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  • Title: The Seer
  • Author: Sonia Orin Lyris
  • ISBN: 9781476781266
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Arunkel Empire has stood a thousand years, forged by wealth and conquest, but now rebellion is stirring on the borders and treachery brews in the palace halls Elsewhere, in a remote mountain village, a young mother sells the prophesies of her sister, Amarta, in order to keep them and her infant child from starving It s a dangerous game when such revelations draw suspThe Arunkel Empire has stood a thousand years, forged by wealth and conquest, but now rebellion is stirring on the borders and treachery brews in the palace halls Elsewhere, in a remote mountain village, a young mother sells the prophesies of her sister, Amarta, in order to keep them and her infant child from starving It s a dangerous game when such revelations draw suspicion and mistrust as often as they earn coin.Yet Amarta s visions are true And often not at all what the seeker wishes to hear.Now in a tapestry of loyalty, intrigue, magic, and gold, Amarta has become the key to a ruler s ambitions But is she nothing beyond a tool As Amarta comes into her own as a seer, she realizes she must do than predict the future She must create it.
    Sonia Orin Lyris
    Sonia Orin Lyris attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop in 1992 She writes science fiction and roleplaying game related fantasy.


    I enjoyed this rather long novel It might have been better had it been a tad shorter, but still, quite a good read.

    Nessie Phoenix
    This book is not the first work of Sonia s that I have read, but it is the first that exists entirely within a world she has created, and the masterful way in which she builds worlds definitely shows I found the world immersive, the characters compelling and multi layered, and the plot delightfully difficult to predict Normally I would give a detailed review, but she wrote so skillfully that to give away anything about the story would be to do it a disservice.Suffice to say that this book is da [...]

    Clifton Hill
    The Seer is a masterpiece of Epic Fantasy in the vein of The Game of Thrones.Amarta can see the future, but nothing is certain, everything changes, and a man made powerful by her own talent will stop at nothing to have her power for his own or for none at all.Innel is a man raised in the King s Cohort, raised to fight, raised to command raised for one to become the Royal Consort to the princess With nothing to lose, everything to gain, he juggles plots and pulls strings to achieve what no one el [...]

    This review originally appeared on my blog, Leeanna THE SEER is a complete, well developed, dark, realistic, and intriguing fantasy While I would like another book I m greedy , it was refreshing to get such a story in one volume, rather than having to wait and wait for sequels Amarta s visions provide just enough coin to keep herself, her older sister, and her sister s son alive When Innel wakes her in the middle of a night to see his future, Amarta gets an inkling of what she s capable of, for [...]

    This is a good one and done epic high fantasy The focus is on two main characters Amarta, a seer who we first meet as a child, and Innel, a potential Consort of the Princess who could help rule the kingdom if he can win over his King Their meeting sets both of their futures in motion, adding several voices, including my favorite, Maris It s a little dark, this book, the torture, the horrible things Innel does and how they seem to be the way it s always worked in the kingdom and it is a big comp [...]

    This book does a great job of pulling you in with a combination of interesting characters and an intelligent, multilayered story arc There s an enjoyable blend of political intrigue, inter personal conflicts, and backroom espionage that goes well beyond what is offered by most fantasy novels Lastly, the rules constructed for the story s fantasy elements feel realistic and fit comfortably into the richly imagined world in which the book takes place.

    I M A LITTLE TORN ON THIS RATING TBH but in the end i gotta go with 4 stars, bc while there were some things i rly didn t like i think the stuff i did like outweighed it i may change my mind later, idk just know this lies somewhere between 3 4 but in this case i decided to round up instead of down there were some bits where this draaaaaaaaaaaaaaagged on, like, wow this book is over 600 pages somehow i didn t realize that going in the pacing was honestly very strange, bc sometimes it fucking flew [...]

    Karla Meursing
    I loved this book Which I did not expect to do, as I normally don t read fantasy novels I began reading it at the urging of a friend She said read the first two chapters and then, if you don t like it, I let you off the hook Well, I read those first two in one day And then I thundered through the book in the next few days, and finished it in no time, regretting the ride was over The world which Sonja creates is complex and described with great skill I love her attention to detail, and how she ma [...]

    Excellent, one of the good books I ve read recently I was a bit uncertain at first, it starts like a Young Adult book, but as the story develops, and characters make their entrance At some points this becomes a bit confusing, but eventually they will all interact in a complex dance The book is very dark by moments, so definitely not YA after all The world is complex, and there are lots of things hinted at but never really explored in detail The characters make sense, and even the baddies have [...]

    An okay fantasy novel about a young woman who can basically see the future I d call this book pretty original, if I hadn t read two others basically like it in the last couple of years But still, an untrained precog in battle is still interesting Too long, with too many unnecessary details Too many unnecessary characters This book would have been improved with a bunch of trimming and tightening Not that the magic horses and underground cities and magician s weren t interesting and well done they [...]

    Kris Sellgren
    This sword and sorcery novel has an interesting premise the heroine is a seer whose visions of immediate danger keep her just ahead of the tracker who is paid to capture or kill her for the royal villain But too much time is spent on the POV of the villain, whose casual descriptions of torture and mass murder are stomach turning view spoiler Worse, the heroine falls in love with the tracker, despite his torturing her at the villain s command hide spoiler I hope this promising writer s next is be [...]

    Karen Wyle
    I m rounding up about half a star.This book combines rich worldbuilding with beautifully conceived characters and an intricate yet largely comprehensible plot The world Lyris constructs so well is a fairly depressing one, with brutality and warfare a near constant Indeed, many of the important characters are ethically compromised by their participation in the worst aspects of this world Yet the author does an excellent job of engaging our sympathies with such characters, and avoiding neat or sup [...]

    This book wound up surprising me a bit I spent the first half of it annoyed at the seemingly shallow characters and utter vileness of the players in one part of the storyline But as the action picks up, at least the main character, Amarta, is given depth, and things roll along to a remarkably satisfying conclusion for most characters One or two are basically written off, which is unfortunate So eh Potentially rewarding if you re patient for the first part of the book.

    A very good book It says Sword and Sorcery on the cover, but it is much better than that Sword and Sorcery usually implies lots of Thud and Blunder, as Poul Anderson would say see link below This book is never stereotypical High praise, indeed.One of the best references of all time, for fantasy writers On Thud and Blunder , by Poul Andersonsfwa 2005 01 on thud ate SCA stands for the Society for Creative Anachronism.

    Scott Phillips
    I was sad to see the book endI wanted Ms Lyris created an interesting world and populated it with complex characters facing difficult questions What I liked best was the unclear boundaries between good and evil everything and everyone was a shade of gray Both the story and the characters have depth I got to know these characters, I shared their ambitions, their successes and their failures You are guaranteed to lose some sleep, staying up late to see what happens next.

    Kevin Brown
    A thoughtful look at someone with the ability to see the future Coupled with two very complex men who elevate the scale at which the seer operates at I found it fascinating and very enjoyable.

    Joel Tone
    The world was fascinating The author didn t cheat with the seer s ability to see the future The characters are solid and interesting.

    Jeffrey Grant
    I can t articulate exactly why I liked this book so much On the face of it, it s a relatively standard fantasy story there s a man who worked his way up from the common folk and has positioned himself with the nobility, getting his hands very dirty on the way up, and there s the young girl who can see the future who is going on a sort of hero s journey, and the bounty hunter who is trying to find her and being constantly frustrated Eventually there s also the mage who doesn t operate like the re [...]

    The Seer has a good hook and for the first few chapters, I wanted to know But at over 900 pages, there was a LONG slog in the middle where I wondered where we were going and whether I cared There was a semi satisfying resolution in the end, but the conflict being resolved is not the one I expected or one I was particularly invested in.Plotwise, I was left with a lot of complaints and questions about why the editor didn t rein in and redirect the author to tighten the plot If the story hadn t dr [...]

    I don t usually read fantasy, but I heard the first chapter of this book at a reading and it intrigued me After the first chapter things began to bog down a bit and I remembered why I don t read fantasy very often However, things did pick up as the groundwork laid in the earlier chapters began to pay off I found myself eagerly looking forward to finding out what would happen next I liked that some of Lyris s characters surprised me I m used to fantasy having good guys and bad guys Many of her ch [...]

    Samuel Kleiner
    One of those books that began really well, but started sputtering about midway through.I mention in particular never seeing the meeting between the Queen and Marisol which might have been fantastic, when instead we spend page after page on the Seers monotonous flight.Everything eventually collapses into self parody when she decides to go back, Marisol coming with her despite knowing her presence could be detected A good book could be written about trying to capture a seer, attempting to close of [...]

    Samuel Lubell
    My review is at sfrevu php Review id.p

    Fascinating characters and societies, especially the blonds I d love to find out about the cohort, the politics and the mages Anyone know if there will be a sequel

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