[PDF] Loki: Agent of Asgard #2 | by ☆ Al Ewing Lee Garbett Jenny Frison

  • Title: Loki: Agent of Asgard #2
  • Author: Al Ewing Lee Garbett Jenny Frison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Loki vs Lorelei It s the battle of the Asgardian younger siblings from the casinos of Monte Carlo to a speed date in New York Oh, and Loki goes speed dating.
    Al Ewing Lee Garbett Jenny Frison
    Al Ewing Lee Garbett Jenny Frison Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Loki: Agent of Asgard #2 book, this is one of the most wanted Al Ewing Lee Garbett Jenny Frison author readers around the world.


    Sam Quixote
    Loki goes speed dating and comes across old flame, Lorelei But is this another mission for the All Mother or something else entirely Al Ewing and Lee Garbett give readers another excellent tricksy issue in one of the best new titles of the year Read the full review here

    Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
    Another excellent issue We didn t get any information about the All mother and evil Loki, but we did get a marvelous little bit about what Loki s personal plans are We don t know specifically what he is planning yet, but he is getting together a little group for something I wonder what the trickster is up to I wonder if Lorelei is actually going to cooperate She seems to like Loki.Speaking of tricksters, Trixie was hilarious, and I was so wrapped up in the story, I didn t even see it coming I l [...]

    Loki and Lorelei sitting in a tree Have had to magically shift the apartment to another building because everyone thought I was Harry Styles.

    When I last left Loki Agent of Asgard I had just finished the first issue of the series and was thinking eh, this could be really good or be awful I ll get back to it eventually After months, I have picked up the series again and I have to say, it ended up being really good There are so many elements of this comic that work so well together With Old Loki and New Loki both being in it, you get this strong appeal A New Loki who is a little different than the one we re usually used to as comic book [...]

    Loki Agent of Asgard started quite well Issue 1 was not a masterwork, but it introduced us to the character and gave a good overview of what the series will be about, so I think it was a good foundation to build upon.Sadly, issue two is not as good The speed dating set up gives for a fun first few pages and some nice banter, and also a very ugly cover, but doesn t really add up to anything in the end, and actually makes the readers ask what kind of masochist is the newly introduced Verity Willis [...]

    The mission begins at a Speed dating venue, Loki finds himself in front of a young woman called Verity, who can see through lies instantly she is essentially a proper lie detector and that makes her a tragic character, she can also see through Loki s lies, although she is surprised at his story, he tells her the truth of his mission, probably because she can also see right through his spells.I won t spoil the comic for you, but it is a really good read and spun rather nicely together I am intere [...]

    Callie Rose Tyler
    3 1 2 starsI m glad I gave this series another go.This issue felt genuine and less pandering I really enjoyed the introduction of Verity, a girl that can t be lied to, and look forward to seeing of her Also loved that there were hints of mischief making to come The characterization of Loki felt less cheesy and developed without the presence of other heroes like the avengers taking up space.

    Andrea Judy
    This issue was a bit slower than the first one, and I think of the actual events should have been included.But again, a great bit of fun with the speed dating scenes and the introduction of a new female character, Verity.

    Maheen Masroor
    I didn t understand the point of the whole issue but hey, he got a new friend I especially loved that bit about the burning That almost made me cry I am the crime that will not be forgiven those panels are so dreadful, ugh.

    no est funcionando.

    Tina DeSalvo

    Mmm this wasn t as good as the first one It was OKAAYY, a lot of chatting and less of interesting events.

    Hello Lorelai Ireallywish I didn t have to meet you after the Agents of SHIELD encounter But here you are.With Loki.Glad to know he s smarter than you.

    Two books in an already I m shipping I loved this so much Lorlei, shapeshifting, awesome mortal girlSeriously, loving this so much.

    k 3 To je d sn bo , jdu st d l

    Loki goes speed dating So entertaining


    I like this, god of stories

    Suzette Banick
    Loki Speed Dating Priceless

    This new character seems very interesting I cannot wait to see what they are planning to do next

    I like Verity

    Nicole Silverlance
    That silver tongue of yours will still get you in trouble, Loki No matter what form you take, there will always be mischief in your blood Just be careful not to get trapped in your own lies.

    Two words SPEED DATING.

    Nikki (nikkitheknack's In the Stacks)
    I LOVE this issue it was hilarious and I found myself laughing out loud several times


    • [PDF] Loki: Agent of Asgard #2 | by ☆ Al Ewing Lee Garbett Jenny Frison
      128 Al Ewing Lee Garbett Jenny Frison
    Loki: Agent of Asgard #2