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  • Title: Protector
  • Author: Elsa Day
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  • The time for decisions is finally here Is blood thicker than water Or will love conquer all Nadia knew falling for Slayer, the sexy and dangerous Sergeant at Arms of a rival motorcycle club, would be hard She just didn t realize how hard Palmer showed her that there is life outside of her little club, but forces converge to steal that away Nadia won t let that happenThe time for decisions is finally here Is blood thicker than water Or will love conquer all Nadia knew falling for Slayer, the sexy and dangerous Sergeant at Arms of a rival motorcycle club, would be hard She just didn t realize how hard Palmer showed her that there is life outside of her little club, but forces converge to steal that away Nadia won t let that happen Now that she s had a taste of freedom, she s not afraid to work to keep it Slayer is willing to risk his life for Nadia, and he already has Even at the border of life and death, this rugged Sergeant only has Nadia on his mind Slayer won t stop fighting until he saves his woman and finishes his mission Even if it means paying the ultimate cost Will Slayer and Nadia finally get their Happily Ever After Or will the happiness they ve worked so hard to achieve get shot down before it has a chance to grow
    Elsa Day
    Elsa Day loves writing stories about characters just beginning to discover adulthood Her books have romance, angst, and just the right amount of spice When she s not writing, Elsa can probably be found chugging tea, listening to international music, and baking sweets She enjoys sketching, painting, and photography, but writing will always be her first love.


    Ok so she's made us wait to see if Hunter survives. Book 3 in this fantastic series follows Nadia as she becomes stronger in her fight against her own mc club knowing her brother has gone and her family is out for revenge but her heart is still with Hunter but will he come for her is he still alive, Nadia is forced to marry the man she hates and know he is out to destroy what her father has built right or wrongly. Elsa takes you into the heart of Nadia she makes you want to shout and scream "can [...]

    M.h. Heyer
    I was sent this book as an ARC for an honest opinion.This is a fast-paced, sexy series which you will not be able to put down until you get to the end. Hunter is the sergeant at arms for the Sons of Rebellion MC and he is on an assassination mission to wipe out the rival Midnight Stalkers MC. But then he meets Nadia, the Prez's daughter of the club he has come to eliminate.Hunter is mouth-wateringly hot and delicious. Nadia is feisty, knows what she wants and she wants Hunter.The roller coaster [...]

    I was lucky enough to beta read this book concluding the series. Will post a review closer to publication so I don't spoil anything that might be changed! ;)And now that it's been published.Well that was a roller coaster of love, hate, death, destruction and salvation if ever I've been on one!In this third and final installment in the story of Nadia & Hunter aka Slayer, Nadia has to wrestle with her conscience, what her family and so-called friends expect from her and her love for Hunter. Wi [...]

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.To be fair I haven't read the first books in this series, but I honestly enjoyed the ending of this story. This is an action packed romance. The main characters, Nadia and Hunter go through a lot just to be together. Nadia is forced by her parents to marry a man she hates, and Hunter watches it happen. Hunter has to rescue her from Palmer, the abusive man she was forced to marry, even though he has injuries. At the last minute, Hu [...]

    The final book in the Sons of Rebellion series was unpredictable. I was kept on my toes to see if Nadia and Hunter could still hold onto their love through the casualties of revenge. Elsa Day can easily tap into your raw emotions in her short stories as the scenes she sets before you tear you up, and see character’s suffer who you have connected too when in some cases only hate should be in place for their actions, whilst at the same time she makes you feel the heroism on display through the e [...]

    Gina Kamai
    In this final Son's of Rebellion book, several emotions passed through me as I was reading. Anger, happiness, sadness, outrage, Nadia's mom is pushing her to due her family duty, but can she put herself brought that kind of hell.Will we find Hunter/Slayer alive or dead? If he survives, can he bring himself to go to Nadia again, knowing her has killed so many people she knos as well as her brother. Will she even forgive him?The answers are shocking with an ending you don't see coming.

    Renee' Yarbrough Rees
    I have beta read each book in this series and LOVED each one! Hunter and Nadia are one of the most realistic biker couples I have had the pleasure of reading. Action packed and Nadia and Hunter are truly tested in love and war!!!

    I would have given all three books in this series 5 stars if there weren't so many typos.

    loved this book .e whole series is fabulous. violence and x sex but there is a story in there that hooked me in. if you love MC stories, you will love this one.

    Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)
    ~*~ Obsessed by books - beta read in exchange for an honest review ~*~"From the moment that I stepped inside of this town, this was the endgame. My mission was to destroy the Midnight Stalkers, and in order to do that, I have to kill them."This third and final book in the series picks up where book two and that almighty cliffhanger left us. Can Hunter survive his battle with Nadia's brother? Will he be able to continue the mission and see it through? Bad blood and a horrific past stands between [...]

    I was gifted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is the third book in the Sons of Rebellion series and need to be read in order.Nadia knows that falling in love with Slayer was a colossal mistake but she can't help how she feels. He is everything she has ever wanted in a man and she refuses to let him go. When she realizes some of the things that Slayer has done in regards to her family she is conflicted. Can she be with a man who has killed her own flesh and [...]

    What a finish to the Sons of Rebellion, This book just kept you guessing what will happen next and I loved the way Hunter aka Slayer is with Brent and Jase he's out for revenge which you will understand in this book why and his bros will help protect him. Hunter is a true killer he's focused but Nadia steps in and he's rethinking himself and has to protect her She's torn between love, Family and the club will she sacrifice any to live the life she wants, I did want to slap Nadia a few times with [...]

    I really liked this series! I thought it started out so great between the characters but when I finally read this book I felt like a bunch was still unanswered especially between the couple. I know the author put a memo at the end saying it would be wrapped up in the next book but a book not even about them doesnt lead me to believe that. I also thought that we still didnt hear much about the Sons of Rebellion, not gonna lie I feel like that club pretty much was just the 3 of them. All in all in [...]

    Emmalyn Diane
    I loved it!It was crazy good! just a few questions: where did Nadia go? Why did she leave him? Who gets to find out about Palmer's body? Why are lead chics so difficult?I don't really know how motorclubs work, I just see them asride and drinkbut never the illegal stuff. It was awesome all in all!

    Laurie Gyd
    Loved itI enjoyed reading Nadia and Hunter's story. I loved that they got to be together at the end. I wish there was a epilogue at the end but read there will be another book-Brent's story with a continuation of Nadia and Hunters lives. Looking forward to it.

    Rachel Riley-meek
    Liked the endingI liked the ending to this story though I think it would have been better as a full length novel instead of 3 short books. As separate books they are 3 stars but may have earned 4 as a whole.

    Loved itLots of action in this one .This series I really enjoyed I loved how she made him prove he loved her at the end can't wait for next book .

    Love this series keep it up

    Good read one of three books loved all of them!

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