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  • Title: Playing the Lines
  • Author: J.Colby
  • ISBN: 9781620045794
  • Page: 150
  • Format: ebook

  • Photographer Elliot is near the top of his field and loves his work, even if it means putting up with models like Cory beautiful, egotistical, and aggravating Then a photoshoot in Norway shows there s to Cory than Elliot thought, and he agrees to dinner despite himself.But even if he s not completely a brat, it s well known Cory prefers to play rather than settle APhotographer Elliot is near the top of his field and loves his work, even if it means putting up with models like Cory beautiful, egotistical, and aggravating Then a photoshoot in Norway shows there s to Cory than Elliot thought, and he agrees to dinner despite himself.But even if he s not completely a brat, it s well known Cory prefers to play rather than settle And Elliot isn t interested in being anyone s toy no matter how persuasive and persistent Cory proves to be.
    J Colby has been writing for as long as she could hold a pen, pencil, or crayon in her hand Her mind never stops creating, which often leads to interesting dreams and sometimes nightmares.She has two cats that own her than she owns them, and a full time job that pays the bills and owns her than her cats do.Food, sleep, the smell of old books, and knitting are all things she loves on top of creating new worlds and the people in them Though sometimes food than any of the others.


    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    ~1.5~Has it been only an hour? Because I don't remember this book.Yawza, but this was a snooze fest. Cory is a beautiful model (obviously) who beds men and women. Elliot is a fashion photographer who works with Cory on a regular basis. Elliot is insecure, doesn't think he's pretty enough for Cory, yada, yada, yada. Cory is something. He's SOMETHING, I'm sure, but the story is told from Elliot's POV, so Cory remains a shell. 88 percent of this books takes place during a few hours. Cory asks Elli [...]

    Riina Y.T.
    Playing the Lines by J. Colby started out interesting, with two characters I wanted to get to know better. Elliot, the cranky fashion photographer with low self-esteem and Cory, a.k.a. Angel Eyes, the flirty, arrogant and dead gorgeous model.I adore characters like Elliot, especially when thrown together with someone as cocky and confident as Cory. It makes for a promising pairing! Cory is indeed very cocky and so presumptuous it almost hurts.Sadly I had trouble connecting with Elliot, and becau [...]

    Crina (Reading Addict)
    This "book" really happened? Because I have the impression that I've read an excerpt or something like that. I mean, I have nothing against short books but this was short. I was just trying to understand what is going on and to memorize the characters' names and then bam - it ended. So, this was ok. Really, I have nothing to say because I felt like reading a snippet, an article, not even a short story. I felt nothing, I saw nothing, the writing style was telegraphic, the characters were more tha [...]

    hmm what can I sayI should have read the reviews !!I wasn’t feeling this story nope nada just NO!Sorry…

    More of a short story than a novella, this is the tale of an insecure photographer who is asked out by a flirtatious and heteroflexible model. It's clear that the photographer has trust issues and that the model is as cocky as one might expect but the two might make a charming couple in time. Problem is that there really isn't a whole lot of time here in this under an hour read. It's pleasant but not unmissable. There are no life altering epiphanies, no mind-blowing sex, no unforgettable charact [...]

    Love Bytes Reviews
    3 Heart Review by AmberI really don’t know how I feel about this little story. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it. It was just ok, for me.Elliott is a high fashion photographer. He travels the country taking pictures of beautiful people in beautiful clothes. His risen very high in the ranks of fashion photographer and he’s very proud of what he does.Cory is a model. Use to people admiring and commenting on his looks, he’s far from shy. He loves his life of travelling to different lo [...]

    Very cute story about a somewhat self-deprecating photographer and a gorgeous self-confident model. I really liked their dynamic, and despite the short length, could see the character development. My only complaint is how I wish it were longer. I would have liked to know some more about Elliott, why his self-esteem was so low, how exactly he'd been so burned before that he couldn't believe Cory's interest. It seemed hinted to me that Elliot's issue was beyond just "that model is hot and popular [...]

    Amelyn Randall
    The writing is good, but the overall book is just okay.This short story is well-written, but falls short, not because of its length, but because it doesn't really give me anything to care about. Just when I was starting to feel a real connection to the two men, it goes to black. There is no hot sex, and not even steamy kisses. There was some sex mentioned, but I didn't FEEL it at all. It was too late in the story and too short and mechanical. The author should maybe consider taking a workshop on [...]

    I do not even know how to rate it, because the only thing I've been thinking while reading it, is: "I'm sure I've read that before!" Is it based on fanfiction maybe?It's driving me mad!Anyways it's heavy on inner monologue of one of the MCs. So much so that it makes it hard to read. It kind of goes like this: MC1: "Question?"Inner monologue for one page. MC2: "Answer and maybe another question?"Another inner monologue for at least half a page. Sometimes I forgot there was even some dialogue and [...]

    Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance I have a soft spot for Photographers. If you read many of my reviews, you know this. I have a hard time passing up any book with a photographer main character. So many times they stories are Photographers and models falling for each other, as if it is a given these two types of men would inevitably fall into bed together.For Complete review see Prism Book Alliance: prismbookalliance/?pos

    I actually really enjoyed this! I wish it was longer - it takes place mostly in one just evening. Despite the short length, I still felt that Elliot's characterisation was quite strong. I adored him as an MC and would definitely read more in his perspective. His self-consciousness was realistic without being thrown in your face, and I loved that he kept second guessing Cory's intentions.I got this on netgalley as an ARC in exchange for an honest review :)

    Received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for honest review. Very short novelette, cute story. I'm not a huge fan of the whole "I'm so not in your league" thing (come on, fashion photographers sleep with models allllll the time) but the story is so short that it's not a huge deal. I wish it were longer because I would have liked more actual foreplayoh well. It's an easy read, nice way to pass the half hour before bed.

    Honestly my only real complaint is that it needed to be longer to get more of a sense of the characters. Great short story!

    • Best Download [J.Colby] ☆ Playing the Lines || [Spirituality Book] PDF ✓
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