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  • Title: On the Edge of Love
  • Author: Shay Rucker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Zeus, the newest and most unstable member of a group of mercenaries known as Mama s Brood, is given the order to protect Sabrina Samora Sabrina knows beyond a doubt, the only person she can truly trust is herself letting anyone else in will inevitably lead to disaster.Problem Zeus has no respect for her boundaries Habitually indifferent to the desires and motivations oZeus, the newest and most unstable member of a group of mercenaries known as Mama s Brood, is given the order to protect Sabrina Samora Sabrina knows beyond a doubt, the only person she can truly trust is herself letting anyone else in will inevitably lead to disaster.Problem Zeus has no respect for her boundaries Habitually indifferent to the desires and motivations of others, Zeus wants Sabrina She has the power to muzzle his worst impulses and unbalance his world, and he means to have her.Will Zeus be able to protect Sabrina from the sociopathic killer obsessed with making her his own, will he lose her to her own impulse to run, or will they both discover that the world is a better place when you don t have to exist in it alone
    Shay Rucker
    Romance, fantasy, and horror may seem to be a strange combination for some, but I love reading these genres as much as I love writing in them I can t imagine my writing existing without elements of darkness and light.My perfect life The Sacred Trio, good health, loved ones, reading, writing, travel, adventure, and simply sitting down with someone and sharing who we are.


    DNF @50%, no rating. Ranty review posted May 20, 2016“I really want to fuck you,”“Now can we have sex?” “You’re out of your mind,” she said, plopping down on the side of the bed. “For real. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as single-minded as you.” “You probably never will. That’s just how it is. You have sex with me, the compulsion goes away, and we won’t need to do it ever again, won’t even have to talk to each other ever again. That’s the best part.” “You [...]

    Yup, those were my feelings throughout the entire book. It seemed like something new happened on almost every page. So, it's safe to say I didn't get bored, just the opposite, really. Lately, I find that the more books I read, the more I seem to be drawn towards the crazy dangerous heroes. And let me tell you, Zeus fits perfectly into that category.What he knew was the satisfaction that followed the hunt, the kill. Seriously, the man is a killing machine without conscience. There were times wher [...]

    Liked this more on second read. Also Zeus and his story has stuck with me. I really love his crazy ass! I really wish this author would write more but she seems to have dropped off the radar. Prior commentsSo I was cruising along and loving this book many funny thoughts and dialogues involving Zeus (a genuine sociopath). At a bit over 50%, I got bogged down. I think it might have been because I was too busy to really sit and read so I kept having to go back to it (not my normal style). Anyway, a [...]

    "Observing him, under the guise of sleep, she wondered what it would be like if he wasn't a brutal killer who danced on the edge of madness"This book surprised me is a very good way. At its most basic level the plot of this book is very familiar. A young woman, the heroine Sabrina, is the object of one man's sexual obsession. So much so that he sends people to kidnap her to bring her to him. Enter a shady private somewhat loosely organized paramilitary group known as Mama's Brood. They rescue Sa [...]

    He stood over her unconscious body with the soulless blade they'd given him fisted in his hand. The blade twitched rhythmically against his thigh as he scanned the empty building; then he reluctantly looked back at her. They'd left him here with her and the weapon, and he couldn't understand why. He knew they didn't trust him. They didn't even want him carrying his own blades, said he was prone to using them and he was. Couldn't help himself. Fighting his compulsion was like trying to fight grav [...]

    Holy crap, this book was epic! I have not enjoyed a heroine on this level since being introduced to Carter in the "Dangerous Beauty" series, yet I would say that Zeus is way more like Carter. Anyone who follows my reviews know that I have no time for wimpy, whiny, dumb women or alpha asshole "heroes". Thing is, he is not a hero and she's no heroine. YAY FOR THE ANTIHEROES! It turns out that I just love a good psycho. LOL! If this author does not put out another book, we are going to have issues. [...]

    Fre06 Begum
    3.5-4* this was so good I am totally in love with no filter Zeus! I liked Sabrina she was sweet funny and such a strong character but I will admit Zeus is what made this story for me. The only reason I didn't give this a higher star is because the ending felt too abrupt I wanted to see a longer scene with just them as a couple and to know if she was pregnant or not still really enjoyed the.

    ★ Codie Abibliophobic ★
    Originally reviewed on:Reader's Anonymous4.5 starts out of 5★ ★ ★ ★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★Pros: Zeus – Oh. My. God. When I first read the summary for this novel, I was more than a bit skeptical. To be more specific my reaction was, “Great! Another jackass, wannabe badass, ‘hero’ that’s shitty to the heroine who just takes it.” However, despite my doubts I continued and I’m extremely happy I did. Don’t get me wrong he’s arrogant, possessive, antisocial, and deadly but s [...]

    Gisèle Altagracia
    OMG Zeus, dude, you mentally disturbed fuck: I just love you! And Sabrina: I adore you! I dig just about everything in this book. The plot and story telling was tight and believable, the secondary characters were perfectly complimentary to the MCs, the heroine kicked ass and refused to be a whimpering fool waiting for the alpha albeit bat shit crazy hero to finally come save her, the banter between the characters was funny (I kept highlighting scenes and dialogues because they were so hilarious. [...]

    ZARIA (Sheldon Cooper lover)
    Is het perfect? No!!!!! Ok, I read a ton of romances and I will say one of the biggest challenges that authors face is how to move your plot line along without resorting to tropes, cliches or heroines that are, yes, TSTL. And I'm sorry, but Sabrina did turn into one of those ladies. Sometimes she made bizarre, frustrating decisions that will have you scratching your head. Anyway, also, there were some random dropped plot devices that, again, just sort of seemed "there" as a way to get the charac [...]

    Rosie J.
    4.5 StarsThreaten Sabrina and the beast will be unleashed! You've been warned.I'm always amazed when characters leap off the page and come to life. It's a testament to a great author and this story had me engaged from beginning to end.The Brood (a rag tag group of special forces anti-hero types) who try to give balance in an imbalanced world to those in need) rescues a kidnap victim (Sabrina) from a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. In the warehouse, we're introduced to Zeus in the most unusua [...]

    This was one of the best books I have read so far this year and we are now in November 2015.I could hardly find any grammar mistakes. The flow was good. Good writing, and plot. The characters were well enough built and enjoyed the twists and turns.Also there are sex scenes which are written well and don't go on as page fillers where I tend to skip past as they get boring after a while.Looking forward to the next books in the series and hope to read how this couple get on. Truly can only recommen [...]

    Musings of A Romance Junkie
    If you love a man who is lewd, rude, and crude with a healthy dose of bat-shit crazy, then yeah, you'll be intrigued enough to finish and maybe even love this book. Other than that, I got nothing

    The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    I haven't read a really well-crafted fucked up in the head type anti-hero since Zarek of Moesia from Dance with the Devil. Frankly, not every author has the skills to pull this type of character off, but Shay Tucker nails it damn near perfectly. Better yet, Rucker does not commit the epic sin of pairing such an over the top, no rules alpha with some idiotic shrinking violet.Zeus is all kinds of messed up. He has no filters. He is a killer. He likes his blades. That's really all you need to know. [...]

    This was really extreme. I mean, Zues is SEXY as hell, built like an Adonis, HILARIOUS, unstable, and crazy! But, this works for him. He is anything if not Honest! Any girl, including me,would love to have a Bad Ass Book Boyfriend like him. Sabrina was a really cool heroine. She had a very harsh childhood; but she didn't use that as an exscuse to be a shrinking violet or a bitch. She was relatable to most women. I like the Mercenary for Good theme. I can't wait to read the rest of Mama's Brood's [...]

    L. Jacobs
    The story starts out with Zeus standing over the unconscious body of Sabrina, his compulsion to kill is at a high and the unspirited blades are thrumming in is hands as he wonders what the hell he's supposed to be doing there- Enter her kidnappers and their quick deaths at the hands of our hero (anti-hero?) Lol! This is where it started to become extremely entertaining to me, Zeus is attracted to Sabrina and has another compulsion he wants relieved. He doesn't have any kind of social skills what [...]

    Zeus is not sure why his fellow mercenaries left an unconscious women in his care, he knows they don't trust him and frankly the beauty in front of him is too much to resist. Sabrina Samora awakens to find a brute of a man protecting her, heal so has no filter and makes his desire for her known. Sabrina quickly turns him down and focuses on what she needs to do to get out of the Mama's Broods protection, but understanding who the man is that kidnapped her makes no sense to her.Zeus steps up to b [...]

    3.5 RATING- After thinking about my rating for a couple days, I'm still not sure how I really feel. I'm thinking 3.0 RATING but then you throw in a growling, alpha, unstable, crazy-ass herod it gets bumped up a bit =) Seriously, the story was good in parts but dragged in a couple. The writing was okay, no editing issues,etc. I'm still torn but as a reader that can appreciate a guilty pleasure maybe a bit more than other readers, I'll stick with my rating. I'm curious to know what a few of my clo [...]

    Andrea Jackson
    This book rocked. When I came to the end, I immediately wanted to start over. I want Ms. Rucker to bring us a sequel soon! Anyway Zeus is so crazy and unbearably alpha. I shouldn't like him but he such wonderful qualities beneath the surface: protective, tender, vulnerable. Sabrina is kick-ass but feminine and not a chick waiting for a hero. The secondary characters, I'd love to see more ofSOON! Several that I want to have their own book.I didn't give it a 5 only because of some loose ends. The [...]

    APB Prespective Review: I loved this book Zeus was funny , sexy , a weird as heck but this book is really about him finding love , even when he thinks it's not possible. I loved the way Sabrina handled him , she really thought she was minuplating him to do what she needed , but Zeus had just as much control over her. The two stumbled into the relationship , but it was so entertaing to read and watch happen . I can not wait for the next book in the sereis Shay Rucker is on to a good start to a wo [...]

    Woah.Woahe ride on this one. The characters (wow) and this story, the banter and humour - everything, in fact - so very good.

    This was a good read. Interesting characters and a whirlwind of a plot. I liked both leads,the supporting cast was a lot of fun (Bride was almost comatose she was so chill), and really want to see what Ms. Rucker has up her sleeve for the rest of the Brood.I liked this but. This one should come with a MAJOR trigger warning. (view spoiler)[Zeus pulls a creeper move when they first meet by exposing himself when he finds her beaten and lying unconscious, later feels Sabrina up while she is unconsci [...]

    This is Zeus and Sabrina's story.This was a good read. Zeus was a total head case but I really enjoyed his particular brand of crazy. I will look forward to reading the other stories when the come out.

    I think I was expecting too much going in. I was anticipating a unique story and a really edgy hero and basically it was just…meh.Zeus meets Sabrina when his team of mercenaries shows up at the warehouse where she has been kidnapped and taken, and he gets assigned to stand guard over her unconscious body splayed out on the floor. This leads to the initial misunderstanding when Sabrina comes too and sees Zeus looming over her drenched in blood, waving his blade and presumably unzipping his pant [...]

    What did I just read?? I've been on a bit of a book slump for the past few weeks and have been sorely dissappointed by the last few (highly anticipated) books that I've read. The reason I'm saying this is because the synopsis, name and cover of THIS book did nothing for me. Yes, I'm regrettably shallow when it comes to covers and titles, and I thought it would be one of those run-of-the-mill alpha male/broken man/covert operative saves damsel in distress story. So this review is especially for j [...]

    This book was really interesting to say the least. It had all the things to make this a great book. This was the first book published by this author and it was so good. I could not put it down. I loved it. This book had suspense, sexy/erotic love scenes, blood/gore,wit,laughter,and love. Its a series where you get to learn more about the other Brood Members but I honestly want more of Sabrina and Zeus. I don't want to give anything away but I am still waiting to know about certain things from Ze [...]

    Zeus is a knife expert, part of Mama's Brood, a band of vigilantes that fight criminals the officials can't. Sabrina is the kidnap victim they had to rescue. This is the first book and so much of the back story is missing that I'm still not sure who these people are and why Sabrina was kidnapped in the first place. Too many unanswered questions left me frustrated. How did Mama's Brood come together? Who was Sabrina? Why the kidnapper was so obsessed with her? I wanted this information early in t [...]

    Okay seriously this book deserves 22 stars!! Holy cheese on a cracker this book was amazing and zeus is completely insane but hell if he didn't get added to my book boyfriend list and I will be careful because I want my other book boyfriends to survive and that surely wouldn't happen with Zeus lol! There isn't one thing that I didn't like about this book other then wish is was longer! When it ended I almost cried, I wasn't done! I need more! I think this goes in my top 10 faves!

    Omg! This was such a good book! I cried tears at the end. I loved the character and storyline, Zeus was the best.

    Steph McVicker
    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! From page 1 until the very last word of this novel, every single thing about this story was freakin' incredible! Zeus is nuts. Certifiably and utterly insane. Psychopathic. Sociopathic. Whatever, who cares about labels. It makes him a perfect team member for Mama's Brood, a group of mercenaries who Sabrina Samora has the good fortune of being rescued byough if she thinks too much about that "good fortune," she'll collapse in fear. She's terrified of the huge god of a man who [...]

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