Головні правила українського правопису Best Download || [George Y. Shevelov Юрій Шерех]

  • Title: Головні правила українського правопису
  • Author: George Y. Shevelov Юрій Шерех
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    George Y. Shevelov Юрій Шерех
    Slavic linguist, philologist, essayist, literary historian, and literary critic full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society since 1949 and of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1945 After studying under Leonid Bulakhovsky at Kharkiv University candidate 1939 he lectured there in Slavic linguistics 1939 43 Having emigrated to Germany, he taught at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich 1946 9 and obtained a doctorate there 1949 He was also vice president of the MUR literary association 1945 9 and edited a monthly journal Arka After settling in the United States he served as lecturer in Russian and Ukrainian at Harvard University 1952 4 , associate professor 1954 8 and professor of Slavic philology at Columbia University 1958 77 , and president of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences 1959 61, 1981 6 He was a founding member of the Slovo Association of Ukrainian Writers in Exile In 1978 81 he was editor in chief of the journal Suchasnist In 1991 Shevelov became a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.Shevelov is the author of some 500 articles, reviews, and books on Slavic philology and linguistics and the history of literature In Slavic linguistics he has contributed to such areas as phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicology, etymology, literary languages, and onomastics He has devoted special attention to Old Church Slavonic, Belarusian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Serbo Croation, Macedonian, and above all Ukrainian In his most important work, A Historical Phonology of the Ukrainian Language 1979 , Shevelov demonstrated the historical continuity of the language His other important publications in linguistics are Do henezy nazyvnoho rechennia On the Genesis of the Nominal Sentence, 1947 , Halychyna v formuvanni novo ukra ns ko literaturno movy Galicia in the Formation of the Modern Ukrainian Literary Language, 1949, 1975 , Narys suchasno ukra ns ko literaturno movy An Outline of the Contemporary Ukrainian Literary Language, 1951 , The Syntax of Modern Literary Ukrainian The Simple Sentence 1963 Ukrainian version 1951 , A Prehistory of Slavic The Historical Phonology of Common Slavic 1964, 1965 , Die ukrainische Schriftsprache, 1798 1965 1966 , Teasers and Appeasers Essays and Studies on Themes of Slavic Philology 1971 , and The Ukrainian Language in the First Half of the Twentieth Century, 1900 1941 Its State and Status 1989 Ukrainian version 1987.His numerous articles in the field of literature, literary criticism, and theater were collected in Ne dlia ditei Not for Children, 1964 , Druha cherha literatura, teatr, ideolohi The Second Round Literature, Theater, Ideologies, 1978 , and Tretia storozha The Third Watch, 1991 Most of these essays were reprinted in Kharkiv in 1998 in a two volume edition Porohy i zaporizhzhia The Rapids and He was one of the organizers of migr literary life in Germany after the Second World War Shevelov was editor or coeditor of many scholarly and literary journals, serials, books, and other publications, including Arka 1947 8 , Annals of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the United States 1960 1 , Historical Phonology of the Slavic Languages 5 vols, 1973 83 , and Suchasnist 1978 87 He was also linguistics subject editor for Entsyklopediia ukra noznavstva Encyclopedia of Ukraine, 1949 52, 1955 89 , Ukraine A Concise Encyclopaedia vol 1, 1963 , and Encyclopedia of Ukraine vols 1 2, 1984, 1988 , to which he contributed numerous articles.A bibliography of his works by Jacob Hursky appeared in Symbolae in honorem Georgii Y Shevelov 1971 and Studies in Ukrainian Linguistics in Honor of George Y Shevelov 1985 Another bibliography of his writings, edited by A Danylenko and L Chaban, appeared in New York in 1998 A two volume edition of Shevelov s memoirs was published in Kharkiv in 2001.


    • Головні правила українського правопису Best Download || [George Y. Shevelov Юрій Шерех]
      444 George Y. Shevelov Юрій Шерех
    Головні правила українського правопису