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  • Title: A Cold Killing
  • Author: Anna Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Crime reporter Rosie Gilmour returns from hiding in Bosnia to a story of a brutal execution University lecturer Tom Mahoney was shot at point blank range, the killing has all the signs of a hit But who would want to kill a retired lecturer Rosie throws herself into the investigation, looking for a witness that has gone missing A witness that might hold the key to the sCrime reporter Rosie Gilmour returns from hiding in Bosnia to a story of a brutal execution University lecturer Tom Mahoney was shot at point blank range, the killing has all the signs of a hit But who would want to kill a retired lecturer Rosie throws herself into the investigation, looking for a witness that has gone missing A witness that might hold the key to the story But she has her own reasons to stay hidden As Rosie digs deeper, she finds the story has connections to the Ministry of Defence and MI6 and Mahoney s past is darker than anyone could imagine Rosie s running out of time to find out the truth, before Mahoney s killers silence her for good.
    Anna Smith
    Anna Smith is an award winning journalist who spent a lifetime in daily newspapers, reporting from the frontline all over the world She has covered conflicts from Somalia to Rwanda to Kosovo, where she witnessed the plight of tragic refugees, genocide and hideous ethnic cleansing She has also worked on major investigations, unmasking drug dealers and paedophiles, as well as reporting on the Dunblane Massacre, to 9 11, where she was one of the first journalists on the scene in both world shaking events.She writes novels full time now, using her vast experience as a journalist to create the hugely popular Rosie Gilmour character, a gritty Glasgow journalist who tears down the walls of corruption and will stop at nothing to get her story Anna lives between her homes in Scotland and the West of Ireland and also in Spain to escape the British weather Her highly acclaimed debut novel, The Dead Won t Sleep, was the first in the series, exposing corruption and child abuse at the very top of the establishment, echoing real news stories that are being reported at the moment, even though the novel was published three years ago The second in the series is, To Tell The Truth, and takes Rosie on a terrifying investigation into the kidnapping of a three year old girl from a beach in Spain while on holiday with her parents It s a fast paced story of people trafficking and international child porn, and is set in Glasgow, Spain and Morocco Book three, is Screams In The Dark, is a harrowing tale of refugees going missing in Glasgow When a torso is found floating in the River Clyde, Rosie is on the trail of international criminals from London to Belgrade and uncovers a network of evil It s a story close to Anna s heart as she reported from Kosovo at the start of the war when stricken refugees were spilling across the border in their thousands.Her fourth in the series, is Betrayed, where Rosie takes on the criminals in the Ulster Volunteer Force in Glasgow It s a gripping story of cocaine smuggling, of divided loyalties, of love and regret, and ultimately of betrayal Her latest novel, A Cold Killing, takes Rosie on the dangerous trail of gun runners as she probes the murder of a retired Glasgow University lecturer The deeper she digs, she finds that he has a dark past that leads all the way to MI6 and the KGB.You can read on quercusbooks And also on her Anna Smith Crime Author page on Facebook Or on Twitter.


    I'm really enjoying reading this series of books. I like the interaction between the characters and the fact that the plots are totally different each time. However, I didn't really feel a build up of tension in this one , maybe it's because I know there are more books in the series so know that whatever situation Rosie gets herself into, and whatever risks she takes, she will live to fight another day! Nevertheless, a fast-paced, gritty novel that kept me turning the pages.

    Best Crime Books & More
    Rosie Gilmour is something of a compelling series. Maybe it’s because she isn’t a copper? Maybe it’s because she is just a darn interesting character, who knows the exact reasoning but whatever it is, it draws me back to each new book in the series. Rosie Gilmour is a journalist that takes far too many risks just to scoop the story. This is book 5 in the series and after Rosie’s last escapade I was expecting it to be quieter and for Rosie to take less risky escapades. Not sure why I thou [...]

    Colette Lamberth
    This is my favourite Rosie Gilmour book so far although for transparency I feel I must mention that I skipped book 4 but do intend to return to it. As with the others in the series it works perfectly well as a standalone book and Anna Smith adds just enough background for it to make sense. A refreshing change from a detective led crime book and highly recommended.

    Denise Cowling
    Loved it. If you like Martian Cole you'd like Anna Smith more.

    Vicki - I Love Reading
    My thoughts.​Firstly I would like to Thank you to the Author, Publishers and Netgalley for a review copy of this book. And apologise on how long it's taken me to get around to reading it. ​The Amazing author that is Angela Marsons seems to be able to write about anything, and grab you right into the story from the early pages. Again this book was brought to my attention only because of who the aurthor was, and had it been an author I hadn't known, I may never have read it. I am so glad I di [...]

    jeannette allerston
    Absolutely brilliantCan not get enough of this series, love the character of Rosie, this series just keeps on giving, never know what is going to happen next, well done Anna Smith 100/100 really recommend this series , grips you from the first page and does,nt it you go ☺ x

    Another great one in this series

    A good story once again but I felt the ending could have been better.

    Roy McDine
    Gripping plot with plenty of action, maybe slightly spoilt by the continuing 'bad luck' popping up in the last chapters - keep it believable.

    Julia Jones
    A Cold KillingI gave this book a 5 star rating as it was just as brilliant as the last 4 books about Rosie Gilmour Glasgow journalist who really knows how to get her story.

    Patricia Burton
    Brilliant as always, fabulous series!

    Nicky Mottram
    Audio version of this book- narrator excellent as always. Storyline was good but not as gripping as the others in the series

    ~ Cariad ~
    Love, love, love this series! Fantastically narrated too : )

    Sharon Mccall
    I do like a good Rosie Gilmour book and this one didn't disappoint. Returning from hiding out in Sarajevo from the threat of a hit being put on her, Rosie stumbles straight onto her next big story as soon as she arrives in London. A retired university lecturer has been gunned down in a train station café and soon it becomes clear that all is not quite what it seems. A witness to the shooting who doesn't want to / can't go to the cops and tell them what she knows contacts Rosie and the two's liv [...]

    Elaine Browne
    This was alright The story was okay only very sameish I thoughtWe know Rosie likes Adrian and I just wish they'd get togetherThe basic story didn't really grip me to be honest Not enough action either

    ĺike reading anna smith her books are good.

    I found it hard at the beginning, with Rosie Gilmore then Ruby came into it was still a very good read, I never want to put it down. I also like that Adrian & Rosie have a moment together.

    Feel like I am reading about a female Luther or Taggart but they're a journalist. Love these books so much!

    Ann Single
    My rating may reflect my experience of listening to an audiobook more than the book itself. This was my first attempt at listening to a book and I struggled. I enjoyed the Glasgow setting.

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