☆ Cry Of The Firebird ☆ Amy Kuivalainen

  • Title: Cry Of The Firebird
  • Author: Amy Kuivalainen
  • ISBN: 9781503093881
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback

  • A firebird hatches in the far corners of Russia, where gods still walk and magic slumbers, sparking a supernatural war that will tear the worlds apart Inspired by Finnish and Russian Mythology, Cry of the Firebird is a noir paranormal series that brings to life the bloody fairy tales of the North in a new modern setting Born on the crossroads between worlds, Anya s magA firebird hatches in the far corners of Russia, where gods still walk and magic slumbers, sparking a supernatural war that will tear the worlds apart Inspired by Finnish and Russian Mythology, Cry of the Firebird is a noir paranormal series that brings to life the bloody fairy tales of the North in a new modern setting Born on the crossroads between worlds, Anya s magic is buried deeply until one fateful night it causes a firebird to hatch on her farm Through a twist of dark magic it is sharing its body with Yvan, an ancient prince from legend With Yvan s dark magician brother Vasilli and other powerful enemies closing in around them, Anya has no choice but to sober up and follow Yvan into Skazki, the land of monsters and magic Kirkus Reviews says e story incorporates a fair share of surprises, and never fails to provide new scenes featuring bloodshed and strange new creatures A US Second Edition Release as of January 2017
    Amy Kuivalainen
    Amy Kuivalainen is a Finnish Australian writer who is obsessed with magical wardrobes, doors, auroras and burial mounds that might offer a way into another realm Until then, she will write about fairy tales, monsters, magic and mythology because that s the next best thing.


    Viktoria (seelieknight)
    You know that feeling when you re really in the mood for a specific book but finding it seems nearly impossible because theres likely nothing published that will match what you ve conjured up in your mind Yeah that s me with all of my reads Lately, however, I ve been craving Slavic folklore retellings I find those fairytales to be the most intriguing, and I love the dark atmosphere they usually bring But seeing as Deathless by Catherynne M Valente and Uprooted by Naomi Novik are two of my all ti [...]

    To be fair, this is a 2 1 2 stars than 3, but as usual I am rounding up I won t bother rehashing the plot because the summary pretty much does that, so suffice it to say that this is one of those hidden abilities come to the fore after the death of a loved one and all sorts of opposing forces gather for a big fight stories Toss in a lot of references to European folklore and fairy tales and there you have it Well, sort of.I didn t have a problem with the plot of the story I kind of knew what to [...]

    Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon
    3 Cranky Stars Anya, traumatized by the murder of her grandfather, spends her days drinking her pain away on a small farm in Russia Visited by a strange man in a small cafe, a destiny unfolds The man isn t an ordinary human, he s Tuoni, a Finnish God, who informs Anya that the fate of worlds rests on her novice shoulders.Enter Yvan, a Prince from the otherworld, who not only has a passenger, but also, a host of enemies lining up against him He is both a boon and a bane to Anya His presence sets [...]

    What I really liked about this is the fact that the love story, I was really worried about insta love, didn t go the way I thought it would It was such a refreshing change that I actually gave a sigh of relief Anya and this man bird, Yvan, go on a quest to try and solve the predicament of Anya s identity and there they meet a rather interesting band of people Being rather unfamiliar with Russain Fairy tales it was all a bit over my head but I enjoyed whatever bits I knew and understood, example, [...]

    3.5 The good Let me start with a compliment to Ms Kuivalainen Cry of the Firebird was an interesting concept with fascinating intertwining of mythologies and legends from different cultures I was raised on Russian Skazki and found this foray in to Russian and Finnish folklore well told, respectful and vastly knowledgeable Not so good.I found the pace of this novel too even, slow and plodding, lacking any tension or a build up to the final confrontation, which was totally without any impact For a [...]

    I found this absolutely amazing The characters are so well crafted it is like you are living vicariously through them Loved every minute of reading it and wish I could reread it for the first time again

    Miss M Wheelden
    BrilliantTook away on an adventure holiday for an easy read to pick up an put down good story an no second guessing what happens next brilliant

    Cheryl Brandt
    This is Amy Kuivalainen s first book, and is the first in a series Like many first books, it has some rough spots, such as being a bit slow to start, and the narrator driven, third person from on high intervals seem a bit odd at first The hardest part was that she seemed, at first, to be trying to make her heroine unlikeable but you get past all that and Anya becomes a strong, albeit confused, character.This story takes place in a world where the world of, primarily Russian, fairy tales and the [...]

    I really loved this book and can t wait to read the rest of the series Cry of the Firebird is a refreshing modern urban fantasy Its full of cool references to all sorts of magic, mythical creatures and cultural fairytales very entertaining as you never know what to expect next Its dark, funny, romantic and action packed A real page turner Spoilers.Anya, the main character, gets rudely taken out of her life and dumped in the middle of a crisis in which she needs to use power she doesn t know she [...]

    Veronica Thomas
    Russian fantasy never knew what I was missing.Loved this book Loved the characters all so strong and confident No simpering Damsels in Distress here Great interactions and relationships An Aussie superhero Gotta be a first Such a variety of supernatural beings to choose from, and the action just doesn t let up Can t wait for the next exciting episode.

    Debra Bulger
    Loved it.The story kept me coming back for Which of course has made me want to read the rest of the series.

    This was one of those books that had so much potential but just didn t hit the mark Cry Of The Firebird has a really interesting inspiration taken from Russian and Finnish folklore These were the aspects of the story i loved the most The beautiful settings of Russian woods and Sami traditions Tales of gods and rune stones It was all so interesting and i loved how it was incorporated into the story Where this book went wrong was that all the hard work put into the world building and folklore was [...]

    My expectations were high Really high I love mythology and fantasy and this sounded right up my ally Kuivalainen, if your protagonist doesn t know anything, doesn t do anything, and drinks with no ambition to change any one of those things for the majority of the book then just make her a toddler and call it a day Also, fixing those three things I mentioned deserve focus and attention than whether or not Anya was gonna get some Filling the book with lots of characters that you can t keep track [...]

    Strong characters, inviting premise, enthralling lore, and shenanigans galore I loved the mythological historic feel of it, and the clever development of the various types of characters, their different origins that color the way they interact It was a breathtaking start to what I hope will be a magnificent adventure I definitely want to see these characters continue

    Angie Garcia
    Fantastical Loved it and am running to get the next in the series Mythical creatures you ve never dreamed of much less heard of You will need wiki available More after the next book

    I was of the impression that this book would be a clean read not sure why However there has been a fair amount of swearing foul language within the first few pages and the main character has been drunk starting to avoid the drink though There is quite a bit of description of blood and gore wolves eating out intestines, etc and sounds like much violence to come I am not going to continue with the story.

    Sadie Forsythe
    Ok, I give up I m gonna have to DNF this 50% Perhaps this is a it s me, not the book situation, but I don t know I thought the writing was fine It was a bit stiff There is a distinct lack of contractions, even in dialogue and it just felt overly formal in general I also noticed a few missing comma But all in all the writing was passable But at 50% we re still just basically running around without purpose being picked up and taken care of by one man after another , clumsily hinting at romance and [...]

    3.5 See review for Kindle eddition

    • ☆ Cry Of The Firebird ☆ Amy Kuivalainen
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