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  • Stephen King has called him a suspense master Now the New York Times and 1 international bestselling author of Broken Promise delivers a taut thriller about a crime that will give the town of Promise Falls a punch to the gut Private investigator Cal Weaver doesn t know what to expect when he s called to the home of Chandler Carson The sixteen year old has been suspStephen King has called him a suspense master Now the New York Times and 1 international bestselling author of Broken Promise delivers a taut thriller about a crime that will give the town of Promise Falls a punch to the gut Private investigator Cal Weaver doesn t know what to expect when he s called to the home of Chandler Carson The sixteen year old has been suspended for writing a violent story about a bat wielding teen who beats his best friend to death over a girl Much to Chandler s mother s surprise, there s nothing that Cal is willing to do or can do about it Soon after, Chandler s best friend is found murdered beaten to death by a bat Cal knew the victim, and now he knows the prime suspect But there s to this story than anyone could have imagined
    Linwood Barclay
    Linwood Barclay is the 1 internationally bestselling author of thirteen novels, including Trust Your Eyes, A Tap on the Window, No Time for Goodbye and that novel s followup, No Safe House.This summer, his thriller Broken Promise, the first of three linked novels about his fictional upstate New York town Promise Falls, will be released Book two will come nine months later, and another nine months after that, the conclusion will be released.Over the years, several of Barclay s novels have been optioned for film and television Most recently, No Time for Goodbye has been optioned for television in France, and in 2012, Trust Your Eyes was the object of a film rights bidding war between Universal and Warner Bros.After spending his formative years helping run a cottage resort and trailer park after his father died when he was 16, Barclay got his first newspaper job at the Peterborough Examiner, a small Ontario daily In 1981, he joined the Toronto Star, Canada s largest circulation newspaper.He held such positions as assistant city editor, chief copy editor, news editor, and Life section editor, before becoming the paper s humour columnist in 1993 He was one of the paper s most popular columnists before retiring from the position in 2008 to work exclusively on books.In 2004, he launched his mystery series about an anxiety ridden, know it all, pain in the butt father by the name of Zack Walker Bad Move, the first book, was followed by three Zack Walker thrillers Bad Guys, Lone Wolf, and Stone Rain.His first standalone thriller, No Time for Goodbye, was published in 2007 to critical acclaim and great international success The following year, it was a Richard and Judy Summer Read selection in the UK, and did seven straight weeks at 1 on the UK bestseller list.The book has been sold around the world and been translated into nearly thirty languages.Barclay was born in the United States but moved to Canada just before turning four years old when his father, a commercial artist whose illustrations of cars appeared in Life, Look and Saturday Evening Post before photography took over , accepted a position with an advertising agency north of the border.Barclay, who graduated with an English literature degree from Trent University, in Peterborough, Ontario, was fortunate to have some very fine mentors in particular, the celebrated Canadian author Margaret Laurence, whom Linwood first met when she served as writer in residence at Trent, and Kenneth Millar, who, under the name Ross Macdonald, wrote the acclaimed series of mystery novels featuring detective Lew Archer.It was at Trent that he met Neetha, the woman who would become his wife They have two children, Spencer and Paige.


    Mary Beth
    I usually do not like to read the novella's in a series but noticed that a several of my GR friends rated this a 4 or a 5, so of course I had to read it. I was surprised how much I loved it.Chandler writes a story for a school assignment and the teachers at school find it to be very disturbing. The teachers feel that he needs to get help for writing something like this and has a meeting with his parents to talk them into getting an appointment with a psychologist.Soon after, Chandler’s best fr [...]

    Short review for a short story!Well this just reminded me why I really like this author so much! This was an extremely good novella that grabbed my attention from the very first page.I will be reading the next book in the Promise Falls series very soon as FINAL ASSIGNMENT just lured me in to read FAR FROM TRUE sooner than later!FINAL ASSIGNMENT by LINWOOD BARCLAY was a worthwhile mystery that was suspenseful, fast-paced, and a quick and easy read with a satisfying endingogirlslostinacouleereadi

    In this novella, a murder has been committed and there are lots of twists before its sorted out. Detective Barry Duckworth, from previous books, appears in this book although the main protagonist is Cal Weaver, a PI who politely declines a job offered by Mrs. Carson. The author has an easy way of writing that includes tongue-in-cheek humor even in terrible circumstances. For instance, this quote:'“You want to blackmail your son’s teachers so they leave him alone,” I said.“I wouldn’t pu [...]

    In a wonderful short story that expands on his new series, Barclay brings the reader back to Promise Falls, examining events within the town from a new perspective, using new and interesting characters. Cal Weaver was once a member of the Promise Falls Police Force, but left for a time, only recently returning. Now, acting as PI, he is forced to handle those cases that are not yet at the level of legal transgressions. Case in point, the suspension of young Chandler Carson, who wrote a highly des [...]

    Judy Collins
    Linwood Barclay returns followingBROKEN PROMISE(Promise Falls #1),landing on myTop Books of 2015with a teaser novella FINAL ASSIGNMENT (Promise Falls #1.5)-with more evil at play, in the small town of Promise Falls; where nothing is as it appears. Set in a fictionalupstate New York small town outside of Albany, called Promise Falls—a town slowly dying—quickly adding “people” as well as businesses to the demise. With all the action and mysterious crime happening in Promise Falls—Final A [...]

    Lorraine Southern
    Fun little quick read, just ended rather abruptly for me even if it IS a shortie 😉

    Kris - My Novelesque Life
    FINAL ASSIGNMENT (Promise Falls: #1.5)Written by Linwood BarclayJanuary 2016; 77 PagesGenres: novella, mystery, suspense, series★★★★In this novella we see Cal Weaver, a private investigator, hired by a mother looking to get back at the school that wants to punish her son for writing a disturbing short story. As Cal tries to to tell the mother that there is nothing he can really do the young man's story comes to life with the death of his best friend. The dead teenager's parents are Cal's [...]

    Rip off!I was a big Linwood Barclay far, now I'm a disgraced one! 30% of this book is the first chapter of Broken promise, which I already own. The entire book was 77 pages. This should have been free.

    3.5 loved it. My only complaint is that there wasn't enough of Duckworth.

    Read in one sitting. I can not get enough of Linwood's amazing mind and writing. A great short story to keep me incredibly interested in the Promise Falls Series!

    Wendy Marie
    I'm not sure if I've read a novella before so the 3 star rating might be skewed. I just finished reading the first in the series, got into #2 book and saw there was a #1.5 (this book). I read this in 45 minutes. Just not used to it! Not something I would necessarily recommend at this point in the series, but maybe it will later on. Not really worth the $2.50 I paid for itt bad, but so short

    3.5 stars. Linwood Barclay is one of my favourite mystery writers. His stories are ones of domestic suspense involving ordinary people caught up in dangerous situations; the category of mystery for those who also enjoy Harlan Coben . His books have surprising twists, and are set in small town America. This novella is a quick read which fills the gap for those eagerly anticipating the second volume in his Paradise Falls series, Far From True coming in March.I usually do not care for recent short [...]

    An excellent short story from Linwood Barclay, but then that is just exactly what I expected. This takes place after A Tap on the Window, and shows Cal Weaver at his best. Just about the time you think you have things figured out, whoosh, a new clue appears, and changes everything! Like I said, exactly what I expected. If you have never read anything by Barclay, this is a good place to start, even if it isn't the start of the series. <><

    John Valentine
    Very disappointed. I wanted a holiday read and finished this before the plane had taken off. Wasn't clear it was a (rather lame) short story.Inclined to remove the author from my favourites.

    Rob Cohen
    Nothing earthshattering, just a nice entry and diversion until I move onto something more significant.

    One of my favsLinwood Barclay never disappoints. From start to finish he will have you on the edge. I'm a big fan of all he had written.

    Enjoyed this novella featuring Cal Weaver, a character from a previous book. Good twisty story development with touches of humour.

    I had a huge sense of deja vu reading this. I'm pretty sure I've read this before but I don't know where

    Alan Walters
    Inexplicable This book seemed to be in two unconnected halves . The first remained unfinished and the second didn't even get started.

    This was a decent novella. It gives some more insight into Cal Weaver and his role in Promise Falls. It's being labeled as 1.5 in the trilogy, but it seems to actually be .5--Detective Duckworth makes a point of saying that in two weeks it will be his 20th anniversary with the force, which is the day Broken Promises starts. There are some allusions to other things in his life, like the death of his son, that I was initially annoyed at (since that is never explained), but I've now realized that a [...]

    I loved the Promise Falls trilogy by Linwood Barclay but before I read the latest book, I wanted to pick up this novella that I had somehow missed when it was first released. Final Assignment by Linwood Barclay is a Promise Falls novella which tells a short story that wraps up within the pages and can definitely be read on its own.In Final Assignment, private investigator Cal Weaver is asked to help a wealthy family when their son's short story–about one kid killing another–lands him in trou [...]

    says it’s #1.5 but it actually takes place before #1- Broken Promise. It really probably only matters to people like me who are driven nuts by that sort of thing. Chandler turns in a writing assignment about his best friend getting beaten to death with a baseball batd then it happens. This is a pretty good story. It doesn’t really feel like a short story until the abrupt ending.

    Julie Rendell
    Final assignmentA bit disappointing. This was a short story but a quarter of the download was a sample of the next book which meant the purchase was very short. I had already bought and read the next book.

    Omg what a great series! Starting the 3rd one now!

    Michele Varljen
    I just finished reading this book and liked it.

    Debbie Bass
    Good bookThis has the same characters Cal Weaver and the chief of police Barry as the trilogy of Promising Talks does. It was a good short rard.

    I'm generally not a fan of novella's since they are so short and quick. This one was well-written and kept you intrigued, so that's good.

    A short novella with a predictable ending.

    Sharon Archer
    I’ve never done a .5 book in a series before. It was a good read but I don’t see the point. (It was not available in book form at all).

    An interesting enough short story. Not sure what it adds to this series, but maybe all will be revealed.

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