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  • Life can take you anywhere if you seize the day .Stephanie Adam s life has just changed in an instant After years of an unhappy marriage, and three kids grown, her husband passes away suddenly Despite her grief and regrets, she can begin to think about what might come next for her Returning from a weekend away, Stephanie finds herself on the road to Las Vegas, the GLife can take you anywhere if you seize the day .Stephanie Adam s life has just changed in an instant After years of an unhappy marriage, and three kids grown, her husband passes away suddenly Despite her grief and regrets, she can begin to think about what might come next for her Returning from a weekend away, Stephanie finds herself on the road to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and new adventures A friendly stranger turns out to be country music megastar Chase Taylor, and he is only too happy to sweep Stephanie up on his travels From Vegas to Nashbille, a brand new world opens up to her Should she return to her empty house, or take a risk with someone new Danielle Steel is famous for her inspirational stories about family, love and life Her novels will be enjoyed by readers of Penny Vincenzi, Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain.
    Danielle Steel
    Since 1981, Ms Steel has been a permanent fixture on the New York Times hardcover and paperback bestseller lists In 1989, she was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having at least one of her books on the Times bestseller list for 381 consecutive weeks But Guinness was premature The fact is that one or of Ms Steel s novels have been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 390 consecutive weeks Twenty one of Ms Steel s novels have been adapted for television, each earning high ratings and critical acclaim, including two Golden Globe nominations for JEWELS, a four hour mini series that starred Anthony Andrews In addition, Ms Steel is the author of the Max and Martha series of books for young readers They are ten illustrated storybooks written to comfort the young as they face problems, such as a new stepfather, new baby, new school, loss of a grandparent, and other crucial dilemmas in a child s life She has also written the Freddie books, four of them, about real life situations in children s lives, like a visit to the doctor and the first night away from home Ms Steel has also written nonfiction, HIS BRIGHT LIGHT, about the life and death of her son Nicholas Traina, released by Delacorte Press in September 1998 and immediately jumped to the New York Times Non Fiction bestseller list and Having a Baby She has also written a book of poetry entitled LOVE POEMS BY DANIELLE STEEL In 2002, Ms Steel was decorated by the French government as an Officier of the distinguished Order of Arts and Letters, for her lifetime contribution to world culture She was awarded the second highest rank of the Order Ms Steel also has a passionate interest in emerging contemporary artists She has had an art gallery for several years, and and continues to sponsor and organize free lance art shows and events to show the work of emerging and mid career artists She has a degree in design herself In addition to her writing, Ms Steel has varied philanthropic interests She founded and runs two foundations, one named in honor of her late son, The Nick Traina Foundation, which funds organizations involved in mental illness and child abuse The second was established to assist the homeless She has won numerous awards for her personal work with mentally ill adolescents and children Ms Steel maintains a passionate interest in the welfare and well being of children, particularly those in jeopardy She has raised nine children of her own And they continue to keep her busy, as she juggles writing and family Her family is her first priority, despite her many interests From an education in New York and Europe to a professional background in public relations and advertising, and teaching, Ms Steel moved on quickly to her literary career and has been hard at work writing ever since She wrote her first book at nineteen Often, she works on five books at a time researching one storyline, writing another, and editing the third Still, she often spends two to three years researching and developing a single project In the heat of a first draft, it is not uncommon for her to spend eighteen to twenty hours a day glued to her 1946 Olympia manual typewriter Family, children, and young people are the central focus of her life, and her passion, which frequently shows in her writing She deals with the themes that touch on the most pressing issues of real life, which makes her books universal, and touch so many people She is fascinated by the pressing life situations that affect us all, how people handle them and are often transformed as a result And her novels have explored subjects such as kidnapping, incest, mental illness, suicide, death, divorce, adoption, marriage, loss, cancer, war, among others She also frequently writes about historical themes, shedding new light on familiar historical events with meticulously accurate research Despite her varied interests and activities,


    Danielle Steel has interesting plots, but I get really annoyed at her style of writing This happened Then this happened Then they did this Whew, background on this character done Meanwhile this person did this, then that, and got here Whew, two done It plods quickly, if there is such a thing, but it s as if she wants to get the early chapters out of the way so she can get to the good stuff It s almost as if she s dictating the book to a secretary, instead of writing flowing sentences that draw y [...]

    I haven t read a Danielle Steel novel since high school so I figured I d try out this ridiculously popular title I know that with Steel you get what you get not great writing, but usually great storytelling So it makes me sad, but I have to call DNF on this one It s horrible Positively horrible.There is so much repetition in this book I get that Stephanie s husband cheated on her I get that her friends have weird marriages I get that she thinks all men are bad and scary I mean seriously, she thi [...]

    Anita Soni
    This is actually a better novel by Danielle I have read most of Danielle Steel s books and they all have the same style and mostly very expected ending But her writing style makes each story unique and interesting.This one veered off from the predictable in an unpredictable way which made the country a book I found that was hard to put back without finishing.

    The reads tells of Stephanie Adams, as any good mother will do she hides her unhappy marriage from her family in order to spare her children from seeing their family spit But it s not easy being the devoted mother,life is hard and unkind But then life offers an escape, her husband suddenly passes away and it s her chance to alter her life for the better The better life comes in the form of country music megastar Chase Taylor He shows her passion, teaches her there is to life then just being a m [...]

    Olivia McMullan
    I know I say this a lot about books but that was the best book I ve ever read it started off as a rough patch but by the end of the book it had me laughing and and strong power to continue reading and not wanting the book to end

    Jamie Holzberg / Fluff Smut & Murder
    Every time I pick up a Danielle Steel novel I end up hating myself a little for wasting time reading her novels, but I m a sucker I loved some of her novels so much Family Album, Daddy that I keep hoping that THIS will be the magical novel that takes me back to her writing style from so long ago that I loved and I ll be happy And each time I am just disappointed.This is yet another tale of a beautiful, wealthy older woman who has an enviable life gets to be considered even enviable by FINALLY f [...]

    Ah so good.

    Mary Taitt
    When Stephanie Adams suddenly and unexpectedly loses her husband, her life is thrown into grief and dismay She s been a stay at home Mom and wife for years, but the marriage has been empty and sterile ever since her busy lawyer husband had an affair Suddenly, she s the odd man out with all her married friends When she takes a wrong turn and ends up in Vegas and then goes on to the Grand Canyon, she meets a friendly man who turns out to be a famous country Western singer, Chase Taylor He gives he [...]

    Sarah Nessler
    What an amazing story Couldn t help being a fan of this book for starters I love country music, but the story line regarding finding true love and Carpe Diem really hits home Seizing opportunities in life is very important as Stephanie finally figures out in the end If someone does not value you as a person then walk away that is another lesson that was learned There were so many life lessons throughout this book and I can see the same struggles in our day to day world Danielle Steel remains in [...]

    Helen Wilson
    this was another one of Danielle Steels good books, it reminds us of the power of love and how families worked through everything good and bad, it also was very good from beginning to end and it was how two people met by chance due to a tragedy, grew apart for a time and then in end came back to each other and never looked back, the families overcame everything to be closer then they were, i recommend it to anyone who looks as Danielle Steel writes alot of love stories

    Actual Rating 2Every now and then, I just have to given in and read the latest from Danielle Steel This was truly a Lifetime movie story extended to 300 pages with constant repeats of the same phrases and facts But I enjoyed the hero and heroine, so kept reading to the very last predictable page.

    Stephanie s husband dies unexpectedly and she falls in love with a huge country music star Think Keith Urban Her kids are mad, her friend thinks she s moving on too soon, etc etc I still liked it even though it was standard fare.

    This is a beautiful love story about a woman whose husband dies, she meets a country singer, and falls in love for the first time in her life This is a talking book and can be found on the bard sight The order miner is D.b 82291

    I ll never stop reading DS This one was much better written then the last few.

    Just loved this book When you think you life is ok, something happens to change it How two people, totally different find each other, by a chance encounter Nothing will ever be the same again.

    Country by Danielle Steel is one of her better novels I did like most of the characters and the ending was very Hallmark movie perfect This is an easy, summer beach read 3.5 stars

    My first Danielle Steel book I really enjoyed it, but I think that s mostly because I read way too many Jill Mansell books lately so the bars weren t set too high, and because I love reading stories where the normal, average woman falls in love with a famous rockstar I m very easy to please.The writing style was pretty dull though, and I think a lot of events could ve happened in this story But overall I really liked it.

    Terrible, terrible writing Why do people read this stuff Probably for the same reason I finished it it was easy and I just needed to let my mind rest after a busy semester Mindless stuff I d never read Danielle Steel before and I never have to again Let s call this occupational research.

    An interesting read about a woman who finds herself after her husband has died suddenly She goes on a road trip and meets a country singer and falls in live with him his lifestyle.

    Melissa Lenahan
    I loved this book very much It reminded me of the movie Pure Country with George Strait Which is one of my favorite movies So glad I ran across it.

    Justine Ridder
    This was my first Danielle Steel book, and I had high hopes for it because of how popular Danielle Steel is AND it s about a country music singer I think my number one issue is that I doNOTlike Danielle Steel s writing style Throughout the entire book, Danielle Steel jumps from one point of view to another characters constantly It will jump simply from one paragraph to another paragraph I ve read many books where it will change point of view from chapter to chapter, but it clearly states whose h [...]

    Chris Roberts
    Snake and Penny Tot chaw bout Country Snake I ain t seen so much talk in a damn book I near run out of oxygen in my brain and thought I were gonna blackout Penny Tot This herey novel is shure to jumpy start the silent pictures shows agin she scratches her armpits This author crammed up each page wit die o log and the reader pays the piper Snake bites off a plug of baccy A real cowboy telling is damn stone cool I counted eight words in one Spaghetti O western That Eastwood fella What the hell doe [...]

    I have been reading Danielle Steel books pretty much ever since she has been writing them and I have to say I cannot remember being as disappointed in one as I was with Country I had read reviews that claimed it was one of her good ones but I have to strongly disagree.For me, Steel s best books have been her historical ones Crossings, Zoya, Echoes, Silent Honor and her family sagas Thurston House, Fine Things Maybe because her stilted and unrealistic dialogue sounds believable in those settings [...]

    Vannessa Anderson
    Stephanie Adams, wife, mother, chauffer to her kids and caretaker to her family This was how she identified herself After her cheating husband died, she realized that her identity had not included self Stephanie stayed with her cheating husband because she believed she had no skills that would enable her to become self sufficient On her way home from an annual retreat with her friends where her cheating husband died, she makes a wrong turn and ends up in Las Vegas then decides to visit the Grand [...]

    I don t usually read Danielle Steel, but I wanted a book to disappear into this grey weekend In perfect Steel fashion, she crafts a story of heartache, self discovery, and love that will captivate until the end Actually, there s two love stories intertwined here and some heart breaking loss If you love a good country song, an achy, breaky, heart rending ballad, you ll love this story Stephanie, whose marriage was poor at best, is suddenly a widow when her estranged, but still living with her hus [...]

    Sally Lindsay-briggs
    A lovely, unconventional, romantic story A middle aged, upper middle class lady meets a country music star, by unlikely means Their desires for each other create vibrations, good and bad, that affect both families Stephanie is a gorgeous woman and Chase is a tatooed, long haired, hunky, handsome man who can mesmerize anyone with his voice and talents I wanted to hear and see him, he was so real Danielle really makes us feel the emotions of the characters I could really relate to the loss of a sp [...]

    I have read many Danielle Steel books over the years and have always enjoyed reading her books Perhaps it s me, but I didn t think Country was amongst her best The first few chapters I found myself virtually drifting off to sleep, but I gradually got into the story I rarely write what a book is about for fear of spoiling for others, but will say that this book has not put me off from reading a few of her recent books that have been sitting in my library room.

    I surprisingly enjoyed this book I ve not read a lot of Danielle Steel books in the past and was actually reluctant to pick this one up I m glad I did and it was mostly because it was about a Country Music starlol Definitely would recommend this to a friend It did become a little like reading a text book at times, where there was not much dialogue, but still a good read and easy to understand the characters and appreciate the emotions and thought process they went through.

    Darcia Scates
    The book will hold your attention I found myself really angry at the main character because of her stupid decisions and lies for a little while, but Danielle redeems her in the end Overall, Danielle Steele paints a nice love story It is a good read Thumbs up.

    Enjoyed this book I was afraid that Stephanie would end up dumping Chase and not staying with him, but alas, she stayed And I was so glad that Saint Brad had cheated on Alyson and had a child with their au pair.

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