Madeline Kahn: Being the Music, A Life (Hollywood Legends Series) Best Read || [William V. Madison]

  • Title: Madeline Kahn: Being the Music, A Life (Hollywood Legends Series)
  • Author: William V. Madison
  • ISBN: 9781617037610
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Best known for her Oscar nominated roles in the smash hits Paper Moon and Blazing Saddles, Madeline Kahn 1942 1999 was one of the most popular comedians of her time and one of the least understood In private, she was as reserved and refined as her characters were bold and bawdy Almost a Method actor in her approach, she took her work seriously When crew members and aBest known for her Oscar nominated roles in the smash hits Paper Moon and Blazing Saddles, Madeline Kahn 1942 1999 was one of the most popular comedians of her time and one of the least understood In private, she was as reserved and refined as her characters were bold and bawdy Almost a Method actor in her approach, she took her work seriously When crew members and audiences laughed, she asked why as if they were laughing at her and all her life she remained unsure of her gifts.William V Madison examines Kahn s film career, including not only her triumphs with Mel Brooks and Peter Bogdanovich, but also her overlooked performances in The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother and Judy Berlin, her final film Her work in television notably her sitcoms also comes into focus New York theater showered her with accolades, but also with remarkably bad luck, culminating in a disastrous outing in On the Twentieth Century that wrecked her reputation on Broadway Only with her Tony winning performance in The Sisters Rosensweig, fifteen years later, did Kahn regain her standing.Drawing on new interviews with family, friends, and such colleagues as Lily Tomlin, Carol Burnett, Gene Wilder, Harold Prince, and Eileen Brennan, as well as archival press and private writings, Madison uncovers Kahn s lonely childhood and her struggles as a single woman working to provide for her erratic mother Above all, Madison reveals the
    William V. Madison
    William V. Madison Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Madeline Kahn: Being the Music, A Life (Hollywood Legends Series) book, this is one of the most wanted William V. Madison author readers around the world.


    When I excitedly told friends I was reading a biography on the wonderful Madeline Kahn, I was shocked and saddened to find not a single one knew who she was It wasn t until I listed off the many characters she brought to life that their faces brightened with recognition Madeline s star may have faded over time but William Madison brings her back to life with the most comprehensive biography one could ask for Covering her entire career on stage, in pictures and television, Madison digs up intervi [...]

    It is thrilling to finally have in my hands a biography dedicated to the fascinating actress often forgotten, Madeline Kahn The book boasts an array of interviewees closely linked to Madeline s professional and private life but ultimately the writing shows levels of bias and fails to reveal anything new about Madeline that isn t already, to some extent, discussed online The writing is sometimes repetitive but Madison s observations of Madeline s performances are enjoyable to read and the final c [...]

    Joe Hartman
    Madeline Kahn fans have been wanting a comprehensive bio on her for awhile, in order to understand her elusive nature, get a clue as to where her innate comic abilities came from, and just to feel closer to her In some aspects, this bio succeeds In a way, it wins simply by being the only one out there It s thoughtfully written, objective, and respectful, but it fails to give any sense of immediacy There is no feeling of being there.A great bio makes one feel like he was there, allows the reader [...]

    V. Briceland
    Madison s truly comprehensive book on Madeline Kahn multi talented comedian, actor, and singer isn t a standard glossy star bio Instead, it s a careful and considered examination of the life and career of a remarkable woman who, by all accounts, never really understood why so many loved, admired, and emulated her.Not content with sticking to the career highlights the Mel Brooks films, the award nominated performances, the big stage shows Madison digs up every little nugget of Kahn s career Every [...]

    When my mother Robyn Larsen first told me that she d been contacted by someone writing a book about Madeline, my first thought was, It s about time Growing up I always knew that she was my aunt, but as she and my mother were not close, I had very little to go on Reading this book gave me an insight into someone that I never knew, but somehow always felt like I did Highly enjoyable and definitely recommend for all Madeline fans.

    Well researched bio of Kahn, one of my favorite actresses comediennes Writing can be a little academic at times but the reader learns how long hard Kahn worked at her career And her mom was kind of a jerk.

    Jean Brazil
    Well researched and written biography.

    This 3 and 1 2 star book is a credit by credit approach to Kahn It s not her life story so much as a career overview, covering year by year her theatrical shows, movies, and television work Through it all the author seems very distant from Kahn and has a hard time letting us get to know her He interviewed family members and close co workers but in the end we don t get the sense that we understand the actress since the writer paints her as a very serious performer who never thought she was funny [...]

    Fans of Madeline will not be disappointed Lots of info and plenty of it new to me.

    Brilliant insights from a thorough researcher who managed to capture interviews w key figures in MK s life, notably Gene Wilder, before they too passed away.

    Lisa Burris
    I, like many, many people, adore Madeline Kahn and miss her immensely She was uniquely talented, one of a few, rare comedians who could play outrageously silly, yet retain her air of dignity and a ladylike demeanor I was eager to read this biography, because there is so little written about Kahn I enjoyed learning about her life, particularly the insider interviews with luminaries like Peter Bogdonavich, Kevin Kline, and Mel Brooks This books is nothing if not well researched My quibble with it [...]

    Madeline Kahn has always been one of my favorite actresses I mean, she s a total package This biography was researched very well, and you can tell the author loves his subject The whole thing has a melancholy feel to it, and so it wasn t exactly an entertaining read, but it was a good read It seems that Madeline Kahn was never quite satisfied with her acting roles, and she didn t understand why people thought she was funny That part alone is heartbreaking It s a good book and many of Madeline s [...]

    Shawn Hill
    The life of a high strung, multi talented artist and comedienne, who could belt Broadway tunes and sing opera, but wasn t taken completely seriously by either world is profiled with great detail and sensivity here Career highs are celebrated, and lows are explored Whether Kahn was an actress or singer first, she was a verified star before her early death from cancer and her career was just in time to benefit from the home video craze, ensuring her legacy of comedic performances keep finding new [...]

    Daniel Krolik
    A bracingly honest and moving chronicle of one of the greats Madison s exhaustive account of Madeline s life and career is full of surprises and paints an indelible picture of a brilliant and often contradictory artist He explains what sets her apart, why some of her performances are legendary, why others don t work, how she succeeded, how she was let down by others in her industry, and how she sometimes became her own worst enemy A revelation.

    This book was a little drier than I d hoped It was kind of a Just the Facts, Ma am approach to the actress who was anything but dry I also got a little tired of him saying how shy and unassuming she was We get it Describe her another way.Other than that this was an interesting book I didn t know much about her beyond Blazing Saddles, but the book goes was beyond that.

    Patrick Justo
    Probably the most oft repeated sentence in the book comes, unbidden, from its numerous celebrity interviewees like Robert Klein, Carol Kane, Ryan O Neal, Mel Brooks, Lily Tomlin, and so many others Everyone just fell in love with Madeline.As did we all.

    A really good biography of the life and work of Madeline Kahn Reading it you come to understand how this incredibly talented woman was always uncomfortable about her status as a comedy icon.

    K. Marie Jones
    What a wonderful entertainer Truly missed.

    Great bio of a wonderful performing artist.

    Wally Bruederle
    Nothing special here about the writing but she was a very interesting person and that made the book a worthwhile read.

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