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  • Title: The Men in the Trees
  • Author: Marsh Myers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback

  • ↠ The Men in the Trees ↠ Marsh Myers - The Men in the Trees, The Men in the Trees Meryl Panagos is barely out of high school living on her own and struggling to raise a young son in a small Oregon town Although Meryl has a good job at a friend s comic book store it s still diffic
    Marsh Myers
    Marsh Myers is a writer, artist, photographer, father to a pack of daredevil boys, and an unapologetic nerd He is the author of the young adult paranormal thrillers, His Life Abiding 2013 and The Men in the Trees 2014 In late 2016, he launched Dark and Fevered Dreams, a serialized storytelling experience which combines illustrated novelettes and online materials to immerse young readers into the mysterious community of Castle Rock Additional information on this series can be found at darkandfevereddreams His fourth book, My Summer with Robots , is a comedic look at the life of Quinton Wyatt as he braves high school, wrangles eccentric friends and family, and struggles to manage a seemingly unmanageable imagination This first installment in the Quinton s Curious Mind trilogy and is scheduled for publication in 2017.When not pecking away at his laptop with an iced coffee at the ready, Marsh can be found exploring the wilds of the Pacific Northwest or wandering the cluttered aisles of a comic book store Learn about Marsh and his work at marshmyers.


    This is the 2nd book by Marsh Myers and I decided to get it after I read and enjoyed his first Comapred to His Life Abiding, The Men in the Trees is a adult story, clearly written for an olderaudience The female heroine Meryl is a young mother whose new roommate appears to be a kindly old school teacher but has some peculiar ambitions and history of involvement for get rich quick schemes Meryl is dubious at first but quickly becomes embroiled in the roommates quest due to her own sense of curio [...]

    Paul Winston
    I d agree with the other reviews on this title The Men in the Trees is a real keeper The characters are interesting, the dialogue is clever but credible The teen early 20s characters feel like real people to me rather than stereotypes i often have to endure in YA fic I ve never read another book that dealt with mysterious animals living in the Pacific Northwest aka Bigfoot , but I m sure they re out there Still, author Marsh Myers put a really clever spin on them, providing glimpses into what ap [...]

    Melany Choke
    I m very happy to recommend The Men in the Trees by author Marsh Myers I bought this book after having some chats with Marsh here on GR and got interested in the story after reading some of the background info he posted on his blog I dont wanna give away too much of the plot becuase I hate spoilers myself but it revolves around a young woman whose new roommate has showed up at her door quite unexpectedly As they two women get to know each other the main character Meryl grows suspicious of the ol [...]

    Paula Larry
    I finished The Men in the Trees by Marsh Myers last night and loved it It just recently became available as an ebook for the very reasonable price of 2.99 so I snapped up my copy It s a great story to curl up with on a rainy night which last night was and imagine mysterious creatures creeping round the house in the dark Great fun with a complicated but endearing female protagonist Meryl I really enjoyed how Myers made her a credible young woman who you see struggling both with her personal life [...]

    Read his first book, enjoyed this one even I think I blew through it in two days A tale of monsters and mysteries with a credible female protagonist who doesn t shrink like a violet but also doesnt act like a guy As with Myers s first book, His Life Abiding, this novel is filled with interesting characters who seem mismatched at first but somehow find a way to blend The novel has a relaxed pace but keeps the interest high with lots of twists Great fun now matter how you slice it.

    Tai B
    a well written book by an indie author

    Joan Taggart
    I really enjoy books that start out in one direction and byy the end you ve ended up in a place different from what you expected This is the case with The Men in the Trees by Marsh Myers From the first few chapters you are presented with some tantalizing clues as to what will happen next There s a creepy old house in the woods, mysterious forest spirits which may be part of a dream or may not, a young woman struggling to make her way in a town she s new to By the end of the novel, these things h [...]

    Katherine Babiarz
    I wrote a revie on this book, changed editions and my review went away That s not good but this is the cover on the book I ordered from which is really striking so I wanted to use it.I read Meyers s first book a while ago and really liked it 5 stars from me This one not as much but that has to do with my personal tastes as a reader than anything wrong with the book This one is much darker and adult than his first I missed the sense of whimsy which was in the first novel No whimsy here granted, [...]

    This is a story about a young women who got in trouble in high school and now is raising a toddler in the town of Corvallis Oregon To help with her rent she puts an ad in the paper for a roommate and the person who answers is a elderly former school teacher named Rose Rose seems harmless enough until Meryl the main character begins to wonder about some of the things shes intersted in like old forest legends about a group of gold miners who disappeared in the willderness many years before The boo [...]

    Johanna A
    I Much enjoyedThe Men in the Trees which seems to have a plausible plot than a lot of paranormal fiction Though not called Bigfoot in the text it was clear these animals were based on those mythical legends and it was very interesting to me how the author wnt into their culture too This is a very well written book and I think anyone who likes a good thriller will enjoy it.

    Roger C
    Loved this book I m not a huge fan of young adult ficiton but was intrigued by this title Bought a copy from and pretty much devoured it A really interesting story, interesting characters and engaging dialogue Really well done.

    Charlotte Stance
    Like any good thriller this novel builds the tension slowly, starting with what seems like a chance encounter between the two main characters to an ending where you wonder if certain things were just meant to be An easy and fun read from the first sentence to th last, loved it.

    fun characters, clever dialog and a interesting back story made this an exciting read

    D K
    Good book Really enjoyed it

    Fun, funny, mysterious and at times creepy A great YA thriller

    A fun easy read with great characters and dialogue.

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