The Punishment of Ivy Leavold Best Read || [Sierra Simone]

  • Title: The Punishment of Ivy Leavold
  • Author: Sierra Simone
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Punishment of Ivy Leavold Best Read || [Sierra Simone] - The Punishment of Ivy Leavold, The Punishment of Ivy Leavold I ran as far as I could but I knew he would find me In fact I counted on it I counted on him punishing me too Once Ivy Leavold learned the truth behind the night of her cousin s death she knew shou
    Sierra Simone
    Sierra Simone Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Punishment of Ivy Leavold book, this is one of the most wanted Sierra Simone author readers around the world.

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    Sophia Triad
    I knew what he was going to do as soon as he lifted the hem of my dress and tugged the interfering clothes away I should have said no I should have said that we had to keep away from each other until we could make decisions about our future But the tired apathy was blasted away in his intense presence, leaving only a quickening pulse and a growing hunger in its wake So what I said instead was, Someone will see Someone fan me please to cool downThis book will definitely push your limits especiall [...]

    ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    This series is KINKY and layered with the most wonderful element of intrigue and suspense It s a story that at it s heart is about love and BDSM desires so an open mind is essential to enjoy the reading experience and wow it s so well written and beautiful I ll get my thoughts together and post a full review soon FULL REVIEW THOUGHTS TO COME SOON

    5 Punish Me Stars.Ivy has come a long way since first arriving at Markham Hall She was such a solitary woman before meeting Julian Markham Book three opens with the separation of Ivy and Julian due to Ivy s doubts about her sexual preferences and proclivities.During their separation, Julian is determined to win back Ivy and starts to court her traditionally until the night of the Baron s masquerade party During that evening, Ivy accepts her self inflicted punishment of denial and accepts Julian [...]

    Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    HOT DAMN Review to come

    Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    4.5 Punishing Stars In book three we got to read Julian s POVS and I fell even in love with him It got even erotic and it definitely pushed some of my boundaries, but I so enjoyed it

    In this, the final part of Ivy and Mr Markham s story we finally get all of the answers to the dark mystery surrounding the death of his last wife But we get lots smut too, with their sexual deviancy crossing from naughty to full on kink in this instalment.This picks up immediately after the events of the second book and Ivy has moved in with her long lost aunt while she decides whether she s willing to embrace her inner submissive She feels obliged to act like a fine, upstanding lady just as s [...]

    The conclusion to Ivy and Julian s story was great This trilogy was very well written, and I continue to be impressed with the beautiful blend of sexy times and murder mystery in this story Julian was very nearly a perfect hero in my opinion He was good looking, dark broody at times, he was deliciously aggressive in the bedroom, and yet he still possessed some gentlemanly valor He was an intriguing character and I was excited that we got a few chapters from Julian s perspective in this final ins [...]

    Saving the best part for last.ew soon

    Kay (❦ ᴗ ❦ ✿) BooksandMe
    What I think of Julian Ah, of Mr Markham But, of course Considering in this book, there is a dual POV I m just blown away that I am able to peek in Mr Markham s mind His thoughts, what he is thinking, and of course, my favorite part and favorite position of him when he is thinking I wish he would just think LOL view spoiler hide spoiler As the mystery of Mr Markham is unraveled, I was left an emotional wreck with Ivy s decisions and the result of it to Julian.Me I didn t actually expect everyt [...]

    Kitten Mercer
    I couldn t put into words how freaking great this series was Devoured it within days and I just couldn t get enough Certainly one of my top reads this year 5 stars

    Ivy Leavold has nowhere to go Her brother has died, and left her penniless Her only option is to accept the kind offer of going to live with her late cousin s husband Julian Markham.Julian Markham is a serious, handsome and possessive man He reeks of domination, and it doesn t take Ivy long to fall under his spell.I m not a big fan of historical romance, and this may not truly reside within that genre if I was a diehard fan But to say I was completely under Mr Markham s spell too, would be an un [...]

    Review to follow at the end of the entire series.

    Kat Desi
    After Mr Markham s confession about her cousin s death at the end of The Education of Ivy Leavold, Ivy Leavold decided to give herself some space to think and went to London to live with her aunt Something twisted inside me then, something sharp, and I couldn t bring myself to examine it head on I didn t need to I already knew what it was It was love and it was pain and it was the realization that I wanted nothing than to be with Mr Markham and he wanted nothing than to be with me and that it [...]

    This series is HAWT I love Mr Markham s alpha sexiness, but I love how much he adores loves Ivy even Who knew sexy in the late 1700s was so blantantly hawt n sexy

    What a freaking disappointmentIt didn t worked for me at alli swear,the first book was amazingIn this one they just acted like horny hormonal teenagers with bipolar feelings Oh i love you but i can t be with you but stilli will fuck you.YOLO I rolled my eyes too many times.And that s a bad sign SierraWhy The only scene that i really really loved was table scene the one at the Baron because of course,there was Silas.And the ones where he only just talkedGod dammit i love him.In this book we also [...]

    Natalie M
    I adored this series The writing is smart and highly entertaining oh, those kinky parties Ivy took some time away from Julian in this book to sort herself and I admired how strong she was I was hoping their separation wouldn t last long though, because they are definitely one hot couple I enjoyed the twists that were revealed and I will definitely be reading from this author in the future.


    Absolutely loved this series So glad we ll get Silas and Molly in the future

    Candi~Dirty Laundry Review
    So I just finished the final book in Ivy and Julian s journey And what a perfect ending Yes We had some hiccups, and some soul searching, and some punishing A mystery and suspense And sexy times Good lord the sexiness With each book I would find myself asking how is Sierra going to top the sexy times in this one But let me tell you this She does Every Single Book Each book holds some kind of taboo And in The Punishment, there is a certain part Let s just say it was probably one of the hottest sc [...]

    'Q' aka CoCo
    Mystery solvedWell that was certainly a surprise I was not expecting that and it was a well written twist of events, a great ending to this trilogy Ivy struggled with her identity in this installment, which is where the loss of star comes in from me While I don t mind a little inner turmoil, much of this book was dedicated to her vacillating between being with Julian or resigning herself to a lifetime of loneliness Ivy and Julian had such chemistry, I would ve much rather read about that When sh [...]

    I really liked the Baron Can we have a series on him please

    Venus Blancia
    The chills and feels doubled when Sierra Simone included Julian s POV.

    The final in this historical romance series not counting the novella that follows I can say I finally read an entire historical romance series And might I say, it wasn t bad, but definitely not my fave genre Although, it was kinky, as hellThe mystery is revealed about what happened to Julian s last wife, but mostly this is ivy being scared of her true self and who she has became once she and Julian started having sex She is scared of her inner desires Julian has to woo her again and convince her [...]

    Tiffany Johnson
    Ivy steps back and reevaluates her relationship with Julian and the darkness within her, trying to decide if she wants to embrace her need for fear, submission, and punishment We finally find out what truly happened to Violet as well Sierra always surprises me with her sexy times and this one is no different

    Just gah So good i cant even say it Loved the series and i am waiting fot the next one to jump right in

    When I read that book 3 was called The Punishment, I wondered what on Earth did Ivy do it was before I finished The Education But then I got to the point where she didn t turn up to her wedding and I thought hey girl he is going to smack your backside for that Our lovely wildcat goes off to claim kin in fancy London, with fancy London frocks and fancy London parties Ivy Barons Dances Hello Silas Hello Molly Come on Mr Markham claim your girl I was still her teacher, she was still my pupil She wa [...]

    Liz F
    Ahhh the end of the series This is Book 3 of 3 This is another one that I m loosely calling a book This one is 124 pages and in my opinion, that is novella territory Surprisingly, it still felt like a whole book Weird.I was so thrilled to read Ivy and Julian s happily ever after That s not a spoiler, is it I mean, isn t that why we read these books for the HEA But I digress The full story of Julian s second wife comes out and it was just as I had suspected Reading all those romantic suspense boo [...]

    Louise Seraphim Reviews
    This third part in the Markham Hall series continues after Ivy leaves Julian, after his revelations about what happened the night Violet died Ivy needs time alone to think, about what she wants and how she feels, so decides to spend some time in London with her newly found Aunt The time when Ivy is in London, and Julian follows but keeps a distance, at her request, is kind of slow and a little boring compared to how the pace and story has gone so far I understand the need to have them separate a [...]

    This has been a delightfully sexy series with a very interesting action mystery holding the sexcapades together Although I bought this series for its sex appeal, I really got into the story So much so that I enjoyed the who done it aspects of the story than the sex scenes and that just doesn t happen to meke ever This book was a real page turner at times as we learn answers to the mystery surrounding the two deaths Also, the book reaches a nice action oriented crescendo The conclusion was somew [...]

    Willow Brooks
    I am so glad I was recommended this series I had no idea it even existed It had just the right amount of everything that makes a story good This series is the complete depiction of what Erotica is and should be My goodness I advise anyone listening to this book via text to speech not to drive, or anything that may need your full undivided attention I learned that lesson the hard way.Any beef I did have with the story is not even worth mentioning because it does not take away from it, or have a n [...]

    • The Punishment of Ivy Leavold Best Read || [Sierra Simone]
      445 Sierra Simone
    The Punishment of Ivy Leavold