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  • Title: The Tithe, Vol. 1
  • Author: Matt Hawkins Rahsan Ekedal
  • ISBN: 9781632153241
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback

  • A heist story unlike any before Mega churches are being robbed for millions of dollars by a crusader hacker group known as Samaritan who is giving the money to causes they deem worthy This modern day Robin Hood is being pursued by two FBI agents who actually admire their quarry, but want to stop the theft before it escalates.Collects 001 004
    Matt Hawkins Rahsan Ekedal
    Matt Hawkins Rahsan Ekedal Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Tithe, Vol. 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Matt Hawkins Rahsan Ekedal author readers around the world.


    Sam Quixote
    Samaritan are a hacktivist group that also get physically involved in their attacks. Their targets: Christian megachurches and their hypocritical pastors. While successfully “liberating” these megachurches’ funds, diverting them to charities instead of lining the pastors’ pockets, the FBI are closing in on Samaritan - how long can the group stay ahead of their hunters? Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal’s The Tithe is essentially a heist series, or at least this first volume is, and it doe [...]

    My fav at this moment. Robin Hood hacker robs the robber churches whilst FBI remains three steps behind.Matt Hawkins scores again with co-creator Rahsan Ekedal.

    It is kind of a modern Robin Hood story. We've got a group of activists called Samaritans who discovered some nasty money business going on in some way-too-rich churches and they want to put an end to this. They even sent some proofs to FBI, so the "good guys" could handle it, but since the bureau wasn't working efficiently enough Sam and her team decided to get the millions from those churches and give them to charity.At the beginning everything works fine. Plans are well thought through and ev [...]

    (Read in issues)I really enjoyed this first arc of The Tithe (although I didn't love the art, but it's pretty good), not in the least because of the content at the end of each issue. Although this first arc is about a group lead by a hacker known as Samaritan pulling off heists of mega-churches suspected in fraud and unethical conduct, Matt Hawkins never comes off as anti-church or anti-religion, despite admitting that he, himself, is an atheist. The researched information at the back of each is [...]

    Renan Almeida
    Everything about this comic is ok. Art is ok, plot is ok, writing is ok, characters are ok. And that's about it.

    Norman Van Der Linde
    I need to start this review by stating that I was an atheist before having a personal encounter with God, reforming me to a devout Christian. I was a church elder, teach Sunday school, am involved in children's ministry & youth spiritual mentoring, the whole package . However with this being said my favorite christian books include 'I am fine with God, it's Christians I can't stand' & 'Jesus wants to save Christians'. Having worked in a Christian bookshop & been involved other church [...]

    Albert Yates
    I'm a sucker for a good heist. Give me a story with a well thought out plan and almost flawless execution and I'm hooked from the beginning. The Samaritan are a group of hackers who have targeted mega churches in the US who have been dishonest with how they've been using the millions of dollars that their parishioners have given to the church. They are a modern day Robin Hood since all of the money they take from them gets donated to charities. To be honest this story seems like something I'd ac [...]

    In "The Tithe" Matt Hawkins spins an entertaining heist story centered around a Robin Hood-esque band of vigilantes who target the corrupt "Cult of Personality" leaders of megachurches. It's fascinating and well paced and exactly the type of heist movie I personally would like to watch or write. The letters to and from the editor at the end provide a intriguing glimpse into Hawkins' motivations for developing this series without railing completely against religion. I found his perspective to mat [...]

    Willie Krischke
    What a fun, original twist on the heist genre - robbing corrupt megachurches and exposing their corruption. I enjoyed this; I only wish it had been longer. There was definitely more room for character development and a more intricate plot. This could have been a 12 issue run. It's clear they started with a 4-issue run in mind, and it got extended, but that's not the same thing: the next arc is more likely to feel like a sequel than a continuation of the story.

    Really this should be three and a half stars because in this first volume I am really not a fan of the art. The backgrounds are beautiful, but the people look like wooden puppets and Sam specifically is massively Uncanny Valley territory for me personally. But I didn't want to let the fact that one aspect of the art didn't do it for me interfere with my enjoyment of the book, so four stars it is.

    I'd seen Matt Hawkins post about this on Facebook a few months ago and when I found it in the bargain bin I had to give it a shot. Excellent decision.This is a great book. Not the typical art style I tend to prefer in books, but the story more than made up for it. Now I'll have to be on the look out for the others in the series.

    not a bad read, but man, make me care about a character before a sacrifice happens, otherwise there's no emotional payoff.

    I have been on an Image graphic novel kick lately so whenever I am at the library I tend to grab whatever Image books I can find. This happened to be one of my blind picks, the cover having caught my attention. I had no idea what this story was about until I opened the first page. The story opens with a group of Jesus-masked people robbing a megachurch in Irvine, California. The satire is brilliant and something that everyone; believers and nonbelievers should read. From there, the plot follows [...]

    Paul Franco
    This story opens in a megachurch in Irvine, so I’m already liking the blasphemy. . . er, satire. From there the plot follows a small group of “terrorists” who steal from the gigantic churches, and the FBI agents after them. The supposed bad guys are led by a fantastic character, someone we can identify with as far as her convictions, though definitely not her skills. She wants to bring down the churches because they steal from the poor, and are often committing crimes as well, but at the s [...]

    Wayne McCoy
    'The Tithe, Vol. 1' by Matt Hawkins with art by Rahsan Ekedal takes a stab at organized religion, but I appreciate that it's approach has some balance to it for those of us who believe.A hacker group, not unlike Anonymous, called Samaritan is going after corrupt megachurches. They don't wear Guy Fawkes masks but those of a Jesus wearing a crown of thorns. The FBI wants to stop them, but seems to be a few steps behind. The book opens with their latest target which features a vault full of money a [...]

    Marcelo Sanchez
    Matt Hawkins es super bueno a la hora de salir con premisas interesantes. En este caso, la historia de un grupo de Robin Hoods modernos, que le roban a las megaiglesias y dan a organizaciones de caridad, y de los policias que deben atraparlos. Desgraciadamente falla a la hora de hacer una ejecución que este a esa altura.En este caso la ejecución no es particularmente mala, pero no está a la altura de todo lo que prometía la premisa.Parte bastante bien, los primeros números son el punto alto [...]

    A hacker and her crew decide to hit corrupt churches and expose them to the FBI all while the FBI is on their tail.

    A very good first arc for an inventive and interesting crime piece. A hacker has nabbed a list of high-end, much-donated-to charismatic churches of interest for fraud reasons from the very FBI people charged with investigating them, and has got there first by stealing from them to give to charity. Two diverse FBI investigators are on their tail, and we can believe in their differences, even if they are manufactured for the sake of character and story, a lot more than we can accept the super-smar [...]

    While on the face of it this is a series about robbing Megachurches in an action heist style, there's actually a lot of depth to it, exploring faith, atheism, morals, and the relationships between them among both the criminals and the FBI agents on their trail. While the Megachurches that are the targets of the Samaritan hacker are definitely corrupt, the characters on both sides are respectful to faith in general, recognizing that these churches are the means to an end for some charismatic con [...]

    Jonathan Roberts
    Interesting book. The premise is sad but entertaining. In reading the author's explanation for why he left his faith I see that he read a book Holy Blood, Holy Grail that is a complete work of fiction (though the authors believe it, Da Vinci Code??) and I see he read a lot of counter or anti-Christian stuff but none of the high quality (and better thinkers than Dawkins and Hitchens) apologists out there. So it is no wonder he came to be an atheist or agnostic when all you know is a "blind faith" [...]

    Well I'm always up for some ass-kicking, when it comes to corrupt churches, but this was rather meh. You would think that main girl, who plans everything, every smart move and hack, is rather tough. But just seeing half of her team half-naked doing drugs, which is no secret or surprise actually, makes her drop everything in her hand and storm off, as she couldn't handle even a second of exposure to darker side of the life. She needs the big guy to fix that problem, but planning theft and burying [...]

    Well, before John Oliver exposed the hypocrisy of televangelists, Matt Hawkins wrote The Tithe. Hence, Vol. 1 seemed timely. All in all, this was decentbut nothing more than that. Very serviceable and easy to follow leaving some of more interesting themes out.The inevitable meeting between hacker, Samaritan and FBI investigator was predictable and author played it hard, whereas I'd be more interested to see character development for his partner, other FBI investigator. Dwayne is devoted christia [...]

    A heist story unlike any before! Mega-churches are being robbed for millions of dollars by a crusader hacker group known as Samaritan who is giving the money to causes they deem more worthy. This modern day “Robin Hood” is being pursued by two FBI agents who actually admire their quarry but want to stop the theft before it escalates. I received this as an ARC from NetGalley.I really enjoyed this graphic novel for a few reasons. The main one being that I love crime shows, Criminal Minds, NCIS [...]

    C.J. Cummings
    (Received ARC from Netgalley for honest review)The TIthe, Volume 1 by Matt Hawkins is a book I'd heard little about before reading it, but it ended up being one of those occassions where I was happily surprised by what I received. The story of a group of radicals named Samaritan who are embarking on elaborate heists in which they take money from crooked churches that make money by spouting religious guilt sermons to the public. The FBI are trying to track the group down but they are smart and cl [...]

    Steph Myers
    Not sure this is likely to be a big hit out here in Colorado where we have muchos megachurches, but it is an interesting plot that could probably adapt well for a TV show. Maybe it's been done. Not sure the church robbers needed the Jesus masks, but the fraud issue is one that definitely keeps me suspicious of large religious institutions of any denomination. One the of the ministers is named Taggart, I'm pretty sure that is in reference to Ted Haggart. Anyhow, it was OK. We'll see where it goes [...]

    Paul Allard
    A terrorist group take on the TV evangelistsThe FBI investigate a hacker/terrorist group called Samaritan that are targeting fraudulent TV evangelists and their churches. One officer is a committed Christian, the other a sceptical IT geek.The Robin-Hood crimes go successfully at first but end up with bloodshed and death. This is well-written and engaging; the artwork is good enough ot help the plot along. I recommend this collection to anyone who is happy to have a sceptical view of Christianity [...]

    I'm a sucker for heist stories and not a big fan of institutionalised religion (churches) so this one had it easy to win me over. However, the characters are a bit flat and the plot line is a little too easy to guess. Especially the ending was too easy for me to predict. But overall it's still an interesting read. the background information provided as an afterword are helpful and show the engagement of the author.I'll see how it further develops in Volume 2 and decide then if I continue reading [...]

    From the back of the book: "Across the United States, megachurches are being robbed of their cash donations - with a hacker group named Samaritan taking credit and donating the stolen cash to charities, like modern day Robin Hoods. FBI agents Jimmy Miller and Dwayne Campbell formerly tasked with investigating the very same churches on charges of fraud, now find themselves juggling the line between personal belief and professional duty, as lives, faith,and a lot of money hang in the balance."

    I liked the premise of the "good samaritan" robbing from the rich and corrupt preachers but the way it played out was predictable. Equally predictable was (view spoiler)[Sam's joining the FBI instead of going to jail (hide spoiler)] but since that opens up a new world of storytelling I'm okay with it. I'm curious to see what comes next, if it leaves behind the predictability of this set-up storyling. I also liked the art.[I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased revie [...]

    This was actually super good. I picked it up at the library, completely blind. I didn't know anything about it, not even the average rating. I really enjoyed it and it was completely cohesive and a fast paced story. Just the right amount of action. I did end up feeling bad for the "Samaritan" members, though. But, I can't wait to read the next one. Already have it checked out on my tablet and firing it up as I type. :)

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