Unlimited Defending Hearts - by Shannon Stacey

  • Title: Defending Hearts
  • Author: Shannon Stacey
  • ISBN: 9780515155853
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Unlimited Defending Hearts - by Shannon Stacey - Defending Hearts, Defending Hearts The New York Times bestselling author of Under the Lights presents a novel of past triumphs present challenges and future happily ever afters They were the golden boys of fall Stewart Mills High Sch
    Shannon Stacey
    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shannon Stacey lives with her husband and two sons in New England, where her favorite activities are writing romance and really random tweets when she s not riding her ATV She loves mud, books, football watching way too much TV.


    Defending Hearts is the second installment in Shannon Stacey s contemporary romance series titled Boys of Fall I am a huge fan of Ms Stacey s Kowalski Family series and could read those books back to back all day long In comparison, the Boys of Fall series didn t start off to a promising start for me personally but this second installment felt much reminiscent of Ms Stacey s writing that I ve come to love I am happy to keep gobbling up this series along with anything else she chooses to write I [...]

    Originally posted on The Book NymphoPhotojournalist Alex Murphy returns to Stewart Mills following his trip there for the football fundraiser He plans to do a piece on the team and rents a room from Gretchen Walker and her grandmother at their farm Gretchen and Gram need some extra money and he needs a longer term place to stay What I enjoyed about the story was Alex s introspection about his life and career, examining what was really important and where he was heading I also appreciated Gretche [...]

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    Reviewed for herding cats burning soup amzn 1GC6rSeAhhh Shannon Stacey She s long been a favorite of mine and with this new series won me over all over again with a heart warming story of survival and hope The quick of it is that Alex has come home to do what he does bestl a story with photos And this small town that s trying to save itself is one he needs to tell It speaks to him Just like the woman he s rented a room from for his staySo 5 Things about Defending Hearts I loved the hero and hero [...]

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    I love having a go to author that I can always rely on to bring me a sweet romance Sometimes, in the rush of the real world, all you really need is a little escape into a small town and a little old fashioned true love This series began in the first book with the graduated high school alumni s gathering to save their small hometown s high school football program Defending Hearts picks up not long after the first left off, so it gives us an insight into how everyone has been doing since reuniting [...]

    I loved the premise synopsis and that is all I had issues with the heroine If I can t connect with the heroine, the book is basically over for me When I kept reading this, all I kept thinking was how hard the heroine was I love heroines who are strong, tough, and take care of their family, but her entire persona was hard The heroine lived with her grandmother and took care of the farm and I loved that However, the heroine to me was hard and bit cold Iceberg cold I have no idea why the hero liked [...]

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    Alex Murphy is a photojournalist who finds himself burned out after a teenager s cellphone picture went viral instead of his professional shots He s restless and needs a place to start over, so he decides to head back to his home town, Stewart Mills, to chronicle the efforts to save the high school football team and get the town s economy moving again Not planning to stay long, he rents a room from Gretchen Walker, a former classmate Gretchen Walker is a farm girl, homebody who helps take care o [...]

    I really like Shannon Stacey s books I haven t read every one for example I haven t read the first in this series , but I enjoy the refreshing lack of man whores, women in traditional romance novel jobs bakery, sweetshop , florid language, insta love, constant repetition of how hot the other MC is, and billionaires Her characters know how to use a computer and a smartphone and often do as a part of the plot I ve lost track of the number of times I ve thought oh shit, stupid plot mechanism coming [...]

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    Hotness Rating 3 out of 5Defending Hearts was a fantastic follow up to Under the Lights This second book of the Boys of Fall series made up for any of the little annoyances I had with the first book The pace was much faster, the characters had me invested from the very beginning and the story was well developed I love that this series is based on the original championship football team all grown up and finding their happy ever after Most of them have moved away, made lives of their own and for o [...]

    I liked this book, but I m finding lately that the conflicts aren t working for me in Shannon Stacey s stories This is the second book in the Boys of Fall series and features Alex Murphy and Gretchen Walker, who both made appearances in Under the Lights Alex is a photojournalist who s returned to his hometown of Stewart Mills to do a story on the town s high school football team and how the town is coping following an economic downturn Football and his coach helped keep Alex out of trouble as a [...]

    Every time Alex came to leave I was like YepI was probably emotionally involved than the main protagonist Gretchen

    4.5 stars After the angst and crazy books ive read lately I needed this such a refreshing sweet and funny story i want to be friends with Gretchen, Kelly and Jen and be terrible drunks each book gets better and better.

    Maria Rose
    You know that feeling you get when you ve got some warm comfy socks on, you re snuggled up in a blanket on the couch, with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book Maybe even your faithful canine companion curled up with you on the end of the couch That s how you ll feel after reading this book In fact, I recommend reading this story while doing all of the above, just to give you a double shot of the warm fuzzies.This is the second story in the Boys of Fall, a delightful small town romance series [...]

    I really like Shannon Stacey but this novel just didn t seem to do it for me I thought Alex was great but Gretchen s stubbornness bordered on coldness, and I just didn t think the romance was believable.

    Defending Hearts by Shannon Stacey captured my heart It was the type of story that walked you through the lives of two people falling in love It wasn t rushed and it wasn t an out of nowhere realization It was a slow building love based on trust and attraction Gretchen and Alex s love poured off of the pages of this story It included the perfect balance of home, work, love, and friendship.Gretchen Walker was a farm girl through and through She was raised by her grandparents and learned at an ear [...]

    Nancy Brady
    Full disclosure I received this novel as well as the previous one in the series as a First Reads giveaway, but that in no way affected the review.4.5 stars actuallyis second book in the Boys of Falls contemporary romance pairs one of the golden boys of the championship team with another of the women who planned the Eagles Fest fund raiser to save the current team.While the fund raiser was successful, there are some issues that still are festering in Stewart Mills, New Hampshire Gretchen is tryin [...]

    Jackie Lane
    4.5 stars

    I liked it but it was.t dramatic Not sure of the word I am looking for.t passionate enough Connection

    Alex MurphyGretchen WalkerRead May 2017 4 stars Book synopsis The New York Times bestselling author of Under the Lights presents a novel of past triumphs, present challenges, and future happily ever afters They were the golden boys of fall Stewart Mills High School s legendary championship football team Fourteen years later, they re back to relive their glory, save the team and find themselves again Globetrotting photographer Alex Murphy returns to Stewart Mills for a football fundraiser, but st [...]

    Margaret Reichert lesniak
    Enjoy the book and the storyline wish we had a epilogue.

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    Heather s review from Smut MattersFull disclosure on this book, I did buy a paperback copy of it, but my dogs ate it because they are jerks When I tweeted about it, Shannon Stacey was kind enough and probably laughing hard enough to send me another one So the source is technically both Purchased and Provided by awesome author.So this is book 2 in the Boys of Fall series I love Shannon Stacey s Kowalski series I stopped reading romance for a while a few years ago, and that was one of the series t [...]

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    Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWhen I read the first book in Shannon Stacey s Boys of Fall series, I liked it quite a bit but I was a bit disappointed in that the romance seemed lost in the story Don t get me wrong, the story was wonderful but I didn t feel like I had enough time with the couple to really love it In Defending Hearts, Ms Stacey gave me everything I could want in a romance and I loved this book the out of sorts hero, the strong and somewhat stubborn heroine [...]

    Defending Hearts by Shannon Stacey Coming to Grips with ChangeOriginal Post fangswandsandfairydust 201Aside from poor communications skills the couple in this story is an interesting combination of travel weary and stuck at home, of lost in a profession and lost in a need to belong.I enjoyed watching Alex, who is understanding than Gretchen, develop feelings for Gretchen without the idea of developing barriers to each other based on circumstance So single minded as to be blind to the obvious, G [...]

    A Klue
    An entertaining yet pretty predictable small town romantic read Alex, our handsome hero, is a renown photojournalist who soon becomes torn between pursuing his career and the possibility of a HEA with Gretchen, who he rents a room from when he returns to his old hometown He had returned earlier in Book 1 but still felt he needed to come back and reconnect some Though he went to high school with Gretchen, she was younger than him, and they never had much contact back then She is a hardworking fa [...]

    Barb Lie
    Defending Hearts by Shannon Stacey is the 2nd book in her Boys of Fall series The first book in this series was about finding ways to make enough money to keep the town high school football team playing, Chase and Kelly falling in love.Defending Hearts picks up a short time later, when Alex Murphy, one of the football players that had returned as a favor to help with the fundraiser, decides to return to Stewart Mills Alex is a photographer, and after being in Stewart Mills, he feels something is [...]

    Alex has been travelling all around the world as a famous photographer, but now with social media actual photographers are in a shortage and after spending some time in his hometown after just over a decade away , he found himself missing that feeling Now he has the time to head back home and since the community suffered during the recent recession he has a story that he feels he needs to write So he contacts Coach who puts him in touch with the Walkers and in particular Gretchen Walker as they [...]

    Defending Hearts Boys of Fall 2 by Shannon StaceyGlobetrotting photographer Alex Murphy returns to Stewart Mills for a football fundraiser, but stays to document the football team and the town s changes Since his project includes photos of the Walker farm, he rents a room there.Needing money to save the family farm, Gretchen Walker doesn t have time to deal with the sexy photographer in her house After all, Alex is a man with no sense of home, and to her, home is everything But when she finds he [...]

    I loved this book When we met Alex inUnder the Lights I immediately liked him His wayward spirit and carefree attitude drew me in from the start.After Alex s part in the Eagles Fest came to an end he found himself hanging around Stewart Mills to take pictures for an article he was working on about the high schools football team, and how the town was changing and handling the current economical state Needing a place to stay for the duration of his project he rents a room on the Millers farm Gretc [...]

    I wanted to fall in love with this book butI just fell in like with it Alex is returning back to Stewart mills because he needs a break and he feels like the story from the previous book isn t totally finished He rents a room at Gretchen s house for while he is there Gretchen doesn t live in the world Alex has been in but they start this romance knowing that he would leave Gretchen starts off wanting to avoid him but yet jump his bones at the same time I know Alex was there to get a story to hel [...]

    Deanna Sauer
    I fell in love with Shannon Stacey s writing style with the Kowalski s Series and gravitate towards anything she writes The sense of family she creates among her characters adds a heartwarming element to each romance novel Her obvious love of the outdoors shines through in almost every book, as the characters interact with one another camping, ATV s, fairs, gardening, riding And each character is well developed with a unique personality.But one of the things I love most about Shannon Stacey s wr [...]

    I liked this and it was a quick fun read It s just not my favorite Shannon Stacey book I liked Gretchen and Alex and I always enjoy the realism in Stacey s books It s a romance so you know they ll end up together but I like that people have to take jobs, houses, family, way of life, etc into account before they end up together Maybe it s a New England thing but I always feel like her books are populated with people I know I liked Gretchen and Alex but they were both kind of subdued personalities [...]

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