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  • Title: Rebel Yells
  • Author: Rain Carrington
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Alternate Cover Edition B00L8H2GWYA small town sheriff, mourning the death of his husband, never thinks love will find him again until a man rides through his town, and his life His husband s apparition comes to Jack Colton time and again telling him to embrace a new love but can he move on or be forever lonely Rebel has a troubled past and lives up to his name When heAlternate Cover Edition B00L8H2GWYA small town sheriff, mourning the death of his husband, never thinks love will find him again until a man rides through his town, and his life His husband s apparition comes to Jack Colton time and again telling him to embrace a new love but can he move on or be forever lonely Rebel has a troubled past and lives up to his name When he meets the hot older sheriff he wants to see himself finally staying in one place and finding the happiness that has always eluded him.Lonnie Lane had loved Jack from afar for years but was too timid to do anything about until he sees Jack moving on with someone else Will he destroy the happiness the two have found or just destroy himself
    Rain Carrington
    The books you see are all that are coming I am tired I MAY in the future finish the Denver Diaries series, but I don t have any plans at the moment It s been a fun ride Thank you for your support and amazing reviews


    Cathy Brockman
    Review Written for mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/I found this one hard to review. I kept bouncing form a four to a three to a four so I finally decided that since it kept me on my toes it deserved the four. None of this had to do with the story it was all me. The story is good. Very good. And I can’t wait for the next one. So why all the indecision? There was a lot I liked, and a couple things I didn’t.First of all, it started out with a bang. Jack and the apparition of his lover intrigued me. [...]

    I enjoyed this book a tremendous amount. It was more than just a new love story, more than a BDSM book, more than just a loss-comfort book. It had my attention throughout because it felt new.Jack is sheriff of a small town. He is a friend to the community from the morning coffees to the way he interacts with the people in his town. A man of order and control he lives the best he can. The best he can under the grief of losing his husband to cancer. What makes this very interesting is that his lat [...]

    Becky Condit
    Maverick Reviews Rebel Yells by Rain Carrington Cover: Sara Guevara, Johnny Williams mrsconditreadsbooks/?p

    August 2nd to August 3, 2014This first book in the Apishipa Creek Chronicles being the footprint of this series was sensational, heart pounding and amazing!!! The relationships between characters were magnificently well developed and interestingly developed. The relationship between Jack and Martin was as heartwarming as it was heart wrenching, but had to be there so you could have an understanding of Jack. Otherwise, he was just another guy with a BDSM thing going on. I loved the mystery of the [...]

    Loved thisThe emotion was felt deeply from both main characters and the secondary characters.The secondary characters werent just there to pad out the story they actually contributed to the flow.The way both Martin and Rebels Aunt appeared and helped the pair out giving advice was fantastic and wasnt done in a macabe way. The Bdsm also enhanced the story and wasnt just there to tick a box.Cant wait for the sequel Lonnie's story but who with ????

    Dakota Storm
    Love these characters, Rain knows how to write sexy as hell, emotional and amazing characters that's for sure. Jack I felt for from the beginning, he lost the love of his life and best friend Martin and he talks to him and sees him in his head of course but emotional Martin is there and wants Jack to be happy again and fall in love. Rebel is my favorite, he thinks he's not worthy of love or even to have someone care for him, from the get go he is being pushed out if town but once Jack realizes t [...]

    Heidi Ryan
    Oh my God! I loved this book so much! If you enjoy m/m romance and are curious about BDSM, this is the book to read, hands down! I have never been wrung though the emotions, as I was with this one. The characters grab you from page one and never let go.The book begins with the sheriff of a small Colorado town trying to move forward after the death of his beloved Martin. He talks with Martin quite frequently and he does not know if Martin is a ghost or just in his head. He meets the new guy in to [...]

    I go this book for free, but I don't think this should play a role in an honest review. I didn't like it, in fact I started to skim because I always want to see what's happening in a story, but if not for this annoying habit of mine, this would have been a DNF. I'm glad for the author that the majority of the readers doesn't agree with me.I don't have a problem with BDSM, but I do when it looks irresponsible. Here Jack decide he can ''heal'' Rebel serious psychological issues from childhood trau [...]

    Let's just say that this story touched me on an emotional level because it reminds me of my real life experiences. I loved it.

    I loved Jack. One of the best Dom characters I've read yet. Keep em coming, Rain Carington.

    Please understand that this is a DNF for me. I made it to 38% before my eyes hurt from rolling them, I was tired of saying 'really?', and my suspension of belief could stretch no further. This book was bad on so many levels. I love BDSM books but I am not a fan of the  BDSM 101 type books. I have nothing against them for other it is just not my cup of tea but sometimes I try them. This book was beyond BDSM 101. It is Iike the author read a few sites on the subject and then wrote a book about i [...]

    I mostly enjoyed this book. There was some really great qualities, although I'm not a fan of the apparition aspect. Once or twice maybe but it was just a little more than I like personally. Overall It was ok. I'm giving it a 3.8 then round it up to 4 stars.

    Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆
    I'm still unsure about this one. There were times that I really enjoyed it. Especially the beginning. But it was pretty close to insta-love which was a little off for me. The BDSM progressed a little fast also. I'd think it would take a little longer to build up to a fisting scene. That takes some major trust. Also, I don't like when BDSM is used as a replacement for therapy.It felt repetitive, and dragged a little. But it did have some good points. I liked the recovery from grief. I can't belie [...]

    I loved the book. Much better to read book 1 before book 2 in a series :p. I now understand the relationships between Jack & Rebel and Jack & Lonnie that are carried forward in Penny's Lane. I think its very cool how Rain had the spirits of Martin and Lonnie's mom are there for Jack, Lonnie and Dennis giving support and opinions as needed to guide Jack & Lonnie to happiness. The BDSM and sex scenes were hot. The characters were manly, gay and were able to all find love when they were [...]

    mi e' piaciuto molto e come inizio serie fà ben sperare.e' un libro essenzialmente erotico bdsm di genere m/m ma non e' centrato su questo elemento ma anche la trama e' valida e i personaggi belli e ben sviluppati.e adesso voglio il libro su Lonnie!

    *This is an advance reader copy given to me by the author for an honest review. As with all of my review, these are my own opinions. I recently reviewed another book of Rain Carrington, called Honky Tonk. While I overall enjoyed the book, my main concern was the rushed ending. So, when I got the opportunity to try Rebel Yells, I jumped at the chance to see if this one had a better ending and pacing. Basic Plot:Jack Colton is the local Sheriff who currently recovers from the loss of his long-time [...]

    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls
    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsIl lutto dello sceriffo Jack Colton dura da troppo tempo, sono infatti trascorsi tre anni dalla morte di Martin, suo marito. Jack non riesce ancora a farsene una ragione né a riprendere in mano la propria vita. Se non ci fosse il lavoro a stanarlo dal suo torpore, passerebbe le giornate chiuso in casa a ricordare e a parlare con il fantasma del suo compagno. Ed è proprio lui, il fantasma, che lo sprona ad andare avanti e a ricominciare. Così, un giorn [...]

    Avevo già letto libri sulle pratiche del BDSM e pensavo di trovare una storia con il classico Dom ( abiti in pelle e frusta) e il classico Sub ( zitto e in ginocchio), ma ho trovato molto di più in questo libro.Ho trovato una storia piena di sofferenza da parte di entrambi i protagonisti che usano il BDSM come un mezzo per vedere la luce in fondo al tunnel.Rebel è esattamente come il suo nome… ribelle; è stato cresciuto da una madre fanatica-religiosa e da patrigni come lei, che già da ba [...]

    Amarilli Settantatre
    da sognipensieriparoleIl primo episodio di questa serie è un vero e proprio romanzo di iniziazione/formazione al mondo BDSM, visto non solo come un particolare modo di sperimentare il sesso e la condivisione del piacere con il partner, ma anche come un preciso stato mentale per ritrovare se stessi e il proprio equilibrio.Può sembrare una contraddizione in termini pensare di poter risolvere un proprio disagio interiore, magari causato da abusi passati o drammi personali, attraverso i giochi di [...]

    Alessandra Magagnato
    Il BDSM non è un argomento facile, credo che se l'autore concentra il libro solo ed esclusivamente sulle varie tecniche di questa pratica, risulta più che altro un manuale a uso e consumo di chi vuol sapere qualcosa in più circa il BDSM. Rain Carringoton invece, ha preso due uomini che per età, stile di vita, luogo di nascita, famiglia, retaggio proprio insomma, sono diversi come il giorno e la notte, ma tutte e due cercano disperatamente quella pace interiore che viene dal sentirsi amati, d [...]

    Sheriff Jack Colton mourns a lost love when Rebel Marino comes into the picture when he inherits his late Aunt's home and business. This romance wasn't quite what I expected. For one, I wanted to see a more prominent paranormal presence; for some reason I got the impression that the ghostly occurrences would be more frequent. Secondly, I didn't expect there to be such a significant focus on BDSM, not that that is a bad thing in and of itself but it seemed forced at times. While there were some v [...]

    Sara Gatto
    Cosa posso dire?Mi sono innamorata di Rebel e Jack. Alla follia!Ho cominciato a leggere questo romanzo perché non sapevo che altro genere leggere quindi mi sono detta, perché non un'altro romanzo omoerotico? Ebbene, già dalle prime righe avevo intuito che si trattava di un romanzo BDSM e subito avevo pensato che fosse l'ennesima cosa soft, dove tutto veniva accennato ma niente veniva approfondito. Lo ammetto: mi sono sbagliata alla grande!Il tema BDSM è la costante di tutto il romanzo e vien [...]

    Anita Bianchi
    bianchianita1971/2Era da tempo che non leggevo un romanzo BDSM: la ragione principale era che spesso (a parte rari e preziosi casi) trovavo questi romanzi più una serie di contorsioni erotiche che storie d'amore. Come ormai saprete leggo veramente di tutto basta che mi trasmetta emozioni ebbene in questo romanzo ho trovato moltissime emozioni e moltissimo sentimento!Rebel e Jack non potrebbero essere più diversi in apparenza ma fin dal primo incontro entrambi percepiscono qualcosa, una conness [...]

    Just finished reading this whole series. It was absolutely fantastic!!I am a character reader and I got my money's worth with this series. The character growth is amazing. I fell in love with these guys. These different men brought together by their need for domination, submission, love & understanding, and this magical little town in the mountains of Colorado. The camaraderie, friendship & family these men establish together. Through the happiest of times to the most heart wrenching of [...]

    Yet another book I have mixed feelings about. The basic story grieving man finds new love is a familiar theme and one I quite like. Here widowed sheriff Jack lost his husband and sub of 16 years Martin. Three years on he meets Rebel a damaged young man who inherits property from his aunt and moves into town to fix it up to sell. There is the weirdness of both men talking to the spirits of their lost loved one which seemed odd and out of place. The relationship was way too instalove for me and th [...]

    A Girl Has No Name
    After reading the blurb, this wasn't quite what I was expecting, but I have been surprised in a very positive way! I loved the MC's and their forming relationship. Considering the BDSM elements, the story was moving quite fast sometimes and several reactions didn't feel credible, but as I really enjoyed the writing style, the plot itself and the secondary characters this aspect didn't bother me all that much. I can't wait to read more about Lonnie in the second part of the series. Unfortunately [...]

    Another book I was quite surprised by! Both Rebel and Jack have issues that they need to work around, the ghost of past loved ones lead them on a journey to discover how they can both learn to love and be loved. Each man goes on a separate but also shared journey to better themselves. Overall the book was great, the one thing that was distracting to me was the amount of editing errors, I'm not sure if it was just my copy, but there were a number of places where spaces were added that shouldn't b [...]

    I am torn about this book. I read the blurb and it sounded so good that I wanted to read it.However, the sex was very repetitive and lots of the scenes seemed to have been repeated.Jack is a Dom and he meets Rebel who he believes is a sub and they embark for 30 days on a relationship living the BDSM lifestyle.However, Rebel is completely new to the scene but offers no hesitation with what Jack wants to do. He considers using his safeword but Jack kinda talks him out of it.It is the first book in [...]

    This was not what I was expecting. I thought it would have been a little more chase than actually happened. Overall, I like the story a lot. I liked the characters and the premise and the setting. I can imagine the other books also holding my interest since I really enjoyed the secondary characters. I was am a bit confused though that some of the reviews mentioned that the next book is about lonnie and tyler. I don't remember a tyler in it which is weird, oh well. I will add this series to my TB [...]

    Rebel & Jack are an amazing couple whose story kindles that deep-seated hope in all of us that there is someone out there for each of us, who completes us in ways that we didn't even know we needed. As seems to be Rain Carrington's calling card, the characters and story arc are so well developed and presented that you cannot help losing yourself to them. And I love the small paranormal element, too.

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