Unlimited All on the Line - by Lili Grouse

  • Title: All on the Line
  • Author: Lili Grouse
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00S46B8NK Kaitlin Perkins hadn t expected to fall for her online chat friend, much less agree to meet him in person Will sparks still fly when there s no screen to hide behind This is an approx 10,000 word short story with adult suggestive content Not suitable for young readers No explicit language.
    Lili Grouse
    Lili Grouse writes contemporary romance with independent, strong characters finding mutual ground and a happy ever after Lili Grouse spends the majority of her time in an office, yearning for those precious few hours of free time when she can engage in her one true passion writing Growing up on a farm, Lili Grouse discovered her love of storytelling early on, making up bedtime stories for the calves, who were probably happier for the attention than the actual storytelling In school, she was given a notebook to be used solely for writing stories in She filled it up and asked for another she was working on an epic, darn it Of course, writing time in school wasn t enough, so she took to writing and illustrating stories at home on printer paper her father happily provided.Cut to twenty years later, give or take, and Lili Grouse is still at it These days, her stories have less to do with strawberries going on adventures and searching for hidden treasures, and to do with finding that elusive happy ever after It is her dream to one day write for a living, but in the meantime, every minute not spent working, sleeping, or reading is dedicated to working on her passion.


    Elle Fielding
    This was a delightful read that left me smiling all afternoon after finishing it Whilst the story was short, the characters were still perfectly fleshed out and the ending was completely and utterly satisfying.

    This is a standalone short story with spoiler alert a HEA I enjoyed reading it it made me smile The characters were somewhere in their 30s and being there myself, I could actually relate to the whole online thing I use plenty of emoticons and abbreviations when I Skype or Whatsapp with my friends who are also in their 30s and 40s , I just love them It s even spilled into my daily vocabulary saying things like sigh instead of actually sighing.

    • Unlimited All on the Line - by Lili Grouse
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