Free Download The Essential Writings - by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

  • Title: The Essential Writings
  • Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  • ISBN: 9780061318313
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback

  • Hegel s major works dialectic metaphysics science experience philosophic truth Absolute Spirit.
    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
    German philosopher and one of the founding figures of German Idealism Influenced by Kant s transcendental idealism and Rousseau s politics, Hegel formulated an elaborate system of historical development of ethics, government, and religion through the dialectical unfolding of the Absolute Hegel was one of the most well known historicist philosopher, and his thought presaged continental philosophy, including postmodernism His system was inverted into a materialist ideology by Karl Marx, originally a member of the Young Hegelian faction.


    Alas, this book failed me and I failed to finish this book I made it about 3 4 of the way through this book and decided my time would be better spent reading some articles explaining Hegel in a meaningful way I expect a collection and analysis of essential writings to include a robust collection of writings which this book did and also bring a greater understanding and context to the reader Maybe in a class or as read as part of a seminar this book would be helpful in understanding Hegel, but i [...]

    Read Introduction, Sense Certainty, Perception, Lordship and Bondage, Self Certainty also in a Philosophy of Right Free Will, Abstract Right, and Morality and Social Life Family and Civil Society Hegel s philosophy is still a bit too obtuse for me Even when he drives it toward concrete, practical situations, it still seems mired in things too big to see and too complex to prove He falls into that category of philosopher who begins with epistemology, in this case, clarifying the Universal concept [...]

    It s hard, when reading these essays, not to think how smart Hegel was Even if I so often disagree with him on such a fundamental level Still, I appreciate, among other things, his pioneering use of the dialectic, his early analysis of the boss worker relationship, and his revisionist approach to Kant On the other hand, I find his absolute idealist approach bothersome This was the first book length approach I ve taken to Hegel, but I m still left cold, if only because I d like to read a full boo [...]

    Anthony Buckley
    I ve found this very useful as an introduction, especially to the Logic It gives extracts accompanied by a commentary.

    Taire Cuevas
    Good book.

    Karen Corbin
    Weighty, I m kind of getting it.

    • Free Download The Essential Writings - by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
      320 Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel