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  • Title: Falling for You
  • Author: Julie Ortolon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B003VIWUOC.When Mr Slow and Steady collides with Ms Full Speed Ahead they re both in for the wildest ride of their lives.The forecast is smooth sailing for Oliver Chancellor, scion of Galveston s premier financier Destined to take his place in the hallowed marble corridors of his family s bank, Chance is content with theLibrarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B003VIWUOC.When Mr Slow and Steady collides with Ms Full Speed Ahead they re both in for the wildest ride of their lives.The forecast is smooth sailing for Oliver Chancellor, scion of Galveston s premier financier Destined to take his place in the hallowed marble corridors of his family s bank, Chance is content with the future that s been mapped out for him, right down to his upcoming engagement to a prim debutante enthusiastically approved by his socialite mother.But when beautiful Rory St Claire crosses his path, Chance recklessly plunges into uncharted territory with nothing but his heart to guide him and a beautiful woman to tempt him.Propelled by a lifelong goal to buy the island home reportedly haunted by her colorful ancestors, Rory desperately needs Chance s help in securing a business loan, and she won t take no for an answer In the midst of convincing the hesitant blue blood to take a chance on her dream, Rory unexpectedly lands in Chance s arms, stunned by his red blooded passion and her own awakened desire Now, the mismatched pair can t keep their hands off one another, and something tells Rory she s headed for trouble trouble in the name of love I had a blast reading Falling for You As long as Julie Ortolon is writing books like this, romantic comedy is in good hands All About Romance A thoroughly delightful, fast paced romance about what happens when opposites attract And the setting is so vividly drawn, you feel part of the surroundings A lovely story Old Barn Gazette Full of humor Very entertaining and well worth your time Huntress Book Reviews
    Julie Ortolon
    Most authors will tell you they ve been writing and reading since childhood Not me I hated reading and never imagined I d someday be a writer Of course, the fact that I have dyslexia probably has a tiny bit to do with my aversion to the written word.Nonetheless, I had a very active imagination and spent most of my school years staring out the window dreaming up stories When I finally escaped the torture of public school, I attended Schreiner College in the Texas Hill Country Schreiner specializes in programs for students with learning disabilities With the help of a school administrator, who was willing to type out one of my short stories, I entered a writing contest won first place That was when I started longing for a way to get the other stories that were in my head down on paper But the act of writing longhand, when I couldn t spell, could barely read, and knew zip about punctuation, proved impossible.So, I became an artist instead and was perfectly happy.Then came the day my journalist husband brought home a computer, and I discovered the wonders of spell check I cannot describe how I felt in that moment That computer was like a magic box a gateway into a world where anything was possible I spend every spare minute teaching myself to type, read, punctuate, and somehow get my stories out of my head and onto that glowing white screen.Ten years, and five complete manuscripts later, I had another magical moment the day I sold my first book When I got the news I screamed and cried and made a perfectly ecstatic fool of myself.The journey to becoming a published author was long and hard, but writing is the most thrilling thing I ve ever done.


    This book was amazing. I was left speechless when I finished reading. The romantic love story between Rory and Chance is just heart wrenching, which makes the story even more powerful. Every page wills you to read on with the dramatic plot and the characters that come to life.Rory, or Aurora as Chance calls her, is a St Claire, descending from Marguerite Bouchard, Henri LeRoche's estranged wife. Rory, like me, is a hopeless romantic and very optimistic about everything she does. So when she sees [...]

    I should never have checked this book out from the library when I read the following back description, "Chance is content with the future that's been mapped out for him, right down to his upcoming engagement to a prim debutante enthusiastically approved by his socialite mother". I couldn't get past the second chapter when we see that Chance is expecting to engage himself to a woman that he hasn't even been tempted to kiss. Not the type of wish-washy guy I want to read about in a romance.

    Jacob Proffitt
    I really like Julie Ortolon's characters—they're engaging with a natural mix of strengths and weaknesses. Even better, the relationships are generally a good illustration of complementary personalities where each person brings strengths the other needs. This was particularly evident with Rory and Chance. Rory is passionate and driven. She knows what she wants and is happy pulling others along. But she gets into trouble when she hares off without checking for available resources or scoping out [...]

    Amanda (Hootie) Clark
    Nothing bothers me more about a book than when the author drags out the conclusion until the very last page. This isn't my usual sort of trope because I don't like when there's OW/OM drama but it sounded like an "arranged marriage" sort of thing and I thought it wouldn't be a big issue.I was wrong. The conflict between the hero and his "betrothed" took forever to resolve and although I was initially into the story between him and the heroine, it got old watching them vacillate between lust/love. [...]

    Why do I do this to myself? Ortolon was one of the first romance authors I read when I got my Kindle, thus, one of the first romance authors I read as well. I was disappointed with this one. The big conflict is resolved without much fuss and it's straight to the highly unrealistic happy ending. The reader doesn't even get to see the final product that the book revolves around. The novel also suffers from the instant love problem that plagues many romances. Building up romantic tension is way mor [...]

    This had a premise and idea to be a very good contemporary romance, sadly it failed on execution. The most of the book felt boring and unemotional to me. It's sad because I was looking forward to reading it. I expected: - beautiful descriptions of environment (after all heroine is working as a tour guide) - fun and interesting renovation process of the old house (I usually love this kind of plots/events) - starchy proper hero getting unraveled by the heroine - forbidden romance full of emotionBu [...]

    ❀ ℓu-ℓu-ℓuna ❀
    This is a different than usual story wherein nerdy guy meets hot chick and that's what makes it all the more lovable!Story goesOliver Chancellor helps Rory St. Claire in a hare-brained (not really) attempt to make profit out of their ancestral house given to them by their superstar aunt. But with all the struggles from outside forces wanting to wrench them apart, love still bloomed eternal and it didn't hurt that a certain ghost is trying to help things alongMy thoughtsI love how the story is se [...]

    Ideally, I would give this book 2.5 stars. I really wanted to like this book. And I did like the story line and enjoyed that part. I felt like some of the conversations between the characters just were not realistic and could not happen. I also thought that some parts were over done while others did not have enough content.

    Cassie Leach
    About 100 pages in I was like, Wow! This is gonna be a great book! d then they slept togetherd then she turned into a 15 year old girl and got SUPER annoying. Wth. I had to force myself to finish this book. She treated everything as a child in love would. It seriously made me dislike her to a point where I felt disgusted.

    I liked this enough I'm reading the entire series. I definitely want to visit Galveston after her many descriptions of the island.

    Purple Iris
    2.5The characters all act way younger than they are. The Sons of the Confederacy stuff was so weird and foreign to me. Is it really that serious? Oh, and the whole dyslexia thing was way over the top.

    Carol Sandford
    The best was the arrival of the ship. the rest was a sappy and sloppy love story that quite frankly I wish I'd abandoned on page one.

    I wanted to like this book, and did at the beginning. The history of the Pearl Island was great and I was hoping for a ghostly encounter or some fireworks between the two sides. Instead it was drama on top of drama on top of drama without the ghosts or spark I'd hoped for.

    I wish when I first started to use this site I had reviewed books fully. I cannot work out why I rated this two stars originallyNow, this is chick-lit so of course you're going to have the moments where, if this was a film, you'd be yelling at the screen for them to just "talk to one another" but I have very much grown to expect that from chick-lit books.I like the characters in this, they seem well rounded which isn't something you always get (but having read two of Ortolon's series now I know [...]

    Jenika Ioffreda
    "What the hell did I just read?" that's what I thought when I finished this book.Luckily it was a free download from and I didn't pay for it.The writing wasn't bad and I was able to read it 'till the end (hoping it would get better!!!), that's why I give 1 star… otherwise I would give zero stars.The whole set of characters was flat and hopeless: the male "hero" had no will of his own for 99% of the story; Paige (his "fiance" practically chosen by his and her parents) had no brain or confidenc [...]

    Aurora St. Claire has lived in Galveston her whole life. When she finds out that an ancestral homes being foreclosed and is on the market, she convinces her brother and sister (who live with her) to try to by the house and open a bed and breakfast.Oliver Chancellor - known as Chance - comes from one of Galveston's oldest and wealthiest families. He works as a VP (at 28) at the bank that's been in his family for generations, even though his father sold it two years ago following a heart attack. H [...]

    Here's the book summed up In one paragraph.Boy meets girl, boy and girl know each other in the past, boy likes girl, boy thinks girl is out of his league, girl thinks he's cute, girl needs his help, boy helps girl, boy falls for girl, boy and girl have unprotected sexy times, boy realises girl is beneath him socially, boy breaks up with girl, girl is heartbroken, boy decides he feels left out of girls life, girl finds out she's pregnant, boy takes his fiancé to girls resort, girl is heartbroken [...]

    Predictable, yet fun romance novel. Ortolon creates characters that are believable, even if they are a bit quirky. Rory, a fun-loving go get them type of girl has kept herself from succeeding because of her so called weaknesses. She is living happily with her siblings in a low paying but satisfying job. She does however have hopes and dreams that she is afraid to act upon. Chance is living a life of luxury that has been predetermined by his parents, including marriage to a long time friend. He i [...]

    Chancellor or Chance for short has known of Aurora or Rory as she is called since high school. He always thought she was beautiful.Both are from different social/ class upbringing. Rory is a tour director on a both. One day while on the boat she sees Chance putting a foreclosure sign on her families ancestry home(though it didn't belong to them). She goes to him and let him know she and her family will be interested in buying this home. What follows next is Both of them getting together to talk [...]

    Technically, this gets three and a half stars. I absolutely loved the St. Claire family and will definitely read the rest of the series for stories with Alli and Adrian. My biggest complaint with this story was how much I hated the hero, Chance. By age 28, he shouldn't come across as TSTL. In fact I can't ever recall a hero who was so naive yet charmless. From his views on love and marriage to his reaction to seeing a bra, this man-child must have been raised in a self-flagellating monastery. I [...]

    Rory was a free spirit, happy go lucky, nice young lady with a big dream. Her prayers was answered by touring Pearl Island she came across a man putting up a foreclosure sign at the very mansion she always dreamed about owning. Chance is a banker nice looking nerd doing his job, when he got his world turned upside down with the tornado named Rory. The fell for each other fast and hard but problems stood in the way like a soon to be girlfriend/fiance. He came from upper class wealthy people and R [...]

    Theresa Brandt
    Literary fast foodIf conclusion jumping was an Olympic event, the free spirited heroine, Rory would be a gold medalist. The hero, Chance, is an uber uptight banker who is controlled by the expectations of his parents in everything from his career choice to his choice of wife. Of course, they fall hopelessly in love and Chance learns to be a bit more 'go-with-the-flow.' The modern romance formula requires that there be many, many misunderstandings along the way to the eventual HEA.Bottom line: 'F [...]

    This is a cute little romance about Aurora St. Clair, who is a tour guide on a boat. She offers tours around the waters of Pearl Island, which is surrounded by a romantic story of its own. When Pearl Island is foreclosed, Aurora and her siblings conceive the idea of a bed and breakfast, which Chance, the son of the former banker, helps them with. Rory and Chance, however, have a serious attraction— which is bad, because Chance is 'kind-of-sort-of-almost-engaged' to Paige, a girl he's known sin [...]

    This book was a little too angsty for my tastes. I found it difficult to care about the characters—Aurora was flaky and self-centered while Chance was snobbish and nerdy. Their romance was well suited to them though, and worked well for their personalities. Even if it was blanketed in a veil of petty “high school” drama…So, while mildly entertaining, overall this book just didn't do it for me. The writing was great—I've been a fan of Ms. Ortolon's for a while now—but just wasn't enou [...]

    Elizabeth Olson
    Lots of local color -- and a colorful family myth -- plus vivid details as, while trying to reopen a family home as an inn, heroine Aurora St. Claire fights off her attraction to hero Oliver Chancellor (the stuffy banker partner making the inn possible) and he fights off his attraction to her. Despite obstacles and miscommunications aplenty, the inn is successfully opened, an old injustice is righted, and the two protagonists realize they're made for each otherter much steamy discovery along the [...]

    Dianne Sidebottom
    I read a book earlier about the history of this area and that gave me more incite in understanding the social ladder expectation. The writer was able through the characters give motive behind their behaviour about what is expected of you because of breeding, inheritance, belonging to different groups only if you have "the right qualifications". I had read some of the story before and hadn't completed it till today. I don't live in the USA so my history is only in books. The writer even wrote of [...]

    It was kind of a silly book, but it was good for some distraction. in my opinion if she had written a full fledged story about Marguerite and her husband and her pirate lover it would have been way more interesting. The two main characters were actually kind of mean and selfish. they never thought about how their actions affected others. In particular Oliver "Chance" Chancellor was a weak man and a rude one. In the end, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone i know but i wouldn't stop someone [...]

    This book drew me in from the very beginning. I loved that Aurora and Chance have such different backgrounds but are so similar at the same time. These characters had to do a lot of soul searching to figure out if they should stay on the path that they have always known or take the one they secretly want.This book is cute and gives you hope that love is out there for everyone. It can be a stand alone book but It will leave you wanting to read book number 2. I can't wait these characters are so g [...]

    "Falling For You" is the 1st book in the Pearl Island Trilogy and is the 1st book I have read by this author. What a wonderful surprise. The story captivated and entertained me right to the end. The characters are believable, funny and interesting. I am looking forward to reading the next 2 books in this series so I can discover what the future holds for Adrian and Allison.If you enjoy contemporary novels then this is definitely a must read.I have this in Kindle and Nook format so if you are int [...]

    Michelle Beattie
    I quite enjoyed this book. The setting was interesting. I loved (Surprise!) the pirate history in it. When that Baltimore Clipper came into port I was as awed as the characters! The story is one seen often, rich boy with whole future planned out meets and falls in love with a lesser-classed woman who, of course, doesn't fit into his social circles. Yet, Ms. Ortolon yanked me in and kept me there. Her writing is tight and flows really well, her character development spot on. I plan on reading the [...]

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