Vow Best Read || [Jody Hedlund]

  • Title: The Vow
  • Author: Jody Hedlund
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Vow Best Read || [Jody Hedlund] - The Vow, The Vow In this ebook historical romance novella by Jody Hedlund young Rosemarie finds herself drawn to Thomas the son of the nearby baron But just as her feelings begin to grow a man carrying the Plague i
    Jody Hedlund
    Winner of the 2016 Christian Book Award for fiction and Christy Award for historical romance, best selling author Jody Hedlund writes inspirational historical romances for both youth and adults.Jody lives in central Michigan with her husband, five busy children, and five spoiled cats Although Jody prefers to experience daring and dangerous adventures through her characters rather than in real life, she s learned that a calm existence is simply not meant to be at least in this phase of her life.When she s not penning another of her page turning stories, she loves to spend her time reading, especially when it also involves consuming coffee and chocolate.


    Oh Annie, Annie, quite contrary Why do you purposefully choose to read books you KNOW you will not like You knew this was going to be a syrupy silly little love story that would only make you roll your eyes Why do you still pick it up I have a problem with suspension of disbelief and YA stuff This novella was CLEARLY not for me, but I gave it a chance, because it looked cute, the cover was pretty, it was a Kindle freebie, and yeah, okay, I was lured and I fell into the trap It s not a bad little [...]

    Irene Sim
    I finally had the chance to read this novella It is a prequel to the series and it s about young Rosemarie, one of my favorite historical heroines Rosamarie has the purest heart, is a small gem, and reading this small story about her made me love her even Of course I already know her story because I ve read the next book, but it was a sweet read nonetheless.

    Prequel to An Uncertain Choice Not necessary to read prior to reading An Uncertain Choice Short story that takes place when Rosemarie is 14 and gives details about her parents death and her learning about the Vow.Content Clean

    Jody Hedlund s books have long been on my radar, but until recently time and my overwhelming TBR stack did not see me diving into her writing But with the upcoming release of her first young adult medieval, An Uncertain Choice, rapidly approaching seriously, March 3rd cannot come soon enough to suit me , I knew 2015 would have to be the year I finally discovered why Hedlund has such an enthusiastic following If you don t believe me, check out the HedlundChallenge2015 on Twitter The Vow introduce [...]

    Going for the middle rating here It wasn t particularly brilliant, but enjoyable for the most part there were a few editing goofs that niggled at me I d tried to start Uncertain Choice in the past and this definitely helped me understand some of what was going on in the book, so it does need to be read first I didn t like the portrayal of torture, simply because I don t like to think of it that s a personal thing, where I prefer to forget such atrocities happened to humans ButI hadn t been sure [...]

    Sooo good Had me from page one I finished it and immediately went out and got the next oneAn Uncertain Choice It is only 1.99, which is great Moral Note Some talk of medieval torture, clean language, clean romance.

    The Vow is the prequel to An Uncertain Choice The time period is very well written The characters are real and fresh I m not usually a novella fan but this one gets five stars from me I love Jody Hedlund s books I know this one is written for younger readers but I m 39 and I loved it

    This was a good little novella Even though it didn t end with a cliffhanger, it still left me curious to see what the future holds for Lady Rosemarie Will be reading An Uncertain Choice next

    When I heard last year that Jody Hedlund was coming out with a YA novel this year, I may have squealed just a little I adore her books I m pretty sure the Hedlund Challenge of 2015 might be a rather large clue and can trust her talent in any genre Next month An Uncertain Choice releases and I can t wait for y all to get a chance to read it go ahead and pre order it here Until then, a prequel novella is out This is one of the best novellas I ve read I ve mentioned before I m not a fan of them bec [...]

    This sweet novella follows 14 year old Rosemarie as she navigates budding feelings and hopes for a happy future with a great young man Written in the first person point of view, hearing Rosemarie s thoughts gave this novella a fresh perspective I think changing the POV for her new YA series is a great move for Jody.I have to say my favorite aspect of this novella was Rosemarie s parents I loved the picture of her parents love and relationship and how it was something Rosemarie longed for in her [...]

    C.B. Cook
    This was a nice quick read, it only took me a couple hours I knew what was going to happen because I read the first chapter of An Uncertain Choice before I started this But it was a really nice novella and great for background to An Uncertain Choice.

    The Vow a short prequel to Jody Hedlund s YA Debut An Uncertain Choice serves to whet the appetite for the main course introducing the major characters, and the background of the plot and promising a hint of romance I would call it a sweet story but the sad ending rather renders that meaningless its tightly plotted and for the most part well written considering the use of the first person narrative The Medieval setting was generally well done high praise indeed from a Medievalist such as myself, [...]

    This novella wasn t really amazing or thrilling to me It wasn t terrible but it didn t grab my attention and keep me interested I found the plotline a tad boring and I thought that the adventure of the book was depleted once you learned the vow that Rosemarie s parents made in trade of her birth It kind of felt dreary once you found out every dream she d ever had was no longer an option for her and she had no choice about her future plans and life I imagine this book would be interesting to re [...]

    Sylvia Ney
    This is a novella, but is meant to be a prequel to an upcoming release and not a stand alone tale I m not a fan of prequels, and this one didn t improve my opinion.While I enjoyed the authors description of setting and wanted to love the heroine, I was a bit confused about the possible love interest I usually fall for him right along with the heroine, but this time I kept wondering if he was meant to be a bad guy, or even an important one at all.This publication marks the beginning of Hedlund s [...]

    SUMMARY Young Rosemarie finds herself drawn to Thomas, the son of the nearby baron But just as her feelings begin to grow, a man carrying the Plague interrupts their hunting party While in forced isolation, Rosemarie begins to contemplate her future could it include Thomas Could he be the perfect man to one day rule beside her and oversee her parents lands Then Rosemarie is summoned back to her castle in haste The disease has spread, and her family is threatened And the secret she discovers when [...]

    Jennifer Pritchard
    I had to take a break from my other book and I decided to read this novella that I ve had for some time Who doesn t love a great romance J Hedlund is one of my favorite romance writers and I loved the chemistry between these two characters They never even touch each other but Wow , the sparks were flying I thought is was written very well for only being 50 something pages I can t wait to see how this ends I m hooked and I m pulling for team Thomas.

    What a great little teaser for Jody s brand new YA medieval series I was annoyed to find a handful of typos in a finished manuscript, but that s not the story s fault Now I REALLY can t wait to read An Uncertain Choice

    The historical accuracy is pretty spot on The author certainly doesn t shy away from the gruesome aspects of the Dark Ages Doubtless the reason i didn t particularly care for it Not my favorite period in history.

    This prequel was good I don t usually read prequels but I really enjoyed this I can t wait to read An Uncertain Choice

    Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    A heartbreaking prequel Review to come.

    I love Jody Hedlund s stories, and so I picked up this novella knowing it would be a prequel to her novel, An Uncertain Choice These short novellas are popular to entice readers to purchase the longer books It s a good marketing strategy plus it gives the reader a perk by adding depth to the full length novel.However, this one falls short I haven t read An Uncertain Choice yet but I have a feeling that The Vow will be a meaningful story after reading the full length novel than before In The Vow [...]

    I found this Novella on my Kindle after I read all the books in this series and wish I had remembered I had it and read it first This is the story of how Lady Rosemarie, from the first book, An Uncertain Choice, came to discover the Vow her parents had made regarding her future Lady Rosemarie has been promised to serve God beginning the day she turns eighteen, but she does not know this until she is fourteen and her parents die of the Plague Does she have to give up her fledgling romance with Lo [...]

    I suppose this was an alright novella It had to be a setup for the first book I just thought it was really sad and not much happy happened in it That was my biggest issue with the book Hopefully the first book turns out well so all this sadness will be worth it Haha I m of a happily ever after sort of person Although I understand not all books are or should be like that But this book novella was alright.

    This book does a good job of introducing Rosemarie, who becomes an orphan and heir to a fortune at the age of 14 However, I personnally feel that these 50 or so pages could have been included in the first book of the series quite adequately, without requiring two separate purchases.I was distracted by some grammatical errors that caused a pause to decipher Some, I never did ascertain exactly what they were suppose to mean.

    I enjoyed this novella prequel leading up to An Uncertain Choice It explains what happens to Rosemarie s parents and how her romance with Thomas was thwarted I wish I had read it before reading An Uncertain Choice, but still enjoyed reading it after.

    This prequel novella is a good introduction to the series It is well written and very moving I m glad I have read An Uncertain Choice, which is the book that follows after The Vow I m happy to know what ends up happening in Rosemarie s life and that happier days are ahead for her.

    Abigail Ford
    Not enough here to really give a review It was so short My review of the next book will probably be better There is material to cover

    It s the prequel to a book that I really liked, but the prequel itself didn t do much for me.

    Tragic story Fortunately, I was warned that it is only a set up for an uncertain choice.

    3.5 it s like an unfinished thought And a depressing one at that Since this is an author I have enjoyed in the past I m going to assume it s because she s trying on a new genre for size.

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