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  • Title: Posted to Death
  • Author: Dean A.James
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  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Amateur sleuth, Simon Kirby Jones is looking forward to settling into his new home in the quaint British village of Snupperton despite a few potential challenges Not only is Simon an American, but he s also a gay vampire who controls his vampiric urges and sun sensitivity with an effective medication Delighted to be in the cozy English village of his dreams, he s eager tAmateur sleuth, Simon Kirby Jones is looking forward to settling into his new home in the quaint British village of Snupperton despite a few potential challenges Not only is Simon an American, but he s also a gay vampire who controls his vampiric urges and sun sensitivity with an effective medication Delighted to be in the cozy English village of his dreams, he s eager to make Snupperton his home, and joins the fundraising committee of the local church But at the first meeting, an argument breaks out between the town matriarch Lady Prunella Blitherington, and the nosy village postmaster, Abigail Winterton When Abigail is found murdered the next day, Simon determines to reveal the murderer in town and in the process discovers all the delightfully sordid secrets of Snupperton
    Dean A.James
    Dean A.James Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Posted to Death book, this is one of the most wanted Dean A.James author readers around the world.


    Lois Bujold
    Persons in the mood for absurd fluff might add another star -- I was and I almost did, but I wouldn't want to mislead. We are not looking at Dorothy-Sayers depths of characterization, setting, or theme, here.And also its three sequels, because I was in the mood for fluff, to wit, Faked to Death, Decorated to Death, and Baked to Death, in that order. Readers following the romance-of-sorts will want to take them chronologically.I swear this book/series must have started with either a dare or a bet [...]

    Ije the Devourer of Books
    'The vicar doesn't know I am a vampire. Nor does he know I am gay.'What's not to love about that opening sentence? I just knew it was going to be a hilarious story and I was right!!Someone has murdered the village busy body and Dr Simon Kirby-Jones is on the case!! And using all his detecting abilities to solve the crime. Alas he developed his detecting abilities through writing murder mysteries but he doesn't let his lack of investigative skills deter him.And so he seeks to find out who dunnit [...]

    As a cozy mystery, this one is pretty neat and very British *lol*. I mean, the names like Prunella Blitherington, Neville and Letty Butler-Melville, Snupperton Mumsley can't get any more British-tone than that!! The whole 'secrets' within the English small town reminds me of one of Agatha Christie's novels, Murder at the Vicarage, that I read LONG time ago when I was probably still in my late Elementary / early Junior High School. It is intriguing :). The writing feels a bit too formal and a l [...]

    Ike Rose
    I loved this series of four very funny mysteries.The nain character is sort if a male Miss Marple. He lives in a small cottage in a small English village with a weird name, and every time he turns around, he finds a dead body - and solves the mystery.That's where the similarity ends. Simon Kerby-Jones is male, he's a well known historian and he's gay. He's also got a few secrets. One is that he writes novels under two female names.The other is that he is a 'new vampire'.They have these little wh [...]

    Posted to death is, in this case a book being posted to death :D. It is making its way around some of my friends on Risi and started out in the USA. So far it has travelled 6230 miles (unpon getting to me) and will be heading to England I believe next.It is a fabulous non challenging wee read and for me I was sold with "it has a gay vampire in it", I do love vampire books and this is a first for me. Simon Kirby-Jones is our star and author himself, he moves to a wee village in England. Filled wi [...]

    Posted To Death: A Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery (Simon Kirby-Jones Mysteries) by Dean JamesEdition: HardcoverA Fun New Series for Me, August 10, 2011 This review is from: Posted To Death: A Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery (Simon Kirby-Jones Mysteries) (Hardcover) I started reading this series thinking that I would be putting it down and returning it to the library before I could finish the first chapter. So far the other few books written about vampires have been beyond a bore to me so this book would ha [...]

    I may return but right now I'm not interested in finishing. I love cosy-mysteries add some quirky humour and the opening lines attracted me moth to lamp.Unfortunately the characters aren't likeable. The appeal of these stories is often the cast, likeable in their eccentricities, odious in ways that promise comeuppance. Here there was a pettiness that overrode charm.Not entirely sure why Vampires in this setting, all it adds is a connection with one inhabitant that could have been engineered in a [...]

    This was disappointing. The concept sounded good - I love British mysteries, especially ones set in the countryside. However, the writing let this down. There were too many cases of names being used in dialogue, which I find jarring, i.e. the characters referring to each other by name throughout their conversations.I didn't feel a connection to the main character, either. The plot was interesting enough to keep me reading, but the ending felt a little flat.

    My review probably won't carry much weight, as I couldn't finish the book. The story was humorous and I liked the mystery, but ultimately I didn't really care about the characters or what happened. I can't entirely explain why, but I didn't care for this book.That being said, for those who do enjoy humorous, silly-at-times mysteries, you'll probably like this one.

    Lillian Francis
    Amusing, 'cozy' mystery story. Kept me up into the wee small hours to finish it.Now need to track down the rest of the series.

    Cozy mystery with gay vampire — Ije liked it, just $.99 worth to try.

    Linda Fast
    Posted to Death is a story of an American gay vampire who moves into a small village in Snupperton Mumsley England. The post mistress has been murdered and the story revolves around the "who dunnit" atmosphere. This was a quick easy read although not overly exciting but at times interesting.

    I read this ages ago. Luckily for me, googling "cozy mystery gay vampire" turns it right up. It was still amusing this time around. Some of the attitudes on sexuality and gender don't stand up as time has passed, though. I'm going to try another.

    Just really good fun. Lovely subject matter, lovely hero, just fun.

    A lovely little romp through small town Englandwith a vampire.

    This mystery was funny, quirky and had lots of twists and turns! Looking forward to reading the next one!

    Not my cup of tea. Didn't find it captivating at all

    FunI had a blast reading this book. It's a series I can get into and definitely will do so very soon.

    Camilla Harry
    different, but good series

    Ruthie Jones
    Posted To Death is a fun, cozy mystery that keeps you guessing almost to the end. It's definitely different to have the hero as a gay vampire (although the vampire aspect isn't the main focus here, so don't think, "Oh no! Not another vampire story!").Simon, the gay American vampire, writes biographies under his own name and writes steamy, gossipy fiction under a pseudonym. He has moved to a small English community that is inordinately LGBT (and yes, the story does have a transgender/transexual c [...]

    Simon Kirby-Jones an American writer has just moved from the States to the small English village Snupperton Mumsley. Here he hopes to find a peaceful life to write more of his famous historical books and romantic novels. Soon after his arrival he is invited by the vicar to join a committee to raise money for the restoration of the church fabric. Wanting to blend in he accepts the offer and at one of the meetings with the SMADS (Snupperton Mumsley Amateur Dramatic Society) is decided to perform a [...]

    Inanna Arthen
    I found this whole series of "cozies" by Dean James to be highly entertaining. I can't remember how I first discovered this one, the first in the series, but I couldn't wait until each of the next three were released. Of course they're a bit on the silly side, but that's the whole fun of the cozy mystery genre. The set-up and cast of characters reminded me very much of Anne Fraser's fiction, but a bit more light-hearted. They're also very reminiscent of Midsomer Murders, a series to which I am u [...]

    decided not to read,

    Simon is a gay vampire novelist who happens to stumble upon a mystery. Simon is an extremely likable fellow that carries us through the light and fluffy mystery.Pros: It doesn't hurt, physically speaking. It's been a long time since I was able to pluck a random book off the shelf and not receive a headache in return, Posted to Death is a nice change of pace. In addition, the mystery isn't predictable, another nice relief from modern lore. The writing is quipy and strong while maintaining a light [...]

    Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    This debut novel in a series known as "A Simon Kirby-Jones Mystery, was a delightful surprise to me. We have an expatriate, Simon, having just moved to a English village known as Snupperton Mumsley. Now Simon is a Southern Gentleman formerly from Mississippi. He brings the fact that he is an Historical biographical author whom dabbles in writing romances and mysteries under alias, however, he also just happens to be gay and a vampire with magic little pills.Put the above into a typical stylizati [...]

    Oh, my. Fluff, air & more fluff. I knew before I opened it that this book is a 'cozy' - I'm sure there's an official definition out there somewhere; in my mind 'cozy' equates to 'nice little story that doesn't necessarily use any of the usual rules for detection, requires a suspension of disbelief as early as page one and does not hold up to a thoughtful review.'So, trying not to think too much about the review, yes, the vampire schtick was a convenient plot device to allow the character to [...]

    Posted to Death was great! Funny, well written, full of quirky characters and a very interesting take on the traditional English village mystery. I wouldn’t call it a parody, just a humorous take on the paranormal cozy genre. The big twist is that the Dr. Simon Kirby-Jones, our sleuth is a man, just like in the Cat in the Stacks mysteries and he is also gay and a vampire. The character is done so well; I really enjoyed it. It could have been over the top bordering on ridiculous but it doesn’ [...]

    Novelist and historian Simon Kirby-Jones is just a bit different than the rest of the people in the quaint village he has recently moved to in the English countryside. For one, he's American; two, he's gay (so that's not too different); and three, he's a vampire. This may seem to make for an odd mix, but his many differences allow him to objectively investigate the murder of the local busybody Abigail Winterton who had burned more than her fair share of bridges in her lifetime. The major obstacl [...]

    Update: Who am I kidding? I'm never going to finish this book. A gay-vampire-cozy-mystery sounded better than it's turning out to be. Most of the gimmicky named villagers of the gimmicky named village of Snupperton Mumsley (aka suspects) are generally petty and pompous rather than interesting and eccentric. And we don't care much for the mean-spirited victim either. Since amateur detective Simon Kirby-Jones is taking vampire-control pills, his undead state is pretty much irrelevant to the plot. [...]

    This book was a lot of fun to read. Despite a few typos (or auto-correct errors, I couldn't decide which) I really enjoyed the way the author plays with the words and elevates the genre with an easy to read, fast-paced story, as well as some occasional fairly advanced vocabulary.If you are offended by homosexuality, whatever your reason for it, or gay sexual innuendos, then you might want to stay away from this series – not that there are sexual scenes or anything, but the main character and t [...]

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